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1. "The future wafts in and out of my world like a ghost - like a lumbering beast, begging to be tamed. For so long it sat locked in mystery, surrounding me, fickle as the wind. I see it now for the noose it is, the game that never satisfies, the warrior that always kills.The past proved to be set in stone, the immovable rock of my existence that cast its shadow into the valley of death. But it is the future's bright light that draws me in, the blinding rays that pull me forward with bionic, magnetic, force. They row me towards my destiny with indescribable power, to a fate questionably determined - washed in the patina of hope."
Author: Addison Moore
2. "No", she wanted to say. " I don't want you to care for me, I want to be with my husband." But nothing came out. She turned beseeching her eyes to Darcy and she saw him as if from a great distance, through a distorting glass, but his words were firm and clear. "She has no taste for your company," he said."No?" said the gentleman. "But I have a taste for her."Hers, thought Elizabeth. He should have said hers."Let her go," said Darcy warningly."Why should I?" asked the gentleman."Because she is mine," said Darcy.The gentleman turned his full attention toward Darcy and Elizabeth followed his eyes.And then she saw something that made her heart thump against her rib cage and her mind collapse as she witnessed something so shocking and so terrifying that the ground came up to meet her as everything went black."
Author: Amanda Grange
3. "Don't try to change the world; just change yourself. Why? Because the whole world is only relative to the eyes that are looking at it. Your world actually only exists for as long as you exist and with the death of you, includes the death of your world. Therefore, if there is no peace in your heart; you will find no peace in this world, if there is no happiness in your life; you will find no happiness anywhere around you, if you have no love in your heart; you will not find love anywhere and if you do not fly around freely inside your own soul like a bird with perfectly formed wings; then there will never be any freedom for you regardless if you are on a mountaintop removed from all attachments to all of mankind! Even the mountaintop cannot give you freedom if it is not already flying around there inside your own soul! So I say, change yourself. Not the world."
Author: C. JoyBell C.
4. "A glittering disco ball spins from the ceiling, but the music is something I've never heard, discordant and haunting and insistent, the kind of music that demands you dance."
Author: Candace Bushnell
5. "She had the look in her eye when you kick and kick at the door and it doesn't open, when you write a boy letters and letters and he never loves you, not ‘til the day he dies. Not even then."
Author: Daniel Handler
6. "HIV infection and AIDS is growing - but so too is public apathy. We have already lost too many friends and colleagues."
Author: David Geffen
7. "Cloud Gaming means that the game doesn't need to be downloaded and run on your computer; it literally means the game runs out on the Internet, in the cloud, with the experience being streamed to the players."
Author: David Perry
8. "I've been in grocery stores, and if they're playing my music, I'll yell, 'Hey! I wrote that!' I've been next to cars and have done that!"
Author: Diane Warren
9. "I believe in Father Frost. But not too deeply. But anyway, you know, I'm not one of those people who are able to tell the kids that Father Frost does not exist."
Author: Dmitry Medvedev
10. "May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds."
Author: Edward Abbey
11. "My drawings have to be quick. If they don't happen in 20 minutes or a half hour, then they're no good."
Author: Ellsworth Kelly
12. "You won't do our things with another girl, or say the same things, will you?"
Author: Ernest Hemingway
13. "For some critics we might be uncool on account of our popularity."
Author: Gavin Rossdale
14. "Oh, my sweet summer child," Old Nan said quietly, "what do you know of fear?Fear is for the winter, my little lord, when the snows fall a hundred feetdeep and the ice wind comes howling out of the north. Fear is for the longnight, when the sun hides its face for years at a time, and little childrenare born and live and die all in darkness while the direwolves grow gaunt andhungry, and the white walkers move through the woods"
Author: George R.R. Martin
15. "If you look at my career, towards the end you will see I was fighting like once a year. I was not part of the Don King top heavyweights, so I was kind of kept out. His guys were getting three to four fights a year and I could only get one."
Author: Gerry Cooney
16. "My process is thinking, thinking and thinking - thinking about my stories for a long time."
Author: Hayao Miyazaki
17. "After the war, historian Marilyn Young warned: The U.S. can destroy Iraq's highways, but not build its own; create the conditions for epidemic in Iraq, but not offer health care to millions of Americans. It can excoriate Iraqi treatment of the Kurdish minority, but not deal with domestic race relations; create homelessness abroad but not solve it here; keep a half million troops drug free as part of a war, but refuse to fund the treatment of millions of drug addicts at home. . . . We shall lose the war after we have won it."
Author: Howard Zinn
18. "Scientists who play by someone else's rules don't have much chance of making discoveries."
Author: Jack Horner
19. "The blanket was there, but it was the boy's embrace that covered and warmed him."
Author: Jerry Spinelli
20. "When you release endorphins, you just feel good."
Author: Jesse Metcalfe
21. "It's not how many hours you put in with a client or on a project. It's the quantity and quality of your energy - your focus and force - that determine whether that time is valuable."
Author: Jim Loehr
22. "You can't play forever."
Author: Jim Thome
23. "The signifieds butt-heads with the signifiersand we all fall down slackjawed to marvel at wordswhile across the sky sheet impossible birdsin a steady illiterate movement homewards."
