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1. "Quo Vadis"
Author: Henryk Sienkiewicz
2. "Though they love people, the Christians are enemies of our life, our gods and our crimes; hence she fled from me, as from a man who belongs to our [Roman] society, and with whom she would have to share a life counted criminal by Christians...I should not have stopped her from believing in her Christ, and would myself have reared an altar to Him in the atrium. What harm could one more god do me? Why might I not believe in Him, - I who do not believe over much in the old gods? ...It would not be difficult for me even to renounce other gods, for no reasoning mind believes in them at present. But it seems that all this is not enough yet for the Christians. It is not enough to honor Christ, one must also live according to His teachings; and here thou art on the shore of a sea which they command thee to wade through.Quo Vadis"
Author: Henryk Stanczyk
3. "I know not how the Christians order their own lives, but I know that where their religion begins, Roman rule ends, Rome itself ends, our mode of life ends, the distinction between conquered and conqueror, between rich and poor, lord and slave, ends, government ends, Caesar ends, law and all the order of the world ends; and in place of these appears Christ, with a certain mercy not existent hitherto, and kindness, as opposed to human and our Roman instincts.(Quo Vadis)"
Author: Henryk Stanczyk
4. "Ana Luisa me contó su versión de Quo Vadis? y es como para ponerse a llorar. Su falta de estudios resulta un problema. No obstante, puede remediarse y además veo en ella cualidades que la compensan. No tengo derecho a criticarla. Amo a Ana Lluisa y lo demás no importa"
Author: José Emilio Pacheco

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