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1. "War has no winners and peace, no losers"
Author: Ashok Kallarakkal
2. "Basketball is a game with winners and losers, but if you play this game with your heart, you're always a winner."
Author: C.M.
3. "In this life, you have winners and losers. the more you win, the higher you go."
Author: Daniel Nayeri
4. "Global competition is about winners and losers."
Author: David Korten
5. "The 9-9-9 plan would resuscitate this economy because it replaces the outdated tax code that allows politicians to pick winners and losers, and to provide favors in the form of tax breaks, special exemptions and loopholes. It simplifies the code dramatically: 9% business flat tax, 9% personal flat tax, 9% sales tax."
Author: Herman Cain
6. "The winners of life's game always set and have goals in focus that they score to fulfill their purposes of existence and making the planet earth to celebrate joy; the losers make life bitter for others by tormenting their senses of joy and peace!"
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
7. "History is about winners, not about losers. History is about assessing distortions, not copying out truths. History has much to say about the way the powerful handle power, for power engenders records. History is about evidence, and evidence flagrantly distorts. There is a bias between winners and losers. History is hopeless on love, but excellent on hatred. Such a state of things may not please at all, but then history was never meant to please. One-sidedness lies at the heart of historical knowledge."
Author: J.R. Vincent
8. "Politicians, it's like they're competing to be the most incompetent. Well, guess what? They're all winners to me. And by winners I mean losers."
Author: Jarod Kintz
9. "There's some way in which we would prefer not to see very clearly the immense gifts and intelligence of some of the people who live in our most abject conditions. Maybe there are some things at work in deciding who gets to be society's winners and who gets to be society's losers that don't have to do with merit."
Author: Katherine Boo
10. "We have to get government out of the job of picking winners and losers. That's what they've been doing the last year and a half, getting in the way of businesses that are trying to reinvest to get our economy back on its feet."
Author: Kristi Noem
11. "Winners and losers aren't born, they are the products of how they think"
Author: Lou Holtz
12. "Obstacles are challenges for winners and excuses for losers"
Author: M.E. Kerr
13. "I call crony capitalism, where you take money from successful small businesses, spend it in Washington on favored industries, on favored individuals, picking winners and losers in the economy, that's not pro-growth economics. That's not entrepreneurial economics. That's not helping small businesses. That's cronyism, that's corporate welfare."
Author: Paul Ryan
14. "Hip-hop is an instant gratification, winners and losers circle, and often those who are losing give up after three or four, five years."
Author: Questlove
15. "As in any technological revolution, there will be winners and losers. On balance, everyone will come out ahead, although there will be particular companies that will not be able to cope with a new environment."
Author: Ralph Merkle
16. "One thing that served me well with clients was that you back your winners and you back your losers."
Author: Rick Santelli
17. "We need to learn... how war brutalises and degrades winners and losers alike and what happens to us when, having heedlessly waged war for no good reason, we are encouraged to inflate and demonise our enemies in order to justify that war's indefinite continuance."
Author: Tony Judt

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