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1. "Regarding vengeance and arch-enemies, one must not only be timely but prideful, and pride exacts propriety."
Author: Adam Levin
2. "Having reached the summit of his vengeance by the slow and tortuous route that he had followed, he had looked over the far side of the mountain and into the abyss of doubt."
Author: Alexandre Dumas
3. "Vengeance is not the point; change is. But the trouble is that in most people's minds the thought of victory and the thought of punishing the enemy coincide."
Author: Barbara Deming
4. "Be careful about vengeance against God, he will smite you with the curse of El ángel negro."
Author: Carroll Bryant
5. "I see Barsad, and Cly, Defarge, The Vengeance, the Juryman, the Judge, long ranks of the new oppressors who have risen on the destruction of the old, perishing by this retributive instrument, before it shall cease out of its present use. I see a beautiful city and brilliant people rising from this abyss, and, in their struggles to be truly free, in their triumphs and defeats, through long long years to come, I see the evil of this time and of the previous time of which this is the natural birth, gradually making explanation for itself and wearing it out."
Author: Charles Dickens
6. "Those darling byegone times, Mr Carker,' said Cleopatra, 'with their delicious fortresses, and their dear old dungeons, and their delightful places of torture, and their romantic vengeances, and their picturesque assaults and sieges, and everything that makes life truly charming! How dreadfully we have degenerated!"
Author: Charles Dickens
7. "Be guided, only by the healer of the sick, the raiser of the dead, the friend of all who were afflicted and forlorn, the patient Master who shed tears of compassion for our infirmities. We cannot but be right if we put all the rest away, and do everything in remembrance of Him. There is no vengeance and no infliction of suffering in His life, I am sure. There can be no confusion in following Him, and seeking for no other footsteps, I am certain!"
Author: Charles Dickens
8. "In God's case, if He had said in the infinite sovereignty of His absolute will, "I will have no substitute, but each man shall suffer for himself, he who sinneth shall die," none could have murmured. It was grace, and only grace which led the divine mind to say, "I will accept of a substitute. There shall be a vicarious suffering; and My vengeance shall be content, and My mercy shall be gratified."
Author: Charles H. Spurgeon
9. "It is not violence that best overcomes hate -- nor vengeance that most certainly heals injury."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
10. "Man tames not vengeance; vengeance breaks the man."
Author: Chris Galford
11. "My world slips away and I again taste vengeance on my tongue."
Author: Christine Fonseca
12. "Il y a encore de certains devoirs à remplir envers même de qui nous avons reçu une injure; car la vengeance et la punition ont aussi leurs bornes. Je ne sais même si repentir de celui qui a fait l'injure ne suffirait pas et pour l'empêcher d'en faire une semblable à l'avenir et pour retenir les autres dans le devoir."
Author: Cicero
13. "... Life can be savored only if you look to the future and leave vengeance to the gods"
Author: David Gemmell
14. "Vae Victus -- suffering to the conquered. Ironic that now I was the one suffering. Not anything as pedestrian as physical pain. Rather the cruel jab of impotent anger -- the hunger for revenge. I didn't care if I was in Heaven or Hell -- all I wanted was to kill my assassins. Sometimes you get what you wish for. The Necromancer Mortanius offered me a chance for vengeance. And like a fool, I jumped at his offer without considering the cost. Nothing is free, not even revenge."
Author: Denis Dyack
15. "It is only when one knows the unutterability of the name of God that one can utter the name of Jesus Christ; it is only when one loves life and the earth so much that without them everything seems to be over that one may believe in the resurrection and a new world; it is only when one submits to God's law that one may speak of grace; and it is only when God's wrath and vengeance are hanging as grim realities over the heads of one's enemies that something of what it means to love and forgive them can touch our hearts."
Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
16. "Farslayer howls across the worldFor thy heart! For thy heart! who hast wronged me,Vengeance is his who casts the Blade,Yet he will, in the end, no triumph see."
