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1. "To cultivate a garden is to walk with God, to go hand in hand with nature in some of her most beautiful processes, to learn something of her choicest secrets, and to have a more intelligent interest awakened in the beautiful order of her works elsewhere."
Author: C.N. Bovee
2. "My walk on the moon lasted three days. My walk with God will last forever."
Author: Charles Duke
3. "If you would serve God and be truly religious, do not kneel before God, but learn to walk with God, and do somethingtangible every day to increase the happiness of mankind. This is religion that is worthwhile, and it is such religion alone that can please the Infinite."
Author: Christian D. Larson
4. "There is no secret formula--only a life committed to a close walk with God."
Author: Dillon Burroughs
5. "What the author of Genesis wants to tell us, I think, is that man, when united with God, is not divided. In this unity, there is no good and evil. All of our inclinations, even the sexual ones, are good when we are in Eden -- that is, when we walk with God and all our actions, words, and thoughts seek to follow His will. But man can choose to be separate from God, and in this separateness he creates evil by imagining ways to use what is good in ways that hurt him or others, and then acting upon what he imagines."
Author: Francisco X. Stork
6. "My desire is to walk with God every day."
Author: Janine Turner
7. "Impatience is a form of unbelief. It's what we begin to feel when we start to doubt the wisdom of God's timing or the goodness of God's guidance. It springs up in our hearts when our plan is interrupted or shattered. It may be prompted by a long wait in a checkout line or a sudden blow that knocks out half our dreams. The opposite of impatience is not a glib denial of loss. It's a deepening, ripening, peaceful willingness to wait for God in the unplanned place of obedience, and to walk with God at the unplanned pace of obedience - to wait in his place, and go at his pace."
Author: John Piper
8. "' Torn' is hopeful. It's a book that meets you in your pain and shows you how to move forward with life and in your walk with God."
Author: Jud Wilhite
9. "God was on the move; God is on the move; and God will always be on the move. Those who walk with God and listen to God are also on the move. Reading the Bible so we can live it out today means being on the move—always. Anyone who stops and wants to turn a particular moment into a monument, as the disciples did when Jesus was transfigured before them, will soon be wondering where God has gone."
Author: Scot McKnight
10. "Fear of God is a beginning of knowledge.The fear lessened on a higher knowledge.Walk with God is on the top of knowledge."
Author: Toba Beta
11. "More important than starting well in our walk with God is to finish well."
Author: Victor Manuel Rivera

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