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1. "An expert is nothing more than a vain person who has read a book."
Author: Corey Taylor
2. "It's one of God's many beautiful promises that EVERYTHING we do for Him will never be in vain. Whether it be holding our tongue out of respect of the other person, or even the mundane tasks associated with being a mom, like dishes and yes even LAUNRDY, everything we do for the Lord has meaning. Everything we do for Him, and because of Him, will one day produce fruit. This is God's promise to you."
Author: Heather Bixler
3. "Voilà bientôt deux siècles que nous vivons avec la conception de l'artiste - qu'il soit sculpteur, poète, écrivain, peintre, compositeur (ou interprète) - en tant que héros romantique et isolé, marginal et souvent paria, un chaman sans portefeuille, un individu doté d'un souffle impressionnant, réel ou truqué, qui lui permet de gonfler son ego jusqu'aux dimensions d'un dirigeable afin de se prémunir contre les coups, réels ou imaginaires, que lui assènent ses concitoyens. Ce n'est pas le genre de personne prompte à reconnaître que nous sommes tous "comme des moutons sortis du droit chemin". Souvent doté d'un aplomb évident, il se croit unique, mais c'est en définitive le cas de tout le monde, à des degrés divers."
Author: Jim Harrison
4. "If you compare yourself to others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself."
Author: Max Ehrmann
5. "No, my dog used to gaze at me,paying me the attention I need,the attention requiredto make a vain person like me understandthat, being a dog, he was wasting time,but, with those eyes so much purer than mine,he'd keep on gazing at mewith a look that reserved for me aloneall his sweet and shaggy life,always near me, never troubling me,and asking nothing."
Author: Pablo Neruda
6. "Death can be a very liberating thing, especially when you are still among the living. Knowing that you will die frees you from the crushing burden that is Life, and yes, we all know that we are going to die, but we don't all accept that fact; we don't all live with that comforting knowledge. Instead, we strive in vain to be that one person who never dies, clawing away for that position that will ensure our immortality. The journey of Life is to meet Death on our own terms, and once that can be accepted, the world is wide open. - The Reflecting Pond; Insights of Alsop Tambor"
Author: S. Cameron Roach
7. "Do you also believe that what gives our lives their meaning is the passion that suddenly invades us heart, soul, and body, and burns in us forever, no matter what else happens in our lives? And that if we have experienced this much, then perhaps we haven't lived in vain? Is passion so deep and terrible and magnificent and inhuman? Is it indeed about desiring any one person, or is it about desiring desire itself? That is the question. Or perhaps, is it indeed about desiring a particular person, a single, mysterious other, once and for always, no matter whether that person is good or bad, and the intensity of our feelings bears no relation to that individual's qualities or behavior?"
Author: Sándor Márai
8. "Your father always suspected that being pretty-minded is simply the natural state for most people. They want to be vapid and lazy and vain—Maddy glanced at Tally—and selfish. It only takes a twist to lock in that part of their personalities. He always thought that some people could think their way out of it."
Author: Scott Westerfeld
9. "La terre est plate. Je le sais parce qu'on m'a poussé dans le vide et ça fait dix-sept ans que j'essaie de me cramponner au bord... C'est presque impossible de vaincre la pesanteur quand personne n'est prêt à te tendre la main."
Author: Tahereh Mafi
10. "It is an absolutely vain endeavor to attempt to reconstruct or even comprehend the nature of a human being by simply knowing the forces which have acted upon him. However deeply we should like to penetrate, however close we seem to be drawing to truth, one unknown quantity eludes us: man's primordial energy, his original self, that personality which was given him with the gift of life itself. On it rests man's true freedom; it alone determines his real character."
Author: Wilhelm Von Humboldt

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