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1. "I spend around two and half hours on the track every day running and another 2 hours in the weight room lifting weights with my strength coach."
Author: Allyson Felix
2. "I work out four days a week in the off-season, and in the warm, running weather months, I do five days. A push/pull regime of weightlifting, cycling, and the occasional Saturday or Sunday run with my oldest son, even if it's cold out."
Author: Andre Dubus III
3. "I tend to do something for two years then move on to something new. Yoga, then biking, then weight lifting, then back to biking. The moment it feels like a rut, I switch and search for a new love. It's like having a midlife crisis, but without the new wife or cheesy BMW."
Author: Brad Meltzer
4. "I drink a lot of protein shakes and do a lot of weight lifting."
Author: Chanel Iman
5. "Nothing was ever in tune. People just blindly grabbed at whatever there was: communism, health foods, zen, surfing, ballet, hypnotism, group encounters, orgies, biking, herbs, Catholicism, weight-lifting, travel, withdrawal, vegetarianism, India, painting, writing, sculpting, composing, conducting, backpacking, yoga, copulating, gambling, drinking, hanging around, frozen yogurt, Beethoven, Back, Buddha, Christ, TM, H, carrot juice, suicide, handmade suits, jet travel, New York City, and then it all evaporated and fell apart. People had to find things to do while waiting to die. I guess it was nice to have a choice."
Author: Charles Bukowski
6. "Putting on weight for me is really, really hard. If I stop lifting, or if I stop eating, I get skinny really quick."
Author: Christopher Gorham
7. "I find the older I get, the lower in weight I go. It's harder to recover. Living in New York City, working a job that is unpredictable and at times stressful, you're lifting way more than your max because you need to push some weight around. You put an extra plate on for the release, and then you're sore the next week. Its stress release."
Author: Danny Pino
8. "Its pretty amusing but I think the guys that came up with the words 'weightlifting' and 'powerlifting' were either plain stupid or had a freakin' sense of humour! Muscle power is what's required more when you are weightlifting and they typically use more weight when powerlifting!"
Author: Deepak 'The Fitness Doc' Hiwale
9. "I do pool exercises, like weightlifting but underwater. I walk, I swim... I'm pretty fit for an old bloke."
Author: Eric Idle
10. "'Immortals' was very much a martial arts based training program - a lot of body weight stuff, very little in the way of actually lifting heavy weights, and a very, very low calorie diet."
Author: Henry Cavill
11. "Compared to the challenges or raising an autistic child, weightlifting is a relief."
Author: Melanie Roach
12. "Weight lifting is the easiest part of my day."
Author: Melanie Roach
13. "Thinking is like exercise, it requires consistency and rigor. Like barbells in a weightlifting room, the classics force us to either put them down or exert our minds. They require us to think."
Author: Oliver DeMille
14. "For years I was doing the excruciating weightlifting of writing scripts - but then I stayed thin and someone else got all the muscles."
Author: Shane Black
15. "I'm not a weight lifter. I'm a seeker. Weight lifting is so insignificant in my life."
Author: Sri Chinmoy
16. "That's the same in college. It's the same in high school. Kids are getting bigger, stronger, faster, more into the weightlifting, more into nutrition, more into size."
Author: Steve Mariucci
17. "Humans weren't made to carry someone else's weight. We can barely lift our own.""Maybe lifting someone else's weight makes yours a little more bearable"
Author: Tarryn Fisher

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