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1. "I rememberThe way you used to hold me.I rememberThe thrill we used to share.We seem to beStrangers passing by now.Tell me, did you forget howWe once cared?"
Author: Alexandra Monir
2. "For some reasons, I have WWE wrestlers tweeting me all the time. Like, my biggest fans. Why they can connect with my love for Meryl Streep, I don't know."
Author: Billy Eichner
3. "When we were kidslaying around the lawnon ourbellieswe often talkedabouthowwe'd like todieandwe allagreed on thesamething;we'd alllike to diefucking(althoughnone of ushaddone anyfucking)and nowthatwe are hardlykidsany longerwe think moreabouthownot todieandalthoughwe'rereadymost ofuswouldprefer todo italoneunder thesheetsnowthatmost ofushave fuckedour livesaway."
Author: Charles Bukowski
4. "If you're in the WWE, it's like show business boot camp. You learn a little bit about everything as far as show business is involved."
Author: Chris Jericho
5. "I play a character in the WWE and everybody hates my character. I'm the evil villain bad guy. Whenever people meet me, they're like, 'Wow, you're such a nice guy. We never expected that.'"
Author: Chris Jericho
6. "It won't take long for me to tell you who i amwell yoou hear this voice right nowwell that's pretty much all i am"
Author: Colleen Hoover
7. "Shoes are stupid. Why do people wear them?" -BlissHe laughed, "So they don't step on a nail and get tetanus, that's why." -Cade"Wear. Where. Wear. W's are wwweeird."-Bliss"
Author: Cora Carmack
8. "The monsoon came, six monthsof infinite rain. The towns I once knewwere wiped clean,and everyone said it was Godrevising his poem."
Author: Eric Gamalinda
9. "Look heah, now, I've got the wuhks of all the old mastahs—the gweat ahchaeologists of the past. I wigh them against each othah—balance the disagweements—analyze the conflicting statements—decide which is pwobably cowwect—and come to a conclusion. That is the scientific method. At least"—patronizingly—"as I see it."
Author: Isaac Asimov
10. "Foto's zien is iets anders dan foto's kijken,' zeg ik. 'Iedereen kan foto's kijken maar een foto zien betekent dat je hem kunt lezen. Aan de ene kant heb je mensen en hun culturele voortbrengselen, aan de andere kant heb je de natuur. Bomen, meren, wolkenluchten spreken op foto's een algemene voor iedereen verstaanbare taal. Buiten de tijd om als het ware. Mensen, bouwwerken, wegen en koffiebussen daarentegen kunnen alleen gelezen worden in een bepaalde context, in de tijd, worden gelezen. U kunt dat fotoalbum op tafel voor het grootste deel niet lezen omdat u de noodzakelijke achtergrondinformatie mist. U was er niet bij. U kunt zich er met andere woorden niets bij voorstellen omdat u zich niet herinneren kunt wat eens echt te zien was. Het is uw verleden niet."
Author: J. Bernlef
11. "Most people aren't familiar enough with what actually goes on in professional wrestling to know just how badly women are treated in WWE narratives."
Author: Jackson Katz
12. "My home is at the WWE. I truly do love performing. The atmosphere here isn't like anything else. It's truly where I belong."
Author: John Cena
13. "One of these days lightning is going to fill the sky from therising of the sun to its setting, and there is going to appear in theclouds one like a son of man with his mighty angels in flamingfire. And we will see him clearly. And whether from terror orsheer excitement, we will tremble and we will wonder how, howwe ever lived so long with such a domesticated, harmless Christ."
Author: John Piper
14. "A beautiful and binding morningThe world outside begins to breatheSee clouds arriving without warningI need you here to shelter me.If I could make these moments endlessIf I could stop the winds of changeIf we just keep our eyes wide openThen everything would stay the sameAnd I know that only time will tell me howWe'll carry on without each otherSo keep me awake for every momentGive us more time to be this wayWe can't stay like this foreverBut I can have you next to me today"
Author: Josh Groban
15. "I was Halfway to Kale when something hit me. A chair. Someone had thrown a chair at me. What the hell was this, WWE?"
Author: Jus Accardo
16. "It was acting, and WWE is the longest-running weekly episodic program in television. Sure, there are story lines that are better than others."
Author: Linda McMahon
17. "While they're in WWE, we absolutely have a health and wellness policy. I'll probably always say 'we,' even though I've resigned as the CEO. It's kind of hard to break a 30-year habit."
Author: Linda McMahon
18. "But I can't help myself. And there he is, larger thanlife on the screen, looking every bit as tortured and handsomeas he did the last time he tried to contact me a fewweeks ago. (Harmony/Jondoe)"
Author: Megan McCafferty
19. "Please don't question the insane glaresJust give me today,And tomorrow,Tomorrowwe will matter."
Author: Nema Al Araby
20. "I think my dad was happy. I phrase it like this because he seldom showed much emotion. Hugs and kisses wwere a rarity for me growing up, and when they did happen, they often struck me as lifeless, something he did because he felt he was supposed to, not because he wanted to."
Author: Nicholas Sparks
21. "If hardwork is your wweapon then sucess is your slave."
Author: Sai Prathap
22. "I have not had one word from herFrankly I wish I were deadWhen she left, she wepta great deal; she said to me, "This parting must beendured, Sappho. I go unwillingly."I said, "Go, and be happybut remember (you knowwell) whom you leave shackled by love"If you forget me, thinkof our gifts to Aphroditeand all the loveliness that we shared"all the violet tiaras,braided rosebuds, dill andcrocus twined around your young neck"myrrh poured on your headand on soft mats girls withall that they most wished for beside them"while no voices chantedchoruses without ours,no woodlot bloomed in spring without song..."
Author: Sappho
23. "Ik stak één straat eerder door naar 4th Avenue, omdat ik niet langs de kerk wilde lopen; er zat soms een stenen waterspuwer op die me de stuipen op het lijf joeg. Het was niet die waterspuwer zelf die ik eng vond, maar het was dat "soms" waar ik de zenuwen van kreeg. Waterspuwers zijn beeldhouwwerkjes, ze horen deel uit te maken van een gebouw. Als er een zit, hoort die daar altijd te zitten en niet af en toe."
Author: Shanna Swendson

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