Author: Joanna Newsom
24. "As a leader, the first person I need to lead is me. The first person that I should try to change is me."
Author: John C. Maxwell
25. "...I guess you're right - I am a priest - I offer sacrifices - so take this line, I want you to have something of mine..."
Author: John Geddes
26. "A spy, like a writer, lives outside the mainstream population. He steals his experience through bribes and reconstructs it."
Author: John Le Carre
27. "Taylor: "Show me your craftiness. I'll give you one question."Jeremy: "I'm a big believer in first impressions," he finally said. "Tell me what your first thought was when Jason walked into the courtroom."Taylor: "I vowed to hate him forever."Jeremy: "That's exactly what I said nineteen years ago, five minutes after he first walked into our dorm room."....Jason : "Did I miss something?"Taylor: "You're a bit older than I thought, Jason Andrews."Jason glanced quickly at Jeremy, who held up his hands innocently.Jeremy: "I swear, she forced it out of me."
Author: Julie James
28. "I'm a procrastinator. That's a pretty bad habit."
Author: Justin Deeley
29. "If we give ourselves permission to say this death justifies that one, then we truly are lost."
Author: Karen Miller
30. "The great rule is not to talk about money with people who have much more or much less than you."
Author: Katharine Whitehorn
31. "You ask me what makes a woman comely?" He tapped one finger lightly against her temple and said, "Thoughts, missus. It's thoughts that make a woman so."
Author: Kathleen Kent
32. "Doing linear scans over an associative array is like trying to club someone to death with a loaded Uzi."
Author: Larry Wall
33. "I like the serendipitous surprises of reality."
Author: Lawrence Wright
34. "Oh God, Oh God we're all gonna die doesn't really fit the definition of banter, now does it?"
Author: Lilith Saintcrow
35. "Ayurveda teaches us to love "as is" - not as we think people "should be."
Author: Lissa Coffey
36. "I came very close to quitting my job for the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign. I seriously considered packing up my office and heading home to Colorado."
Author: Mary Cheney
37. "How very much horrible would it be, if achieving everything was so easy! We bear life because there is struggle!"
Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
38. "If love of money is the root of all evil, then having money is the root of all boredom. When you can have everything, you find there's nothing you really want. When you can do anything, you find there's nothing you really care to do. You become lazy. Life feels like a boulder you don't want to lift."
Author: Neal Shusterman
39. "Milestone! This is a momentous occasion," he tells her cheerily. "It should be witnessed by a friend." She throws him an icy gaze, and he does a verbal back pedal. "Aaaand since no friends are present, I'll have to do."
Author: Neal Shusterman
40. "I don't know if I believe in marriage. I believe in family, love and children."
Author: Penelope Cruz
41. "The need for civility in society has never been more important. The foundation of kindness and civility begins in our homes. It is not surprising that our public discourse has declined in equal measure with the breakdown of the family. The family is the foundation for love and for maintaining spirituality. The family promotes an atmosphere where religious observance can flourish. There is indeed beauty all around when there's love at home."
Author: Quentin L. Cook
42. "You can please none of the people most of the time.And some of the people none of the time.There's no pleasing anyone. (Tue, 18 Jun 2013)"
Author: Ray Daley
43. "Leo choked. "Your mom is a rainbow goddess?""Got a problem with that?" Butch said."No, no," Leo said. "Rainbows, very macho.""Butch is our best equestrian," Annabeth said. "He gets along great with the pegasi.""Rainbows, ponies," Leo muttered."I'm gonna toss you off this chariot," Butch warned."
Author: Rick Riordan
44. "One should indeed read Pope with his notes available, in the Twickenham edition possibly, to see what a vast amount he did understand about Homer."
Author: Robert Fitzgerald
45. "In Sanskrit, there exists no word for ‘The Individual' (L'Individu). En Grèce antique, il n'y avait aucun mot pour dire ‘Devoir' (Duty). In French, the word for ‘Wife' is the same as the word for ‘Woman.' En anglais, nous n'avons aucun mot semblable à l'exquise ‘Jouissance!"
Author: Roman Payne
46. "I reminded you I studied literature, didn't I? I've had an endless supply of quotations at my disposal, but they had always highlighted the inadequacy of my life rather than providing an uplifting literary score to it."
Author: Rosamund Lupton
47. "Do you know," he says, closing the cover of the journal only to lay his hand on top of it. Protecting it. Staring at it. "I couldn't sleep for days after I read that entry. I kept wanting to know which people were chasing you down the street, who it was you were running from. I wanted to find them," he says, so softly, "and I wanted to rip their limbs off, one by one. I wanted to murder them in ways that would horrify you to hear."
Author: Tahereh Mafi
48. "I see a sweet country. I could rest my weapon there."
Author: Thomas Cahill
49. "Stay here with me, Trishy. Don't go back to your old life. Make a new one, here. With me. I know it's a hell of a big thing I'm asking—but I'm asking. Stay.- Joe"
Author: Toni Blake
50. "I'd rather eat out of a can than be strangled by a faction."
Author: Veronica Roth

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