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1. "A SWOT analysis involves asking, "What are our strengths and weaknesses? What are our opportunities? What are the threats?"
Author: Amanda Lang
2. "Popatrz jeno. Kosciól, karczma, bordel, a w srodku miedzy nimi kupa gówna. Oto parabola ludzkiego zywota."
Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
3. "Mischeif, I can't say before you my life was empty because you have always been in my life. There is no before you, there is no after you, there is only you. I am a better man because of you , and you are my light. I told you once all darkness needs is a little of the right kinda light, an I was right - because even in my darkest times you were there and you changed me. Marry me, because without you my life isn't woth living. Be my light Mischief, forever?"
Author: Bec Botefuhr
4. "Wot Wot"
Author: Brian Jacques
5. "...there's me, Gurth, Dotti, Grenn an' about a hunnerd shrews. If'n we wants to lie 'round for a day or two then you'll find yore prob'ly outvoted!"Lord Brocktree's eyes told the otter that he was not about to have his decision overruled. Swinging forth his battle blade, he stuck it quivering into the ground. "Lets's be reasonable about this, friend. Let me explain the rules. One Badger Lord carries two hundred votes and his sword carries another hundred. Agreed?"Ruff looked from the sword to the badger. Sunlight gleamed from the blade lighting Brocktree's eyes with a formidable gleam. He smiled nervously at his huge friend. "Reason, that's wot I likes, mate. Vote carried. We go after brekkist tomarrer!"
Author: Brian Jacques
6. "Acel gest simbolic de a o întrona pe Déesse Raison la Notre-Dame pare sa fi însemnat pentru lumea apuseana ceva asemanator cu taierea Stejarilor lui Wotan de catre misionarii crestini, caci nici atunci, nici acum, fulgerul razbunator nu i-a lovit pe nelegiuiti. Este probabil mai mult decât o gluma a istoriei universale faptul ca tocmai în acel moment si tocmai un francez, Anquetil du Perron, se afla în India si, la începutul secolului al XIX-lea, aducea acasa o traducere a Oupnek'hat, o culegere de cincizeci de Upanisade, care au permis pentru prima oara Occidentului sa arunce o privire mai adânca înauntrul enigmaticului spirit al Orientului … Masa anonima de oameni întunecati, care s-a adunat cu gânduri distrugatoare în Notre-Dame, s-a napustit si asupra individului, nimerindu-l si pe Anquetil du Perron, în care a provocat un raspuns devenit istoric. De la el se trag Schopenhauer si Nietzsche, de la el apare acea influenta spirituala înca incalculabila a Orientului."
Author: C.G. Jung
7. "Second: them poor things well out o' this, and never no more will I interfere with Mrs. Cruncher's flopping, never no more!""Whatever housekeeping arrangement that may be," said Miss Pross, striving to dry her eyes and compose herself, "I have no doubt it is best that Mrs. Cruncher should have it entirely under her own superintendence.—O my poor darlings!""I go so far as to say, miss, moreover," proceeded Mr. Cruncher, with a most alarming tendency to hold forth as from a pulpit—"and let my words be took down and took to Mrs. Cruncher through yourself—that wot my opinions respectin' flopping has undergone a change, and that wot I only hope with all my heart as Mrs. Cruncher may be a flopping at the present time.""There, there, there! I hope she is, my dear man," cried the distracted Miss Pross, "and I hope she finds it answering her expectations."
Author: Charles Dickens
8. "My youth i shall never forgetbut there s nothing i really regretwotthehell wotthehellthere s a dance in the old dame yettoujours gai toujours gai"
Author: Don Marquis
9. "I have had my ups and downsbut wotthehell wotthehellyesterday sceptres and crownsfried oysters and velvet gownsand today i herd with bumsbut wotthehell wotthehelli wake the world from sleepas i caper and sing and leapwhen i sing my wild free tunewotthehell wotthehellunder the blear eyed mooni am pelted with cast off shoonbut wotthehell wotthehell"
Author: Don Marquis
10. "Philippa's letter, from an afflicted conscience, was not very much longer. … if I don't look for him, no one else will. You know I'm sorry. But I couldn't leave that little thing to wither away by itself Don't be sad. We're all going to come back. And you can teach him Two Legs and I Wot a Tree, and save him the top of the milk for his blackberry pie. He'll never know, if we're quick, that nobody wanted him.… Which had, Kate considered as she scrubbed off her tears, a ring of unlikely confidence about it, as well as rather a shaky understanding of the diet of one-year-old babies."
