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1. "Nothing to say. I used to be a ghostwriter for a publisher.'‘Medieval stuff?'‘Eighty-page love stories. You have this guy, untrustworthy but good in bed, and this girl, radiant but innocent. In the end they fall madly in love and it's incredibly boring. The story doesn't say when they split up.'‘Of course not,' said Mathias"
Author: Fred Vargas
2. "Oh well, perhaps when you're my age you'll know the heart is an untrustworthy beast.The mind too,but it doesn't talk about love."
Author: Graham Greene
3. "She took kisses like so many coats of paint […] how long and how vainly I searched for excuses which might make her amorality if not palatable at lest understandable. I realize now the time I wasted in this way; instead of enjoying her and turning aside from these preoccupations with the thought, ‘She is untrustworthy as she is beautiful. She takes love as plants do water, lightly, thoughtlessly."
Author: Lawrence Durrell

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Quotes About Untrustworthy Love
Quotes About Untrustworthy Love
Quotes About Untrustworthy Love

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