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51. "Se spune ca oamenii fac multe gre?eli din dragoste, încât ajung, uneori, sa-?i piarda nu doar capul, ci ?i via?a pentru femeia iubita. Eu am încununat regula cu maiestrie."
Author: Adina Speteanu
52. "El verdadero arte, aquel que te salva y te aleja y te lleva de vuelta a ti mismo, es justamente ese que te hizo viajar. Que te paseó por otro mundo."
Author: Alberto Fuguet
53. "Your memories become fantasies if they are not shared, and your life in all its triviality becomes a legend."
Author: Aleksandar Hemon
54. "One day, everyone stopped over-thinking. We started thinking just as much as we should, and not any more than necessary. There was no more misunderstandings whatsoever. Minor disagreements were forgotten, not turned into proof of larger things. Trivial errors of speech or judgement were just as important as items on the breakfast menu: you chose waffles and I chose eggs and it was a god damn miracle."
Author: Amelia Gray
55. "O mare dragoste nu este de ajuns pentru a lega de tine fiinta pe care o iubesti, daca nu te pricepi sa umpli viata celuilalt cu o bogatie necontenit reimprospatata."
Author: André Maurois
56. "Always add, always walk, always proceed; neither stand still, nor go back, nor deviate; he that standeth still proceedeth not; he goeth back that continueth not; he deviateth that revolteth; he goeth better that creepeth in his way than he that moveth out of his way."
Author: Augustine Of Hippo
57. "But farm workers kill animals because they can support their families by doing so, whereas we order the killing for reasons that have never been more frivolous, now that meat is no longer considered necessary for one's health, and soy products can replicate to an uncanny degree the experience of eating it. I know, "It's just not the same" — but as with the child molester, who probably thinks those very words when he rolls off his wife, the nonviolent pleasure is surely close enough to the violent one to make an insistence on the latter even more monstrous. Has any generation in history ever been so ready to cause so much suffering for such a trivial advantage? We deaden our consciences to enjoy—for a few minutes a day—the taste of blood, the feel of our teeth meeting through muscle. It's enough, as Balzac would say, to disgust a sow."
Author: B.R. Myers
58. "You belong to the biblical race of Nephilim. Your real father was an angel who fell from heaven. You're half mortal." The boy's dark eyes lifted, meeting Chauncey's. "Half fallen angel."Chauncey's tutor's voice drifted up from the recesses of his mind, reading passages from the Bible, telling of a deviant race created when angels cast from heaven mated with mortal women. A fearsome and powerful race. A chill that wasn't entirely revulsion crept through Chauncey. "Who are you?"
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
59. "Once men have tasted caviar, it baffles me how they settle for catfish."
Author: Blair Waldorf
60. "Bolivia is not yet a country of equals."
Author: Carlos Mesa
61. "So is it just human nature to believe that things happen for a reason — to find some shred of meaning even in the worst experiences?" Molly asks when Vivian reads some of these stories aloud."It certainly helps," Vivian says."
Author: Christina Baker Kline
62. "When I grew up in Tasmania, you thought that London was home. You waited to go to England as soon as you graduated, in my case on a ship bound for London via Genoa."
Author: Christopher Koch
63. "What I've got here are my own constraints. I'm challenging myself, using found objects and making stuff that throws all this computational capacity at, you know, these trivial problems, like car-driving Elmo clusters and seashell toaster-robots. We have so much capacity that the trivia expands to fill it. And all that capacity is junk-capacity, it's leftovers. There's enough computational capacity in a junkyard to launch a space-program, and that's by design. Remember the iPod? Why do you think it was so prone to scratching and going all gunky after a year in your pocket? Why would Apple build a handheld technology out of materials that turned to shit if you looked at them cross-eyed? It's because the iPod was only meant to last a year!"
Author: Cory Doctorow
64. "It is debatable whether blind faith is truly faith at all. Faith is the perceptive gray area where scientific facts meet an individual's experiential truths - the extreme of the former is left feeling in the dark whereas the latter is caught blinded by the light. By proper scientific method, it is intellectually dishonest for me to declare the existence of God with utmost certainty, but to my individual spirit, I would be intellectually dishonest to deny the existence of God even for a second. This leaves the best of both worlds, as the believer is called to be able to give reasons for his faith, a deviation from mere fantasy."
