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1. "I have a special place in my heart for working moms - it's a constant pull on your heartstrings."
Author: Angela Kinsey
2. "Working moms, stay at home moms, they're both extremely hard jobs."
Author: Hilary Rosen
3. "Brooding is more something I do when I'm working. I know so much more about sitting around worrying about a work project than I do about worrying about kids. This could just be a fact of life for older moms. We've worked and worked and worked and if we are lucky enough to finally have a child or two, we find ourselves suddenly catapulted into a most alien kind of chaos. Work is so much easier. Anyone will tell you that. To have a desk, where you have everything all lined up, and a schedule you more or less get to agree to. Work. I am a worker. This is so funny because I never really think of my work as work. I certainly never though of myself as having a career. Writing, work, this is just who I am. I am a person who sits at a desk and makes phone calls and taps at a computer keyboard and sips coffee and calls her mom at five. That I am anything better or smaller than that has come as sudden news to me. Brand new.News."
Author: Jeanne Marie Laskas
4. "Working moms elevate themselves above stay-at-home moms, and stay-at-home moms try to put down working moms. It's a war in which both sides are trying to put the other one down."
Author: Leslie Morgan Steiner
5. "The topic of working moms is a tap-dance recital in a minefield."
Author: Tina Fey

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