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1. "Il faudrait vivre en spectateur de sa propre vie. Pour y ajouter le rêve qui l'achèverait. Mais on vit, et les autres rêvent votre vie."
Author: Albert Camus
2. "Women, I learned, adapted.At first..they seemed so fragile, so dependent on fathers and husbands and brothers and lovers. Gradually, though, I noticed how supple their lives were beneath the surface. Then I realized it was this flexibility that enabled them to survive...that sooner or later, by choice or by chance, most women faced the task of adapting to a future on their own. When at my most optimistic, I thought of it as independence; in darker moods, as survival. Either way women had to do it."
Author: Alice Steinbach
3. "So many love affairs doesn't survive, because the couple has been very loving to each other but with the time they stop respecting each other."
Author: Amit Kalantri
4. "Survival is the biggest dharma. The scriptures say, nothing is a sin during danger. It is called apat dharma. Think and you will find a way out."
Author: Anand Neelakantan
5. "La joie est peut être aussi vive ; mais elle entre ne moins avant; elle éveille un écho moins retentissant dans mon coeur. Ah ! Pouvoir ignorer que la vie rétrécit devant moi sa promesse... Mon coeur ne bat pas moins fort qu'à vingt ans."
Author: André Gide
6. "Vivir no es otra cosa que arder en preguntas."
Author: Antonin Artaud
7. "Water never waits. It changes shape and floes around things, and finds the secret paths no one else thought about __ the tiny hole through the roof or the bottom of a box. There's no doubt it's the most versatile of the five elements. It can wash away earth, it can put out fire; it can wear a piece of metal down and can sweep it away. Even wood, which is its natural complement, can'survive without being nurtured by water."
Author: Arthur Golden
8. "Les he mostrado que podemos sobrevivir, pero eso no significa nada. Si no merece la pena vivir esas vidas, no les va a importar nunca. Es como si les ofreciera montones de esferas, pero no les diera nada en lo que gastar sus riquezas.-Kaladin-"
Author: Brandon Sanderson
9. "Había un tiempo en el que yo solía creer que estás viviendo o muriendo. Vivir era hacer todo lo que querías. Morir era todo lo demás"
Author: Cherie Currie
10. "Un uomo? -risposi ridendo- Un uomo è cosa ancor più triste e più orrenda di questo mucchio di carne sfatta. Un uomo è orgolgio, crudeltà, tradimento, viltà, violenza. La carne sfatta è tristezza, pudore, paura, rimorso, speranza. Un uomo, un uomo vivo, è poca cosa, in confronto di un mucchio di carne marcia"."
Author: Curzio Malaparte
11. "I could not stand it, neither the words on the page nor what they told me about myself. My neck and teeth began to ache, and I was not at all sure I really wanted to live with that stuff inside me. But holding onto them, reading them over again, became a part of the process of survival, of deciding once more to live--and clinging to that decision."
Author: Dorothy Allison
12. "So they drove again, Vivien sitting up and looking now, but as navigator only, letting the desert scratch its own thorny poetry on the enormous moon."
Author: Douglas Woolf
13. "If your subjects are eternal... they'll survive."
Author: Elliott Erwitt
14. "Humanity cannot lift itself by its own bootstraps; there is no such thing as spontaneous generation; life does not come from crystals; poetry does not come from donkeys; international peace does not come from wars; social justice does not come from selfishness. With all our knowledge of chemistry we cannot make a human life in our laboratories because we lack the unifying, vivifying principal of a soul which comes only from God. Life is not a push from below; it is a gift from above. It is not the result of the necessary ascent of man but the loving descent of God."
Author: Fulton J. Sheen
15. "Since the days of Descartes it has been a conception familiar to philosophers that every visible event in nature might be explained by previous visible events, and that all the motions, for instance, of the tongue in speech, or of the hand in painting, might have merely physical causes. If consciousness is thus accessory to life and not essential to it, the race of man might have existed upon the earth and acquired all the arts necessary for its subsistence without possessing a single sensation, idea, or emotion. Natural selection might have secured the survival of those automata which made useful reactions upon their environment. An instinct would have been developed, dangers would have been shunned without being feared, and injuries avenged without being felt."
Author: George Santayana
16. "Quien no trabaja no come, sí, pero quien trabaja no vive."
Author: Georges Perec
17. "Inde fernut, titidem qui vivere debeat annos, corpre de patrio parvum phenica renasci' It's from Ovid. It means, 'A little phoenix is born anew from the father's body, fated to live the same number of years."
