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1. "The au pair was bug-eyed. "What happened back there?""It's not our fault!" Dan babbled. "Those guys are crazy! They're like mini-Darth Vaders without the mask!""They're Benedictine monks!" Nellie exclaimed. "They're men of peace! Most of them are under vows of silence!""Yeah, well, not anymore," Dan told her. "They cursed us out pretty good. I don't know the language, but some things you don't have to translate."
Author: Gordon Korman
2. "I once took a vow of silence that lasted almost two years. Then, on my second birthday, I relented and started talking."
Author: Jarod Kintz
3. "Ultimately when I gave up the use of motorized vehicles, I walked everywhere, from town to town, across states and two continents. When I stopped talking, I mean literally I stopped speaking. I took a complete vow of silence."
Author: John Francis

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Quotes About Vow Of Silence
Quotes About Vow Of Silence

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Our crucifixes exhibit the pain, but they veil, perhaps necessarily, the obscenity: but the death of the God-Man was both."
Author: Charles Williams

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