Author: Criss Jami
65. "Livia, you make the rest of the beautiful things in the world cry for even trying at all. You make it hard for me to breathe." Blake looked reluctant to move.Livia felt a pedestal forming under her feet."Blake, I'm about to kiss the hell out of you for saying that." She scampered around her bed to get to him and pressed her now clean, dry bod to get to him and pressed her now clean, dry body against his warm chest. Blake refused to drop her keepsake from Disney World and twirled it in her hair as he accepted her kiss. He worked hard to get every bit of vanilla gloss off her lips."This lipstick is like icing on the most delicious Livia cupcake," Blake murmured.Livia wanted to say something equally sexy but could only manage a small moan."
Author: Debra Anastasia
66. "I'd prefer to stand when ladies are standing," he said quietly to Livia.She longed to smooth a balm on all his wounds. "Blake, I'm exhausted. What I really need is a nice, strong lap to sit on to get me out to the car."He reached up and stroked her hair. "I could be a lap for you, my tired angel."
Author: Debra Anastasia
67. "I'm surprised Cole let you stay. What we do here is slightly unconventional." Bea looked suspicious and in-the-know at the same time."I'm in love with his brother." Saying this out loud to Bea felt like jumping out of an airplane—thrilling and irreversible. In that instant Livia knew her love for Blake was as real as the church walls around her.Bea took in Livia's face with wise eyes. "Why, yes. Yes you are."
Author: Debra Anastasia
68. "He followed the lines of her face and arms. Livia bit the inside of her cheek as he outlined her breasts. He knelt in front of her and traced her legs in the air.Livia held her breath. Will he stay? Can he stay? Please stay.On his knees, Blake kept his eyes on hers as he slowly pulled off his glove, finger by finger, until the sun shone on his bare hand.She saw the panic run through his eyes and lips. Livia broke her silence and grabbed his uncovered hand. "I don't believe your skin is glass, but I believe in you."Blake took another breath and squeezed her hand. He smiled as he looked at their hands in sunlight together. He released her to take off his second glove and stood up. He grabbed both her hands, and they were joined."
Author: Debra Anastasia
69. "Perspectiva unei catedre la reîntoarcere nu ma încînta deloc:am uitat ca sunt de meserie profesor si apoi n-as putea samai pun suflet într-o cariera anosta si stupida. Va fi pentrumine o hotarîre dramatica sa reîncep o viata care n-a intratnici în calculul si nici în iluziile mele. De aceea, nu stiu cînd ovoi reîncepe."
Author: Emil Cioran
70. "You can plant a church and grow a church. That's not that hard to do, but it's harder to be a viable source of transformation in a city or your time or space."
Author: Erwin McManus
71. "...exista emotii nepermise, precum, de pilda, vitelismul la poarta de aur fals a literaturii proaste. (...) Românul este, de altfel, lenes în viata de toate zilele, liric în poezie, tembel în politica si impresionist în critica literara."
Author: Eugène Ionesco
72. "Ho sceso, dandoti il braccio, almeno un milione di scalee ora che non ci sei è il vuoto ad ogni gradino.Anche così è stato breve il nostro lungo viaggio.Il mio dura tuttora, né più mi occorronole coincidenze, le prenotazioni,le trappole, gli scorni di chi credeche la realtà sia quella che si vede.Ho sceso milioni di scale dandoti il braccionon già perché con quattr'occhi forse si vede di più.Con te le ho scese perché sapevo che di noi duele sole vere pupille, sebbene tanto offuscate,erano le tue."
Author: Eugenio Montale
73. "This is what one of the founding fathers of sociology, Emile Durkheim, meant when he wrote in 1895 that the establishment of a sense of community is facilitated by a class of actors who carry a stigma and sense of stigmatization and are termed 'deviant.' Unity is provided to any collectivity by uniting against those who are seen as a common threat to the social order and morality of a group. Consequently, the stigma and the stigmatization of some persons demarcates a boundary that reinforces the conduct of conformists. Therefore, a collective sense of morality is achieved by the creation of stigma and stigmatization and deviance."
Author: Gerhard Falk
74. "El conocimiento de la verdad no alivia la tristeza que sentimos al perder a un ser querido. Ni la verdad, ni la sinceridad, ni la fuerza, ni el cariño son capaces de curar esta tristeza. Lo único que puede hacerse es atravesar este dolor esperando aprender algo de él, aunque todo lo que uno haya aprendido no le sirva de nada la próxima vez que la tristeza lo visite de improviso."
