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1. "We are often told during times of bereavement that time heals all wounds. That's crap. In truth, you are devastated, you mourn, you cry to the point where you think you'll never stop - and then you reach a stage where the survival instinct takes over. You stop. You simply won't or can't let yourself "go there" anymore because the pain was too great. You block. You deny. But you don't really heal."
Author: Harlan Coben
2. "But there are some wounds that can never be healed."
Author: Helen Garner
3. "The wounds that never heal can only be mourned alone."
Author: James Frey
4. "I gulped; I had the overwhelming sensation that what we had done wasn't enough. I'm not sure what I had expected, maybe a fairy tale endingwhere a magic wand fixed everything, including all the darkness we had been through.But this was no fairy tale. Nothing could bring back the thirty boys that had died. Nothing could take away the grief that had torn their family'shearts into shreds. Experiences like this, I realized, are wounds that never quite healed; they stayed with you and no amount of justice would erasethe scar."
Author: Lani Woodland

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Quotes About Wounds That Never Heal
Quotes About Wounds That Never Heal

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