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1. "Wow,' said Zaphod Beeblebrox to the Heart of Gold. There wasn't much else he could say.He said it again because he knew it would annoy the press. 'Wow.'The crowd turned their faces back toward him expectantly. He winked at Trillian, who raised her eyebrows and widened her eyes at him. She knew what he was about to say and thought him a terrible show-off.'That is really amazing.' he said. 'That really is truly amazing. That is so amazingly amazing I think I'd like to steal it.'A marvelous presidential quote, absolutely true to form. The crowd laughed appreciativley, the newsman gleefully punched buttons on their Sub-Etha News-Matics and the President grinned. As he grinned his heart screamed unbearably and he fingered the small Paralyso-Matic bomb that nestled quietly in his pocket. Finally he could bear it no more. He lifted his heads up to the sky, let out a wild whoop in major thirds, threw the bomb to the ground and ran forward through the sea of suddenly frozen beaming smiles."
Author: Douglas Adams
2. "I have a cotillion event. Some yacht-club charity fundraiser thingy. Whitney is insisting, and Kit took her side." Three wide smiles. "Oh shut up."
Author: Kathy Reichs
3. "What's about to happen?" I know the answer, but I'm playing with our fire. I want to hear it from his lips.His eyes widen, but he smiles, figuring out my game. "I'm taking you to my house, and I'm putting you to bed." His grin gets a little wider before he finishes, "With me in you."
Author: Nicole Reed

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Quotes About Wide Smiles
Quotes About Wide Smiles
Quotes About Wide Smiles

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