Author: Haruki Murakami
75. "Musu laisve paciais ja itvirtinanciais veiksmais sukuria tolydžio stiprejancius iprocius, kurie ja pasmaugia, jeigu jos neatnaujina nuolatines pastangos: jos tyko automatizmas. Pati gyviausia mintis sustabareja ja išreiškiancioje formuluoteje. Žodis atsigrežia prieš ideja. Raide nužudo dvasia. Ir netgi liepsningiausias musu entuziazmas, pasireiškiantis išoriniu veiksmu, kartais taip naturaliai pavirsta šaltu savanaudišku išskaiciavimu arba išpuikimu, vienas taip lengvai igija kito forma, jog mes galetume juos supainioti viena su kitu, galetume abejoti savo paciu nuoširdumu, neigti geruma ir meile, jei nežinotume, kad mires dar kuri laika išsaugo gyvojo bruožus."
Author: Henri Bergson
76. "For all these reasons, then, any way you may look at it, you must needs conclude that the great Leviathan is that one creature in the world which must remain unpainted to the last. True, one portrait may hit the mark much nearer than another, but none can hit it with any very considerable degree of exactness. So there is no earthly way of finding out precisely what the whale really looks like."
Author: Herman Melville
77. "I've just learned about his illness. Let's hope it's nothing trivial."
Author: Irvin S. Cobb
78. "Francisco l'attrasse a sé e le cercò le labbra. Fu un bacio casto, tiepido, lieve tuttavia ebbe l'effetto di una scossa tellurica nei loro sensi. Entrambi percepirono la pelle dell'altro prima mai così precisa e vicina, la pressione delle loro mani, l'intimità di un contatto anelato fin dagli inizi del tempo. Li invase un calore palpitante nelle ossa nelle vene nell'anima, qualcosa che non conoscevano o che avevano del tutto scordato, perché la memoria della carne è fragile. Tutto scomparve intorno ed ebbero coscienza solo delle labbra unite che prendevano e ricevevano."
Author: Isabel Allende
79. "The modern food and drug industry has converted a significant portion of the world's people to a new religion—a massive cult of pleasure seekers who consume coffee, cigarettes, soft drinks, candy, chocolate, alcohol, processed foods, fast foods, and concentrated dairy fat (cheese) in a self-indulgent orgy of destructive behavior. When the inevitable results of such bad habits appear—pain, suffering, sickness, and disease—the addicted cult members drag themselves to physicians and demand drugs to alleviate their pain, mask their symptoms, and cure their diseases. These revelers become so drunk on their addictive behavior and the accompanying addictive thinking that they can no longer tell the difference between health and health care."
Author: Joel Fuhrman
80. "Push yourself. Don't settle. Wear those stripy legs with pride. And if you insist on settling down with some ridiculous bloke, make sure some of this is squirreled away somewhere. Knowing you still have possibilities is a luxury. Knowing I might have given them to you has alleviated something for me."
Author: Jojo Moyes
81. "To have a viable civilization, people have to have a benign government, a semblance of education, spare time, imagination, and manners"
Author: Jonathan Chamberlain Williams
82. "Why don't you two take a little walk?" Eleni suggested. "The moon is beautiful tonight.""That's a great idea." Robby stood, releasing Olivia's hand. "Will ye walk with me, lass?""Yes." She grabbed her sweater, pulled it over her head, then fixed the clip that held her hair in place onthe back of her head."No funny stuff," Eleni warned. "I'll be watching with the telescope."
Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
83. "Haven't we had another climatically dysfunctional scorcher of a summer this year?" Novian. Chapter 1."
Author: Loron Jon Stokes
84. "She is the woman that contradicts Simone de Beauvoir's saying "One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman." She is the woman that makes your tooth pain seem like a trivial matter in comparison to the heartaches she causes as she deliberately passes by your side. She is the woman that makes your throat feel swollen and your tie to suddenly seem too tight. She is the woman that is able to take you to the seven heavens with a whisper; straight to cloud number nine.. She is the woman that erases all other women unintentionally and becomes without demanding the despot of your heart. She is the woman that sends you back and forth to purgatory and resurrects you with each unintended touch. She is the woman that will ask of you to burn Rome just to collect for her a handful of dust."
Author: Malak El Halabi
85. "Sin prevenciones me doy vuelta y siguenaquellos dos a la izquierda del robleeternos y escondidos en la lluviadiciéndose quién sabe qué silencios.No sé si alguna vez les ha pasado a ustedespero cuando la lluvia cae sobre el Botánicoaquí se quedan sólo los fantasmas.Ustedes pueden irse.Yo me quedo."
Author: Mario Benedetti
86. "There are some scary statistics out there: one in five kids aged 10-17 have received a sexual solicitation or approach via the Internet."
