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1. "The making of miracles to edification was as ardently admired by pious Victorians as it was sternly discouraged by Jesus of Nazareth. Not that the Victorians were unique in this respect. Modern writers also indulge in edifying miracles though they generally prefer to use them to procure unhappy endings, by which piece of thaumaturgy they win the title of realists."
Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
2. "And Father said, "There are no happy endings." "Right!" cried Iowa Bob – an odd mixture of exuberance and stoicism in his cracked voice. "Death is horrible, final, and frequently premature," Coach Bob declared. "So what?" my father said. "Right!" cried Iowa Bob. "That's the point: So what?" Thus the family maxim was that an unhappy ending did not undermine a rich and energetic life. This was based on the belief that there were no happy endings."
Author: John Irving
3. "Unhappy endings might seem more realistic than happy ones, but reality often contained a streak of fantasy that realism lacked."
Author: Salman Rushdie

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Quotes About Unhappy Endings
Quotes About Unhappy Endings

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