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1. "In order to get the things I want, it helps me to pretend I'm a figure in a daytime drama, a schemer. Soap opera characters make emphatic pronouncements. They ball up their fists and state their goals out loud. ‘I will destroy Buchanan Enterprises,' they say. ‘Phoebe Wallingford will pay for what she's done to our family.' Walking home with the back half of the twelve-foot ladder, I turned to look in the direction of Hugh's loft. ‘You will be mine,' I commanded."
Author: David Sedaris
2. "Our doubts are traitors and make uslose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt. In other words, awish is a good place to start but then you have to get off your butt and make ithappen. You have to pick up a quill and write your own damn story. (Mimi Wallingford)"
Author: Suzanne Selfors

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All that guides me is fear,And all that finds me is lossDeath defines which paths I crossIt is within the shadows that I stumbleAnd I am desperate without a voiceHere I am threatened by the resolve that you are my soulBut if my lies are the path that I have to wander because there is no choiceWill you love me still?In the darkness of the night when I wish to do nothing more than take flight?Will you hold me to this plane and ease the suffering and pain?When all you know is the truthAnd all they see is the liesWill I be the one you find, or the one you leave behind?Alone may be the only home I shall find"
Author: Cassandra Giovanni

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