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1. "I begin with the young. We older ones are used up but my magnificent youngsters! Are there finer ones anywhere in the world? Look at all these men and boys! What material! With you and I, we can make a new world."
Author: Adolf Hitler
2. "If I convince myself that this life has no other aspect than that of the absurd, if I feel that its whole equilibrium depends on that perpetual opposition between my conscious revolt and the darkness in which it struggles, if I admit that my freedom has no meaning except in relation to its limited fate, then I must say that what counts is not the best living but the most living."
Author: Albert Camus
3. "Mom, why couldn't my story, my real life story have a happy ending - like in the books?""No true love story has a happy ending; one always must die and leave the other. So there's never a totally happy ending."
Author: Barbara Conklin
4. "My business life is really simple. It's like, get check. Put check in bank. Pay rent. I've never bought a stock in my life. I never got caught up in that trip. And the truth is, I don't obsess about money ever."
Author: Bennett Miller
5. "I don't think ordinary things are very interesting, so I try to imagine a world that is less ordinary."
Author: Chris Van Allsburg
6. "A good peace, a solid peace, a peace in which communities can flourish, can only be built when we ask ourselves and each other to be more than just good, and better than just strong. And a good life, a meaningful life, a life in which we can enjoy the world and live with purpose, can only be built if we do more than live for ourselves."
Author: Eric Greitens
7. "He is a state of matter, a form of life, a sort of animal, and a species of the Order Primates, akin nearly or remotely to all of life and indeed to all that is material."
Author: George Gaylord Simpson
8. "The people come from everywhere, from five hundred miles, to find their fortunes. By fortune is an ugly, two-faced goddess. When you have lived with her handiwork for half a generation, you hardly notice anymore. You forget that this is not the way life has to be. You cease to marvel at just how much evil man con conjure by existing."
Author: Glen Cook
9. "Udah ya. Before we say things we're going to regret forever. -Twivortiare-"
Author: Ika Natassa
10. "But by the time Madeleine reached the age that Alwyn had been then, she realized that her sister's iconoclasm and liberationist commitments had just been part of a trend. Alwyn had done the things she had done and voiced the political opinions she'd voiced because all her friends were acting and talking the same way."
Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
11. "Heartache often drives us to consume things we wouldn't otherwise, such as an entire pint of Caramel Pecan Perfection high-fat ice cream, covered in ganache, the crack cocaine of frozed dairy. Twelve hundred calories per pint, six hundred and eighty of which are fat calories, but is only dulls the pain for the moment, there's that carb fog while you're standing at the sink shoving it in your face, and then it's over and you feel...used. Like a cheap pickup the Dove people seduced and abandoned in your kitchen, leaving you with sticky hands and an empty cup and a still-broken heart, except now you're mad at Dove, too."
Author: Jennifer Crusie
12. "One of the smartest things one can do in life sometimes…is play stupid. Be encouraged"
Author: Kerry E. Wagner
13. "We have a good life when we manage to live with both satisfied and unsatisfied needs, when we are not obsessed by what is beyond our reach."
Author: Kjell Magne Bondevik
14. "Even if certain rogue countries do things we wish nobody did, it doesn't necessarily mean that their foolishness should justify our following suit."
Author: Leon Kass
15. "I don't mean to complain. I wouldn't trade my life for anything."
Author: Lucinda Williams
16. "I do not like to get the news, because there has never been an era when so many things were going so right for so many of the wrong persons."
Author: Ogden Nash
17. "Because of that she had never had enough energy to be herself, a person who, like everyone else in the world, needed other people in order to be happy. But other people were so difficult. They reacted in unpredictable ways, they surrounded themselves with defensive walls, they behaved just as she did, pretending they didn't care about anything. When someone more open to life appeared, they either rejected them outright or made them suffer, consigning them to being inferior, ingenuous."
Author: Paulo Coelho
18. "The two things I enjoy the most about writing are the first page of a book and the last. What's in between is very hard work."
Author: Rachel Gibson
19. "The stupidity of one's own colleagues makes life simpler."
Author: Stephen King
20. "You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need."
Author: Vernon Howard

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