Author: Mark Kennedy
87. "În afara actului sexual, sunt putine clipe în viata când trupul exulta de simpla bucurie de a trai, când se umple de bucurie prin simplul fapt al prezentei sale în lume. Ziua de întâi ianuarie a fost plina de asemenea clipe. Pastrez doar amintirea acelei plenitudini, nimic altceva. Probabil c-am înotat, ne-am încalzit la soare si-am facut dragoste. Nu cred sa fi vorbit ori sa ne fi plimbat pe insula. Îmi amintesc mirosul pe care-l avea Valérie, gustul sarii ce i se usca pe sex. Îmi amintesc c-am adormit în ea, si c-am fost trezit de contractiile vaginului ei."
Author: Michel Houellebecq
88. "Printre marile anomalii ale lumii moderne se numara si faptul ca stiinta si filosofia ne învata viata si moartea. Gânditi-va o clipa la absurditatea acestui lucru: oameni care cunosc viata din laborator, o cunosc prin analize, îi cunosc fenomenele ei, si oameni care gândesc asupra vietii dintr-un cabinet, tocmai acestia sunt chemati sa ne învete cel mai esential si cel mai decisiv fapt: existenta noastra, moartea noastra. De altfel, ei nu fac decât sa completeze si sa articuleze experientele noastre negative, nefiinta noastra."
Author: Mircea Eliade
89. "Kate lowered her nose to Emily's head and breathed in Johnson's baby shampoo, a hormonal cocktail that among women who have children not long out of diapers drew the Pavlovian, ANOTHER."
Author: Nichole Bernier
90. "Se si ha la pazienza di andare avanti a contare, si scopre che queste coppie via via si diradano.Ci si imbatte in numeri primi sempre più isolati,smarriti in quello spazio silenzioso e cadenzato fatto solo di cifre e si avverte il presentimento angosciante che le coppie incontrate fino a lì fossero un fatto accidentale,che il vero destino sia quello di rimanere soli.Poi,proprio quando ci si sta per arrendere,quando non si ha più voglia di contare, ecco che ci si imbatte in altri due gemelli, avvinghiati stretti l'uno all'altro.[...]Mattia pensava che lui e Alice erano così,due primi gemelli,soli e perduti,vicini ma non abbastanza per sfiorarsi davvero."
Author: Paolo Giordano
91. "Water is free of charge. Why then do people drink Evian?"
Author: Richard Levin
92. "The Italian landscape has always harmonized the vulgar and the Vitruvian: the contorni around the duomo, the portiere'S laundry across the padrone's portone, Supercortemaggiore against the Romanesque apse. Naked children have never played in our fountains, and I. M. Pei will never be happy on Route 66."
Author: Robert Venturi
93. "La literatura se parece mucho a la pelea de los samuráis, pero un samurái no pelea contra otro samurái: pelea contra un monstruo. Generalmente sabe, además, que va a ser derrotado. Tener el valor, sabiendo previamente que vas a ser derrotado, y salir a pelear: eso es la literatura."
Author: Roberto Bolaño
94. "When the game ended, Mike laid down his control paddle. "So you've met the Nordic goddess, right?"Aria glanced up at him warily. "Excuse me?"Mike rolled his eyes. "Duh. Klaudia, which I'm pretty sure is Scandinavian for sex vixen."
Author: Sara Shepard
95. "A las personas mayores de 40 años no deberían permitirles tener novias o novios. Deberían tener amigos, nada mas."
Author: Shana Norris
96. "Lo mejor es que no le parezco osco ni reservado. Elaine y yo pasamos mucho tiempo juntos; supongo que si no tuviese una edad tan grotesca, diría que es mi chica. Sin embargo no está mal que sólo sea una amiga especial; a veces es mejor que una novia. Nos ahorramos muchos de los problemas que trae aparejados el noviazgo, y, aunque sé que nadie por debajo de los cincuenta me creerá, en ocasiones las cenizas son mejores que una auténtica fogata. Es extraño, pero cierto."
Author: Stephen King
97. "When you find him, his name will course through your veins. Olivia courses through mine. She runs through my heart and my brain and my fingers and my penis."
Author: Tarryn Fisher
98. "In a well-organized world he might have landed on a fire escape, but the fire escapes were unknown in Ankh-Morpork and the flames generally had to leave via the roof."
Author: Terry Pratchett
99. "La vida es un viaje en paracaídas y no lo que tú quieres creer."
Author: Vicente Huidobro
100. "People use drugs, legal and illegal, because their lives are intolerably painful or dull. They hate their work and find no rest in their leisure. They are estranged from their families and their neighbors. It should tell us something that in healthy societies drug use is celebrative, convivial, and occasional, whereas among us it is lonely, shameful, and addictive. We need drugs, apparently, because we have lost each other."
Author: Wendell Berry

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