Author: Fred Saberhagen
17. "Let thy chief terror be of thine own soul:There, 'mid the throng of hurrying desiresThat trample on the dead to seize their spoil,Lurks vengeance, footless, irresistibleAs exhalations laden with slow death,And o'er the fairest troop of captured joysBreathes pallid pestilence."
Author: George Eliot
18. "Primarily, God is not bound to punish sin; he is bound to destroy sin.The only vengeance worth having on sinis to make the sinner himself its executioner."
Author: George MacDonald
19. "Vengeance is a strange human motivation --- it can drive a man to do things which he neither would nor could achieve without it ... and because of that it lies behind some of the greatest sagas of human literature!"
Author: H. Beam Piper
20. "I am weary of your quarrels,Weary of your wars and bloodshed,Weary of your prayers for vengeance,Of your wranglings and dissensions"
Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
21. "They were all there.And all of them,these days,were as if drunk with bitterness,from desire for vengeance and longed to punish and to kill whomsoever they could,since they could not punish or kill those whom they wished."
Author: Ivo Andric
22. "In the Old Language, she hissed, "If any harm shall befall him, I will come after you, and find where you sleep. I do not care where you lay your head or who with, my vengeance shall rain upon you until you drown."
Author: J.R. Ward
23. "Now he tried to find strength to tear himself away and go on a lonely journey -- for vengeance. If once he could go, his anger would bear him down all the roads of the world, pursuing, until he had him at last: Gollum. Then Gollum would die in a corner."
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
24. "A lifetime of hurt in one act of vengeance."
Author: Jodi Picoult
25. "Is his work vengeance? Or Justice? There is the finest line between the two and when i try to focus on it, it becomes less and less clear."
Author: Jodi Picoult
26. "The thirst for vengeance was the beautiful nature which Homer imitated."
Author: Johann Georg Hamann
27. "Food for her is not food, it is terror, dignity, gratitude, vengeance, joyfulness, humiliation, religion, history, and, of course, love. As if the fruit she always offered us were picked from the destroyed brances of out family tree."
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
28. "But the wilderness had found him out early, and had taken on him a terrible vengeance for the fantastic invasion. I think it had whispered to him things about himself which he did not know, things of which he had no conception till he took counsel with this great solitude--and the whisper had proved irresistibly fascinating. ***Ah! but it was something to have at least a choice of nightmares.***...perhaps all the wisdom, and all truth, and all sincerity, are just compressed into that inappreciable moment of time in which we step over the threshold of the invisible. Perhaps!"
Author: Joseph Conrad
29. "The dreadful superstition that it is possible to foresee the future shape of society serves to justify all kinds of violence in the name of that structure. It is enough for a person to free his thoughts, even temporarily, of this superstition and to look sincerely and seriously at the life of the nation for it to become clear to him that acceptance of the need to oppose evil with violence is nothing other than the justification people give to their habitual and favourite vices: vengeance, avarice, envy, ambition, pride, cowardice and spite."
Author: Leo Tolstoy
30. "Hangovers are a vivid form of vengeance. Last night my apartment became the venue for a small, introverted chardonnay festival. A melancholy choir of Bulgarians provided the entertainment, via a set of headphones that ended up irredeemably tangled beneath the bed. Part of me just watched. The other part was in charge."
Author: Liz Jensen
31. "I am a libertine, but I am not a criminal nor a murderer, and since I am compelled to set my apology alongside my vindication, I shall therefore say that it might well be possible that those who condemn me as unjustly as I have been might themselves be unable to offset the infamies by good works as clearly established as those I can contrast to my errors. And yet you who today tyrannize me so cruelly, you do not believe it either: your vengeance has beguiled your mind, you have proceeded blindly to tyrannize, but your heart knows mine, it judges it more fairly, and it knows full well it is innocent."
Author: Marquis De Sade
32. "Around 1980, I went back to painting with a vengeance."
