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1. "I can bulk up very fast. I can lift heavy weights because, like most people, I started off with heavy workouts. That's stayed in my muscle memory. I feel horrible when I feel my jeans are getting tight. Workouts peace me out."
Author: Arjun Rampal
2. "It's the cross-training that's key. It doesn't let your body adapt to one stimulus too much and it keeps your workouts exciting."
Author: Brett Hoebel
3. "Henry had never felt so happy. Freshperson year had been one thing, an adventure, an exhilaration, all in all a success, but it had also been exhausting, a constant struggle and adjustment and tumult. Now he was locked in. Every day that summer had the same framework, the alarm at the same time, meals and workouts and shifts and SuperBoost at the same times, over and over, and it was that sameness, that repetition, that gave life meaning. He savored the tiny variations, the incremental improvements--tuna fish on his salad instead of turkey; tow extra reps on the bench press. Every move he made had purpose."
Author: Chad Harbach
4. "My husband and I own a CrossFit Gym. Crossfit is perfect for me because it's always competitive, all the workouts are in a class environment, and it's different every day. It's a constantly varied functional fitness workout done with intensity."
Author: Chelan Simmons
5. "I poked my stomach covertly. It still seemed pretty lean to me. Obviously, I wasn't built like a supermodel, but all the swimming and workouts were keeping me trim enough. Kishan took my hand, squeezed it, and brushed a kiss on my fingers before setting it back onto my lap. I smiled at him in gratitude."
Author: Colleen Houck
6. "In a group of five workouts, I tend to have one great workout, the kind of workout that makes me think in just a few weeks I could be an Olympic champion, plus maybe Mr. Olympia. Then, I have one workout that's so awful the mere fact I continue to exist as a somewhat higher form of  life is a miracle. Finally, the other three workouts are the punch-the-clock workouts: I go in, work out, and walk out. Most people experience this."
Author: Dan John
7. "At least for soccer players, it comes down to a blend of two types of fitness - your base endurance, which comes from longer distance running, and your speed, which comes from sprint-based workouts."
Author: Heather O'Reilly
8. "I try to fit in workouts whenever I can."
Author: Idris Elba
9. "I have worked out with the Thunder, Lakers, Knicks, Grizzlies, Spurs, and a few others before the draft. I have worked out primarily against shorter and supposedly faster players in these workouts."
Author: Jeremy Lin
10. "Sometimes you've got to make your work and workouts co-exist."
Author: Jillian Michaels
11. "It's tricky when I'm constantly traveling and adjusting to new time zones and trying to also keep up with my workouts."
Author: Joe Manganiello
12. "Twice a week I'll run fast quality workouts either on the track or road."
Author: Jonathan Brown
13. "Sex keeps me fit and healthy. What can be better than that? It's not about crazy diets or gym workouts."
Author: Kelly Brook
14. "I snack on fruit and nuts. In the middle of my long workouts, I'll have a protein shake."
Author: Lindsey Vonn
15. "By learning about my body and making small, subtle changes, I find out what I enjoy and what is effective. I'm always finessing: adjusting my diet and my workouts. You have to figure out which exercises are fun and interesting and stimulate your brain - or else you'll never keep at them."
Author: Lisa Edelstein
16. "There are times I might coach one or two workouts a year when the regular coach gets caught in traffic."
Author: Mark Spitz
17. "I'm really big into yoga, so I go On Demand and look up workouts. I'm all about it."
Author: Mitchel Musso
18. "She had streaked blonde hair, long and straight, parted in the middle framing high cheek bones, an aquiline nose and beautiful deep blue eyes. She was young, around 30, tall and lithe with a good body, athletic, not skinny. She wore a sleeveless black dress that exposed her toned arms and shoulders, indicating regular workouts or yoga. There was a hint of vein running the length of her lean muscle. This girl stood out like an arabian in a corral full of draft horses."
Author: Nick Hahn
19. "If you say you're going to do something, you do it. If you start it, you finish it. Yes sir, no ma'am. And you've got to have that kind of structure in your life. It kind of helped me be that disciplined person that I am, whether it's with workouts, film or just the game of football."
Author: Robert Griffin III
20. "I'm very rarely in the gym. My workouts are predominantly outside, in nature."
Author: Ryan Kwanten
21. "My workouts include aerobic exercise for a healthy cardiovascular system; strength training to maintain muscle tone and bone density; core strength exercise for a stable mid-section; and stretching to maintain mobility."
Author: Samantha Stosur
22. "I am ready. I'm in great shape. My workouts have been great. I'm ready to get back and help a team get to the Super Bowl."
Author: Shaun Alexander

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