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1. "All writing problems are psychological problems. Blocks usually stem from the fear of being judged. If you imagine the world listening, you'll never write a line. That's why privacy is so important. You should write first drafts as if they will never be shown to anyone."
Author: Erica Jong
2. "I haven't had trouble with writer's block. I think it's because my process involves writing very badly. My first drafts are filled with lurching, cliched writing, outright flailing around. Writing that doesn't have a good voice or any voice. But then there will be good moments."
Author: Jennifer Egan
3. "I've always preferred writing in longhand. I've always written first drafts in longhand."
Author: John Irving

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Quotes About Writing First Drafts
Quotes About Writing First Drafts
Quotes About Writing First Drafts

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