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1. "Newer and better…healing isn't about getting back to the old, it's about going to that next level and experiencing what God has in store for you."
Author: Heather Bixler
2. "You cannot enjoy true love in relationship if you don't add honest flavours to it. You can genuinely maintain what you can sincerely entertain!"
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
3. "Im a girl who has been tamping down her emotions and keeping them tightly guarded her whole life. And that works really well for me... And now I felt like my shell had a dangerous crack in it. Without much more effort on his part, it would split wide open and my enormous river of emotions would gush out - the bad and the good. It was pretty much the scariest thing I'd ever thought of." - Maximum Ride."
Author: James Patterson
4. "Don't fight change; embrace it, and you will step into the fullness of what God has in store."
Author: Joel Osteen
5. "I'm not sure what God has in store for you but I do know one thing - it will be good. I've learned He doesn't skimp with those who have a heart for Him. After all, His Word says He honors those who honor Him."
Author: Julie Lessman
6. "Short-story writing requires an exquisite sense of balance. Novelists, frankly, can get away with more. A novel can have a dull spot or two, because the reader has made a different commitment."
Author: Lynn Abbey
7. "Gone mad is what they say, and sometimes Run mad, as if mad is a different direction, like west; as if mad is a different house you could step into, or a separate country entirely. But when you go mad you don't go any other place, you stay where you are. And somebody else comes in."
Author: Margaret Atwood
8. "By the age of fifty, you have made yourself what you are, and if it is good, it is better than your youth."
Author: Marya Mannes
9. "Why miss out on what God has in store for you while you're trying to get in on his plan for somebody else? Your plans are the best—for YOU—and so is your personality. You're so worth it"
Author: Nancy Rue
10. "My interest in architecture has always been sculptural. Most of my photography is of architecture."
Author: Parker Stevenson
11. "Life has to go on..............."
Author: Ruby
12. "Sardar Harbans Singh passed away peacefully in a wicker rocking-chair in a Srinigar garden of spring flowers and honeybees with his favourite tartan rug across his knees and his beloved son, Yuvraj the exporter of handicrafts, by his side, and when he stopped breathing the bees stopped buzzing and the air silenced its whispers and Yuvraj understood that the story of the world he had known all his life was coming to an end, and that what followed would follow as it had to, but it would unquestionably be less graceful, less courteous and less civilized than what had gone."
Author: Salman Rushdie
13. "Allow children to be happy in their own way, for what better way will they find?"
Author: Samuel Johnson
14. "When a person thinks you are too good for them, they create a wall without even taking a chance. The best life that God has in store for a person is often thrown away because of what he or she thinks they deserve. True love is not the life you had, but the life you never realized you could have."
Author: Shannon L. Alder
15. "Back in the time when life was easy, the Internet would have told me what I needed to know. The great thing about the Internet was it didn't care why you were asking."
Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer

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Quotes About What God Has In Store
Quotes About What God Has In Store
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