Author: Ian Caldwell
18. "Emmanuelson said good-bye to me; he started to walk, and then came back and said good-bye once more. I sat in the car and watched him, and I think that as he went he was pleased to have a spectator. I believe that the dramatic instinct within him was so strong that he was at this moment vividly aware of being leaving the stage, of disappearing, as if he had, with the eyes of his audience, seen himself go. Exit Emmanuelson. Should not the hills, the thorn-trees and the dusty road take pity and for a second put on the aspect of cardboard?"
Author: Isak Dinesen
19. "Stars are God's way of showing us that light can survive the darkness and shine through – that there is hope; even in dark times. That the darkness isn't all there is."
Author: J.W. Lord
20. "Be a lover of the world, it is the only way to survive in it."
Author: Janosch
21. "Whether in a suit or in a loincloth people are ignorant little thorns cutting into one another. They seem incapable of advancing beyond the violent tendencies which at one time were necessary for survival."
Author: Jhonen Vasquez
22. "And it's deadly to us. We can inspire lust, but it's just a shadow. An illusion. Love is a dangerous force." He shook his head. "Love killed the dinosaurs, man." I'm pretty sure a meteor killed the dinosaurs, Thomas." He shrugged. "There's a theory making the rounds now that when the meteor hit it only killed off the big stuff. That there were plenty of smaller reptiles running around, about the same size as all the mammals at the time. The reptiles should have regained their position eventually, but they didn't, because the mammals could feel love. They could be utterly, even irrationally devoted to their mates and their offspring. It made them more likely to survive. The lizards couldn't do that. The meteor hit gave the mammals their shot, but it was love that turned the tide."
Author: Jim Butcher
23. "These stories were very old, as old as people, and they had survived because they were very powerful indeed. They were the tales that echoed in the head long after the books that contained them were cast aside. They were both an escape from reality and an alternative reality themselves. They were so old, and so strange, that they had found a kind of existence independent of the pages they occupied. The world of the old tales existed parallel to ours, but sometimes the walls separating the two became so thing and brittle that the two worlds started to blend into each other. That was when the trouble started. That was when the bad things came. That was when the Crooked Man began to appear to David."
Author: John Connolly
24. "In a vivid insight, a flash of black lightning, he saw that all life was parallel: that evolution was not vertical, ascending to a perfection, but horizontal. Time was a great fallacy; existence was without history, was always now, was always this being caught in the same fiendish machine. All those painted screens erected by man to shut out reality - history, religion, duty, social position, all were illusions, mere opium fantasies. - The French Lieutenant's Woman"
Author: John Fowles
25. "El espíritu vive en sí mismo, y en sí mismo puede hacer un cielo del infierno, o un infierno del cielo. ¿Qué importa el lugar donde yo resida, si soy el mismo que era, si lo soy todo, aunque inferior a aquel a quien el trueno ha hecho más poderoso?"
Author: John Milton
26. "The public had an endless appetite for stories like that. Subconsciously, I think they think the gods of luck will favor them when the tromp of doom starts to thump. As for survivor interviews, I find them very boring, but I'm apparently in the minority. At least half of them had this to say: "God was watching over me." Most of those people didn't even believe in a god. This is the deity-as-hit-man view of theology. What I always thought was, if God was looking out for you, he must have had a real hard-on for all those folks he belted into the etheric like so many rubbery javelins."
Author: John Varley
27. "And if the world refused to square with his version of reality then it was necessarily an uncaring world, a sour and sickening world, a penal colony, and he was doomed to be violently lonely in it. He bowed his head at the thought of how much strength a man would need to survive an entire life so lonely."
Author: Jonathan Franzen
28. "The idea is to make the space around you into a zone where nothing mortal can survive."
Author: K.J. Parker
29. "The world of 'The Hunger Games' is a paranoid survivalist's dream."
Author: Kenneth Oppel
30. "The script was always the most important thing to me and I loved the script. For one thing, I've always admired trees. I just worship them. Think what trees have witnessed, what history, such as living through the Civil War, yet they still survive."
Author: Kim Novak
31. "When a baby chick hatches, it often struggles for a long, long time, and you can get impatient watching the little guy struggle. You might be tempted to help him out and break a little bit of the shell away and make it easier for him to escape, but if you do, he will die. You will rob him of a process specifically designed to make him strong. It is only through this struggle that he can gain the strength to survive his life. It is crucial (if you love him) that you let him struggle his way out of this challenge on his own. Your life works the same way. The challenges you currently face are there to help you become stronger and smarter too. They are probably forcing you to learn and grow. If you were rescued from this situation, it might rob you of a process you need to become the person you are meant to be."
