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1. "Now, the downside to conservation is that so much is done for the public, which almost always mars the environment that one wanted to conserve."
Author: Arne Jacobsen
2. "There is every reason to think that in the coming years Mars and its mysteries will become increasingly familiar to the inhabitants of the Planet Earth."
Author: Carl Sagan
3. "Then they wondered if there were men in the stars. Why not? And as creation is harmonious, the inhabitants of Sirius ought to be huge, those of Mars middle-sized, those of Venus very small. Unless it is the same everywhere. There are businessmen, police up there; people trade, fight, dethrone their kings. Some shooting stars suddenly slid past, describing a course in the sky like the parabola of a monstrous rocket. ‘My Word,' said Bouvard, ‘look at those worlds disappearing.' Pecuchet replied: ‘If our world in its turn danced about, the citizens of the stars would be no more impressed than we are now. Ideas like that are rather humbling.' ‘What is the point of it all?' ‘Perhaps there isn't a point.' ‘Yet…' and Pecuchet repeated the word two or three times, without finding anything more to say."
Author: Gustave Flaubert
4. "The chances of anything man-like on Mars are a million to one"
Author: H.G. Wells
5. "It was Jung who first said to explain the symbol as if talking to a man from mars who knew nothing about our life on earth."
Author: Henry Reed
6. "Dear Complete and Utter Stranger,The first thing that I have to say is that I hate oatmeal. I really hate it. And you know what? If you like oatmeal at all? I mean even the tiniest bit? I mean, say you were lost in the Himalayas, right, and you hadn't eaten anything except a Mars Bar for about seven years, right, and you're really cold and your fingers are all dropping off, right, and you look behind this rock, and there's this bowl of oatmeal? Say you would even think about eating the oatmeal?Well, JUST DON'T BOTHER WRITING TO ME, OKAY?"
Author: Jaclyn Moriarty
7. "Salah satu hal ajaib mengenai kehidupan.Saat muridnya siap, sang guru muncul.Saat pertanyaan diajukan, jawabannya datang.Saat kita benar-benar siap menerima, apa yang kita butuhkan akan tersedia.Ketika penduduk Venus siap menerima, orang-orang Mars siap memberi." (dikutip dari buku: Pria dari Mars, Wanita dari Venus)"
Author: John Gray
8. "When archaeologists discover the missing arms of Venus de Milo, they will find she was wearing boxing gloves."
Author: John Barrymore
9. "People like Jeff Buckley, the Mars Volta and Bjork made me listen to music differently. You learn the voice is an instrument you can do crazy things with."
Author: Kimbra
10. "Long ago Mars was an oasis of running water.Today the Martiansurfaceis a sterile,barren desert. Here on Earth, who knows what climactic knobs we unwittingly turn,which might one day render Earth as dry and lifeless as Mars. (From the cover of Old Poison by Joan Francis)"
Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
11. "In 1980, business at my company, Chuck E. Cheese's, was thriving and I was feeling flush. So I bought a very large house on the Champ de Mars in Paris, right between the Eiffel Tower and the Ecole Militaire. The home was quite amazing: At six stories, it spanned 15,000 square feet and featured marble staircases and a swimming pool in the basement."
Author: Nolan Bushnell
12. "Packy watched her walk away, her perfect heart-shaped rear end testing the confines of her tight black dress. There was a God. Packy was now certain of it. How else could such heart-stopping beauty be accounted for? Such a thing could not be the product of a random universe. A flower, maybe. A rainbow, perhaps. But not Venus Versailles."
Author: Quentin R. Bufogle
13. "Now, Venus is an extremely hostile environment, and as such presents a lot of challenges for a science fiction author who wants to create life there. However, as I began to research it more thoroughly, I found myself intrigued by the possibilities the world offers."
Author: Sarah Zettel
14. "The song Venus de Milo, the whole subject of it is Love is a drug."
Author: Tom Verlaine

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