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1. "All money is a matter of belief."
Author: Adam Smith
2. "What a peculiar civilisation this was: inordinately rich, yet inclined to accrue its wealth through the sale of some astonishingly small and only distantly meaningful things, a civilisation torn and unable sensibly to adjudicate between the worthwhile ends to which money might be put and the often morally trivial and destructive mechanisms of its generation."
Author: Alain De Botton
3. "We could manage to survive without money changers and stockbrokers. We should find it harder to do without miners, steel workers and those who cultivate the land"
Author: Aneurin Bevan
4. "It seems only easier when money is involved."
Author: Anthony Liccione
5. "Coleridge was a drug addict. Poe was an alcoholic. Marlowe was killed by a man whom he was treacherously trying to stab. Pope took money to keep a woman's name out of a satire, then wrote a piece so that she could still be recognized, anyhow. Chatterton killed himself. Byron was accused of incest. Do you still want to a writer -and if so, why?"
Author: Bennett Cerf
6. "Folks can't carry around money in their pocket. They've got to go to an ATM machine, and they've got to pay a few dollars to get their own dollars out of the machine. Who ever thought you'd pay cash to get cash? That's where we've gotten to."
Author: Bill Janklow
7. "Think of the power we could have if all the energy and effort in the world – or maybe even just your energy and effort? – that goes into drinking were put into resisting, building, creating. Try adding up all the money anarchists in your community have spent on corporate libations, and picture how much musical equipment or bail money or food it could have paid for – instead of funding their war against all of us."
Author: CrimethInc.
8. "To live in the city of crowds and traffic and constant noise, to be always striving, to be in the ceaseless competition for money and status and power, perhaps distracted the mind until it could no longer see—and forgot—the all that is. Or maybe, because of the pace and pressure of that life, sanity depended on blinding oneself to the manifold miracles, astonishments, wonders, and enigmas that comprised the true world."
Author: Dean Koontz
9. "A fine young man and a fine young felly he always was, except that in the old days, before you began coming in here, Mr. Witherwax, he maybe had too much money and spent too much of it on girls. Take them alone, either one; the money without the women, or a good girl without the money that can be a help to a young felly, and he's fixed for life. But put them together; and often as not, the young felly goes on the booze. ("The Better Mousetrap")"
Author: Fletcher Pratt
10. "It's about the power of design and the power of the human spirit. It's above paying anybody to do something stupid for money like reality television does - like ambushing people."
Author: Genevieve Gorder
11. "Television preachers extract money from the poor to live in a style and to indulge in shameful acts which equal or outdo the worst of the Renaissance Popes."
Author: J. Irwin Miller
12. "I have made lots of mistakes in terms of contracts and spending money when I shouldn't have spent money."
Author: Jenson Button
13. "I mean, money people are usually quite brisk, but mine aren't, and they keep on giving me spaces so that I've been able to go on and do plays and films."
Author: Jeremy Brett
14. "Reading is awesome and flexible and fits around chores and earning money and building the future and whatever else I'm doing that day. My attitude towards reading is entirely Epicurean—reading is pleasure and I pursue it purely because I like it."
Author: Jo Walton
15. "I liked Live and Let Die, where money was no object."
Author: Julie Harris
16. "I will bend, I will touch the ground, or as close to it as I can get without rupture. I will lay a wreath of invisible money on her grave."
Author: Margaret Atwood
17. "It's such a hard thing to write a song for your fans without sounding naff and thanking them for spending money on you."
Author: Olly Murs
18. "Finally, when the money was high enough, the script suddenly revealed itself as being very clear to me."
Author: Robert Vaughn
19. "I've stood my ground in life, alone, even against overwhelming forces with the might and money to crush me."
Author: Tatum O'Neal
20. "Large sums passed through his hands. Nevertheless, nothing changed his way of life or added the slightest luxury to his simple life. Quite the contrary, As there is always more misery at the lower end than humanity at the top, everything was given away before it was received, like water on parched soil. No matter how much money came to him, he never had enough. And then he robbed himself."
Author: Victor Hugo
21. "Put money in thy purse."
Author: William Shakespeare

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