Author: Dorothy Dunnett
11. "Buffalo Bill's defunct who used to ride a watersmooth-silver stallion and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat Jesus he was a handsome man and what i want to know is how do you like your blueeyed boyMister Death"
Author: E.E. Cummings
12. "Kipo kitu kinaendelea kufanyika katika siku zetu za furaha na katika siku zetu za huzuni kwa kila mmojawetu hapa duniani bila ya upendeleo wowote. Kitu hicho ni kuingia na kutoka kwa pumzi, au kupumua. Ukiithamini pumzi inayoingia na kutoka ndani ya mwili wako utapata zawadi ya amani katika maisha yako. Utapata pia zawadi ya furaha, uelewa na ufasaha! Ijapokuwa una matatizo mengi katika maisha, kitu bora cha kufanya ni kushukuru Mungu kwa maana wewe ni mzima."
Author: Enock Maregesi
13. "Kufanikiwa katika maisha ni kuwa tayari muda wowote kujitoa mhanga kwa ajili ya kitu unachoweza kuwa."
Author: Enock Maregesi
14. "I'm not a fool, I knew from the beginningwhat couldn't happen. What couldn't happendidn't. The enterprise is abandoned.But half our life is dreams, delirium, everything that underliesthat feedsthat keeps alive the illusion of sanity, semi-sanity, we allowothers to see. The half of me that feeds the restis in mourning. Mourns. Each time we mustmourn, we fear this is the final mourning, this timemourning never will lift."
Author: Frank Bidart
15. "Wielu ludzi tak bardzo przywyklo do przebywania tylko ze soba, ze zgola nie porównywaja sie z innymi, lecz pedza swój monologowy zywot w spokojnym, radosnym nastroju, na dobrych rozmowach ze soba, nawet na smiechach. Jezeli sie jednak zmusi ich do porównania siebie z innymi, sklaniaja sie wtedy do markotliwego niedoceniania samych siebie: do tego stopnia, iz trzeba ich zmuszac, zeby znowu nauczyli sie dobrego, slusznego mniemania o sobie od innych: i jeszcze od tej nabytej opinii beda chcieli zawsze cos odciagnac i wytargowac. - Przeto nalezy pewnym ludziom uzyczyc ich samotnosci, i nie byc tak glupim, jak to sie czesto zdarza, zeby ich z tego powodu zalowac"
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
16. "This was the beginning. The end is easily foreseen; for, given a young man of Dick's temperament, longingfor companionship, and another young man of Charlie's make-up, with a legitimate business to bring the twotogether, and only a friendship of the David and Jonathan order could result."
Author: Harold Bell Wright
17. "Wotcher, Harry!"
Author: J.K. Rowling
18. "I sells ladies fings, and vis nun, she comes up to me stall an' afore you can blink an eye, she picks up a couple of bread an' cheeses, tucks 'em in 'er petticoats, an' is off round the Jack Horner, dahn ve frog an' toad, quick as shit off a stick. I couldn't Adam an' Eve it, bu' vats wot she done. When I tells me carvin' knife wot I seen, she calls me an 'oly friar, an' says she'll land me one on me north and south if I calls Sister Monica Joan a tea-leaf. Very fond of Sister, she is. So I never says nuffink to no one, like."
Author: Jennifer Worth
19. "Obym nie znalazl sie za swego zywota w takiej niewoli, zebym mial wyrzec sie swego pochodzenia i zapomniec o dziedzictwie swoich przodków!"
