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1. "I am an obsessive garage cleaner - my wife and the neighbors make fun of me. I remember that my father was the same way, and now when I'm out there unearthing things in the garage, I realize I am becoming my dad!"
Author: Chris O'Donnell
2. "There seems to be more abiding interest in unearthing old memos abroad than there is here."
Author: Gwen Ifill
3. "He has this connection… a pull of sorts, unearthing the very life of me and sucking me in to his own soul. -Morgan"
Author: Melisa M. Hamling
4. "Why, then, make a show of the poverty of our life and our sad imperfection, unearthing people from the backwoods, from remote corners of the state? But what if this is in the writer's nature, and his own imperfection grieves him so, and the makeup of his talent is such, that he can only portray the poverty of our life, unearthing people from the backwoods, from the remote corners of the state! So here we are again in the backwoods, again we have come out in some corner!"
Author: Nikolai Gogol

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Quotes About Unearthing
Quotes About Unearthing

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The Laughing Heartyour life is your lifedon't let it be clubbed into dank on the watch.there are ways out.there is a light may not be much light butit beats the on the watch.the gods will offer you chances.know them.take can't beat death butyou can beat death in life, sometimes.and the more often you learn to do it,the more light there will be.your life is your life.know it while you have are marvelousthe gods wait to delightin you."
Author: Charles Bukowski

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