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1. "Seeing you with a face would be weird. Do you think you'd have hair?""Oh yes. Hair is a must.""Would you have a moustache?""Why would I have a moustache?""I'm not sure. What about your ears?""I'd have ears too, yes.""I can't imagine you with ears."
Author: Derek Landy
2. "I love you, Godric St. John, and now I'm breaking my word. I will not leave you. You may either come with me to Laurelwood or I'll stay here with you in your musty old house in London and drive you mad with all my talking and relatives and... and exotic sexual positions until you break down and love me back, for I'm warning you that I'm not giving up until you love me and we're a happy family with dozens of children."
Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
3. "Philologists assure us that zulm in Arabic originally meant "to put something out of its proper place," so that all wrong of any kind is injustice, i.e., an injustice against the agent himself) is, therefore, a very common term in the Qur'an, with its clear idea that all injustice is basically reflexive."
Author: Fazlur Rahman
4. "True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made."
Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt
5. "...I'm not in control and without a firm spot, like Archimedes I can't move the world - let alone your heart.."
Author: John Geddes
6. "I didn't have to look at him to know I'd just lost everything I'd ever wanted because I felt it. I felt the loss seep into bone and tissue. I felt it settle between the cracks in my heart and the empty holes in my soul."
Author: Julie Bale
7. "She was given a man's name."The stable master nearly jumped out of his tunic. He hadn't heard Alec Kincaid's approach. He turned around and came face to shoulders with the giant warrior. " 'Twas her mama's way of giving her a place in this family. Baron Jamison weren't the man who fathered Jamie. He claimed her for his own, though. I'll give him that much kindness. Did you get a good look at her, then?" he added in a rush.Alec nodded."You'll be taking her with you, won't you?" The Kincaid stared at the old man a long minute before answering."Aye, Beak. I'll be taking her with me." The choice had been made."
Author: Julie Garwood
8. "It's the way it works," she said in clipped tones. "For one rise, another must fall." "But why? Why can't we just rise, and everybody else can stay where they are? I wouldn't care!" "And you think I would?" Keisha demanded. She glared at me, the visibly pulled herself back. When she exhaled, her nostrils flared. "Say you've taken a math test. Or an English test, since you love books so much. And you get a hundred. You're psyched, right? 'Mom, I got a hundred! I got the highest grade in the class!'" She raised her eyebrows. "But say everybody else gets a hundred, too. Are you still as proud?" "Of course," I said stubbornly. "I'd still have my A." "Bullshit. You like your As because other people get Cs. Because that means you're smarted than they are. Better than they are." "I don't think I'm better than anyone." "Then you're and idiot."
Author: Lauren Myracle
9. "Love opens your heart, trumps fear, and paves the way for healing in all aspects of your life."
Author: Lissa Rankin
10. "Yeah, I am crazy. Ok. May be I am. But I prefer to be crazy than being a dummy."
Author: Ravindra Shukla
11. "Clearly, every company needs a leader. That's an important part of being the CEO of the company."
Author: Sanjay Kumar
12. "My own gut feeling is that everyone's psychic...and it's so ingrained a part of us that we very rarely notice it. The talent may be largely preventative, and that keeps it from being noticed, too."
Author: Stephen King
13. "I don't want to be your hero. I want to be your brother. You know, I want to be your family member. I want to be your equal."
Author: Tom Shadyac

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Quotes About Your Heart Being Ripped Out
Quotes About Your Heart Being Ripped Out
Quotes About Your Heart Being Ripped Out

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