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1. "Superman, spider man, batman, all lost their parents in their childhood, they all had to live their lives against the conspiracy of villains, and even after these miseries they don't hesitate to save people or to forgive the villains, that's why they are superheroes."
Author: Abrar Ahmed Chowdhury
2. "The author would also like to acknowledge makers of comic book villains and superheroes, those who invented, or at least popularized, the notion of the normal, mild-mannered person transformed into a mutant by freak accident."
Author: Dave Eggers
3. "Both villains and heroes need to have a steadfast belief in themselves."
Author: Jack Gleeson
4. "People love super heroes.  It's true we're  impressed by their bravery and fortitude, their supernatural gifts and physical brawn.  But the fact is, villains possess these same qualities.  So why our admiration for the hero and not the nemesis?  Because of virtue.   A super hero gives everything to defend what's good and right without seeking praise or reward.  Think about it.  All the great heroes give without taking; help without grumbling; sacrifice without asking recompense.  A super hero's real strength, what we absolutely fall in love with, is his finer virtue."
Author: Richelle E. Goodrich

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Quotes About Villains And Heroes
Quotes About Villains And Heroes
Quotes About Villains And Heroes

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