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1. "Though experience should be our guide . . . and we see mistakes are common at the age of twenty-three, it must be acknowledged that not every youthful feeling begins unworthily and ends in error. If this were the case, mankind would have perished long ago."
Author: Allegra Goodman
2. "Learning about sex was a little bit like learning grammar. Every teacher you had assumed some other teacher taught you the year before, or the year before that, as if none of them wanted to talk about it, as if grammar was a bunch of dirty words. A massive silence surrounded dangling participles and infinite clauses, and you learned to fear making mistakes you didn't know how to avoid."
Author: Ann E. Imbrie
3. "My cousin Roger once told me, on the eve of his third wedding, that he felt marriage was addictive. Then he corrected himself. I mean early marriage, he said. The very start of a marriage. It's like a whole new beginning. You're entirely brand-new people; you haven't made any mistakes yet. You have a new place to live and new dishes and this new kind of, like, identity, this 'we' that gets invited everywhere together now. Why, sometimes your wife will have a brand-new name, even."
Author: Anne Tyler
4. "Every book has mistakes in them, every one. There's never been a book published without mistakes."
Author: Bill O'Reilly
5. "Often it takes some calamity to make us live in the present. Then suddenly we wake up and see all the mistakes we have made."
Author: Bill Watterson
6. "It is the highest form of self-respect to admit our errors and mistakes and make amends for them. To make a mistake is only an error in judgment, but to adhere to it when it is discovered shows infirmity of character."
Author: Dale Turner
7. "By the time Africa is developed, it will be the wonderland of the world, 'cause it will be able to make use of all the mistakes of other nations. But it nah go just drop out of the sky. So we have to put in work."
Author: Damian Marley
8. "How innocent we are of our mistakes and how we responsible we are for them."
Author: David Sheff
9. "Right now, we are in a peak cycle. There's tremendous energy out there, directed against the state. It's not all focused, but it's there, and it's building. Maybe this will be sufficient to accomplish what we must accomplish over the fairly short run. We'll see, and we can certainly hope that this is the case. But perhaps not. We must be prepared to wage a long struggle. If this is the case then we'll probably see a different cycle, one in which the revolutionary energy of the people seems to have dispersed, run out of steam. But – and this is important- such cycles are deceptive. Things appear to be at low ebb, but actually what's happening is a period of regroupment, a period in which we step back and learn from the mistakes made during the preceding cycle."
Author: George Jackson
10. "The idea that there aren't mistakes made constantly in the judicial system is too obvious even to need to mention."
Author: James Toback
11. "I'd like to just be a little bit more open to making mistakes and not worrying about it so much."
Author: Joan Jett
12. "Forgiving ourselves and learning from our inevitable mistakes transforms failure from a stumbling block into a stepping stone."
Author: L.R. Knost
13. "A perfect couple shares their failures, mistakes and their successes equally and deal with them all as a team."
Author: Ricardo Derose
14. "An optimist is a girl who mistakes a bulge for a curve."
Author: Ring Lardner
15. "I never studied anything, really. I didn't study the drums. I joined bands and made all the mistakes onstage."
Author: Ringo Starr
16. "Sometimes we carry mistakes we haven't even made yet."
Author: Saahil Prem
17. "Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate."
Author: Sarah Jessica Parker
18. "Failure is a great teacher, and I think when you make mistakes and you recover from them and you treat them as valuable learning experiences, then you've got something to share."
Author: Steve Harvey
19. "But I think my mistakes became the chemistry for my miracles. I think that my tests became my testimonies."
Author: T. D. Jakes
20. "The past has given us much too many bad answers for us not to see that the mistakes were in the questions themselves. There is no need to choose between the fetishism of spontaneity and the organization control; between the "come one, come all" of activist networks and the discipline of hierarchy; between acting desperately now and waiting desperately for later; between bracketing that which is to be lived and experimented in the name of paradise that seems more and more like a hell the longer it is put off and flogging the dead horse of how planting carrots is enough to leave this nightmare."
Author: The Invisible Committee

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