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1. "I think that's unjustified criticism. We have had a number of measures in place in this country for several years to mitigate the possibility of mad cow spreading in this country. We have found a single case."
Author: Ann Veneman
2. "The Icesave matter is complex and it is understandable that the issue has been oversimplified by many. Unfortunately some of the basic facts of the matter have been unilaterally interpreted, and sometimes distorted, giving rise to unjustified criticism of the conduct of the Icelandic authorities."
Author: Johanna Siguroardottir
3. "We may never become accustomed to untrue and unjust criticism of us but we ought not to be immobilized by it."
Author: Neal A. Maxwell

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Quotes About Unjust Criticism
Quotes About Unjust Criticism
Quotes About Unjust Criticism

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