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1. "I wanna work; I love so much making films; I hope I can do one after the other. Being on set is what makes me happy, so... The more I can, the better."
Author: Alice Braga
2. "Speaking softly, I said with all honestly, "Evan, my heart's not completely healed yet, but I know I want you. And I think being with you can get me there faster, but I don't wanna put you in that position unless you're willing. ‘Cause in a way, it means I only have a shared heart to offer right now. But I think I'd be happy if it was yours wholeheartedly. So just tell me. Do you want out until I'm completely healed, or are you willing to take a mildly damaged heart?"He quietly debated for a moment, and my breath caught in my throat the moment he spoke. "I want to be the one to heal your heart, Princess.""Then will you kiss me?" I whispered."
Author: Devon Ashley
3. "Wanna be happy?Stop comparing!"
Author: Himmilicious
4. "There's just so many things I wanna do. At the end of the day, I wanna be happy."
Author: Jessica Lowndes
5. "Everyone can be in a relationship. And being in a relationship doesn't means that you have to catch each other hands and walk in-front of everyone without caring anyone. Make conversations short and sweet..and to the point. Don't keep talking over the phones for hours with the things that doesn't makes sense. First priority should be parents. If wanna be in a relationship do it in a standard way. And first focus on what you should do. Do not prioritize your ambition on some one just without caring your parents.First focus on making life so that you can keep your parents and relationship happy. That when you are successful only then take a big step."
Author: Lalit Sharma
6. "We just wanna be the happy bums that we are. That's all."
Author: Mike Patton
7. "I don't wanna be in a fake-perfect-relationship. Because, however, it will eventually turn to be a shitty relationship. And why on earth, I would put myself inside a shitty and tiring relationship while there are probabilities and chances to have a real happy relationship out there?"
Author: Nina Ardianti
8. "Wanna be always Happy? Always carry some chocolate with you ;)"
Author: Pablo

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Quotes About Wanna Be Happy
Quotes About Wanna Be Happy

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