Author: Kimberly Giles
32. "I'm a leukemia survivor, and I recall during my darkest days in the hospital when my friends would come to see me, especially the male friends - they had certain mortality issues with their visit."
Author: Lew Temple
33. "Have endless patterns and repetitions accompanying your thoughtlessness, as if to say let go of that other more linear story, with its beginning, middle, and end, with its transcendent end, let go, we are the poem, we have come miles of life, we have survived this far to tell you, go on, go on."
Author: Lidia Yuknavitch
34. "In 1914, Franz Ferdinand, the Austrian imperial heir, was shot and killed by a Serbian nationalist in Sarajevo. Do you know the motive behind the act?It was in retaliation for the subjugation of the Sebs in Austria.It was not.Franz Ferdinand had stated his intention to introduce reforms favorable to the Serbs in his empire. Had he survived to ascend the throne, he would have made a revolution unnecessary. In plain terms, he was killed because he was going to give the rebels what they were shouting for. They needed a despot in the palace in order to seize it.What's good for reform is bad for the reformers"
Author: Loren D. Estleman
35. "Hay una acacia, ya sé que solo da espinas y sombras cortantes, pero está viva, tendrás algo vivo a tu lado. Te dará de beber su savia, te escaparás a través de sus raíces y florecerás desplegándote hacia el cielo."
Author: Mathias Malzieu
36. "..."La primera víctima del conflicto deben ser nuestros propios sentimientos," fue la última frase de su propuesta, "porque su supervivencia será la causa de nuestra destrucción."
Author: Max Brooks
37. "For a country boy, poor as I was, whose constant worry was to be able to have enough to eat, the Army guaranteed one's survival."
Author: Mo Yan
38. "Money is key to survival. Love is key to happiness."
Author: Nadair Desmar
39. "Talent was not rare; the ability to survive having it was."
Author: Neal Stephenson
40. "If a man is a man and not a sheep in the flock, he has a survival instinct in him that leads him to fight even if he realizes he's fighting in vain, even if he knows he will lose.."
Author: Oriana Fallaci
41. "Journalism justifies its own existence by the great Darwinian principle of the survival of the vulgarist."
Author: Oscar Wilde
42. "As poverty has been reduced in terms of mere survival, it has become more profound in terms of our way of life."
Author: Raoul Vaneigem
43. "We poor sinners need to come back from our wanderings to seek pardon through the all-sufficient merits of our Redeemer. And we need to pray earnestly for the power of the Holy Spirit to give us a precious revival in our hearts and among the unconverted."
Author: Robert E. Lee
44. "Today you had a very important lesson on taking punches. A lot of people will tell you that the first thing you have to learn is how to take a punch. But I believe the first thing you should know is that you can take one and survive. A punch won't kill you. Conquering your fear is the first step to becoming a powerful fighter."
Author: Robert Sharenow
45. "Tal vez sea imposible comprender el propio rostro. ¿O acaso es porque soy un hombre solo? Los que viven en sociedad han aprendido a mirarse en los espejos, tal como los ven sus amigos. Yo no tengo amigos; ¿por eso es mi carne tan desnuda? Sí, es como la naturaleza sin los hombres."
Author: Sartre Jean Paul
46. "I can't survive,' he once told me of his refusal to come indoors,'if I can't hear the orchestra the way I like to hear it."
Author: Steve Lopez
47. "He had the compassion of a vivisectionist."
Author: Storm Constantine
48. "Arben was large. Strong. Armed. And these, his strengths, were his greatest weaknesses. Brute force and the ability to control others through fear and intimidation made men lazy. Overconfident. Slow. She would never be as fast as a bullet, but in close contact, would always be faster than the hand that drew the gun. Speed was life. Speed was survival. Speed born from the will to live, from the necessity of staying one move ahead, speed carved into her psyche one sadistic knife slice after another. That which hadn't killed her had made her faster."
Author: Taylor Stevens
49. "A high station in life is earned by the gallantry with which appalling experiences are survived with grace."
Author: Tennessee Williams
50. "Authority has every reason to fear the skeptic, for authority can rarely survive in the face of doubt."
Author: Vita Sackville West

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