Author: Martin Mull
33. "Devil, do you dare approach me? and do you not fear the fierce vengeance of my arm wreaked on your miserable head?"
Author: Mary Shelley
34. "Happiness, wealth, true love. Just like everybody else.""That's all?""What else is there that matters?"He shrugged a shoulder. "Destruction, vengeance, power, world domination."Her smile stretched but it didn't reach her eyes. "Those are fun too."
Author: Michelle Rowen
35. "Her soul was as cold as the air that bit through London in winter, her grief a shadow to the vengeance...."
Author: Michelle Zink
36. "But I find the best things I do, I do when I'm trying to avoid doing something else I'm supposed to be doing. You know, you're working on something. You get bugged, or you lose your enthusiasm or something. So you turn to something else with an absolute vengeance."
Author: Norton Juster
37. "My husband is a fall-away Catholic, but with a vengeance. He's actually more of a feminist than I am."
Author: Olympia Dukakis
38. "If soot stains your tunic, dye it black. This is vengeance."
Author: R. Scott Bakker
39. "I will teach you to love death. I will empty you of grief and guilt and self-pity and fill you up with hate and cunning and the spirit of vengeance. I will make my final stand here, Benjamin Thomas Parish."
Author: Rick Yancey
40. "In theory it may seem all right to some, but when it comes to being made the instrument of the Lord's vengeance, I myself don't like it."
Author: Robert Gould Shaw
41. "I studied every page of this book, and I didn't find enough love to fill a salt shaker. God is not love in the Bible; God is vengeance, from Alpha to Omega."
Author: Ruth Hurmence Green
42. "Perception in the eye of vengeance becomes blurred. Ren was in need of a slap on the face, but I knew what was coming and that it would do the job properly."
Author: S.G. Holster
43. "I made a deal with the devil.I sold my soul for vengeance."
Author: Selena Kitt
44. "This is a most unfortunate affair, and will probably be much talked of. But we must stem the tide of idle chatter, and pour into our wounded bosoms the soothing balm of vengeance."
Author: Seth Grahame Smith
45. "They are deceived who imagine that he arises from his knees, with back lacerated and bleeding, cherishing only a spirit of meekness and forgiveness. A day may come—it will come, if his prayer is heard—a terrible day of vengeance when the master in his turn will cry in vain for mercy."
Author: Solomon Northup
46. "I could no more pretend I didn't have a mother than the sea could pretend it had no salt. My mother existed for me with a vengeance. Sometimes her voice would come piping through my bones and practically lift me off my feet."
Author: Sue Monk Kidd
47. "A benevolent malefactor, merciful, gentle, helpful, clement, a convict, returning good for evil, giving back pardon for hatred, preferring pity to vengeance, preferring to ruin himself rather than to ruin his enemy, saving him who had smitten him, kneeling on the heights of virtue, more nearly akin to an angel than to a man. Javert was constrained to admit to himself that this monster existed.Things could not go on in this manner."
Author: Victor Hugo
48. "Nature is pitiless; she never withdraws her flowers, her music, her fragrance and her sunlight, from before human cruelty or suffering. She overwhelms man by the contrast between divine beauty and social hideousness. She spares him nothing of her loveliness, neither wing or butterfly, nor song of bird; in the midst of murder, vengeance, barbarism, he must feel himself watched by holy things; he cannot escape the immense reproach of universal nature and the implacable serenity of the sky. The deformity of human laws is forced to exhibit itself naked amidst the dazzling rays of eternal beauty. Man breaks and destroys; man lays waste; man kills; but the summer remains summer; the lily remains the lily; and the star remains the star....As though it said to man, 'Behold my work. and yours."
Author: Victor Hugo
49. "Deep vengeance is the daughter of deep silence."
Author: Vittorio Alfieri
50. "If he was right, here was our quiet English house suddenly invaded by a devilish Indian Diamond - bringing after it a conspiracy of living rogues, set loose on us by the vengeance of a dead man"."
Author: Wilkie Collins

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