Author: Josephus
20. "The perfect date for me would be staying at home, making a big picnic in bed, eating Wotsits and cookies while watching cable TV."
Author: Kim Kardashian
21. "I peelhiss tense fingerson his right handaway fromthe steering wheel, onetwothreefourfive.With each finger,the scowldiappearsa little more. when i placehis hand onmy legand gentlycaress it, he smiles.That's better."
Author: Lisa Schroeder
22. "The gardener hath gathered up this autumn's leaves. Who shall see them again, or who wot of them? And who shall say what hath befallen in the days of long ago?"
Author: Lord Dunsany
23. "He ought to have conceded that she was a flower not destined to open, a hothouse creation, no less beautiful, no less woth having, He should have admired her, praised her and, at the close of day, let her be."
Author: Michel Faber
24. "When she was settled in the car beside Tyler, Maddy folded her hands on her lap. "I've got twothings I want to ask you.""Sure. Shoot.""If I were, like, ten years older and had actual breasts, would you go for me?""Jesus, Maddy.""I don't have a crush on you or anything. I sort of did when we first moved here, but I got over it.You're too old for me, and I'm not ready for a serious relationship, or sex.""Damn right you're not.""But when I am ready, I want to know if a guy would go for me. Theoretically."
Author: Nora Roberts
25. "To wielka tajemnica, ze kazde wyzwanie uruchamia w nas prawdziwie zywotne sily"
Author: Olga Tokarczuk
26. "Lord Henry Wotton could just catch the gleam of the honey-sweet and honey-coloured blossoms of a laburnum, whose tremulous branches seemed hardly able to bear the burden of a beauty so flamelike as theirs;"
Author: Oscar Wilde
27. "I am less to you than your ivory Hermes or your silver Faun. You will like them always. How long will you like me? Till I have my first wrinkle, I suppose. I know, now, that when one loses one's good looks, whatever they may be, one loses everything. Your picture has taught me that. Lord Henry Wotton is perfectly right. Youth is the only thing worth having. When I find that I am growing old, I shall kill myself."
Author: Oscar Wilde
28. "Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing." - Lord Henry Wotton."
Author: Oscar Wilde
29. "Cripes, ol' slow-boat Peter. D'yew always do wot yew're told— loike at school?' ‘You know the answer to that.' ‘So neither don't Oi.' ‘Do I.' Jenno sighed. We both laughed. ‘Do I,' she repeated. She grinned at me. ‘Oi c'n be independent too, if'n Oi want."
Author: Peter St. John
30. "Ilez to juz razy widzialem, co robi z ludzmi pragnienie zycia, a ciagle nie moge przestac sie dziwic. Zrezygnowanie z siebie, zlozenie siebie w ofierze, meczenstwo - to sie zdarza w zywotach swietych i bajkach dla dzieci. A w zyciu bardzo rzadko, zazwyczaj w szale walki, w ataku wscieklosci. Wtedy prosty zolnierz, który nie ma za soba ani starozytnego rodu, ani szlachectwa, kladzie sie piersia na kulomiot, torujac droge towarzyszom. Wtedy ludzie wbiegaja do plonacych budynków, skacza w odmety, z usmiechem ida na szafot. Wscieklosc! Wscieklosc i nienawisc - tylko one tworza prawdziwe meczenstwo."
Author: Sergei Lukyanenko
31. "Because in all of the whole human raceMrs. Lovett, there are two kinds of men and only twoThere's the one staying put in his proper placeAnd the one with his foot in the other one's face"
Author: Stephen Sondheim
32. "A Deep Sworn VowOthers because you did not keepThat deep-sworn vow have been friends of mine;Yet always when I look death in the face,When I clamber to the heights of sleep,Or when I grow excited with wine,Suddenly I meet your face."
Author: W.B. Yeats
33. "W polowie drogi mojego zywota posrod ciemnego znalazlem sie lasu. Las ten co gorsza byl zielony."
Author: Witold Gombrowicz

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