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1. "It is a little-known fact about covert operations that you will spend a lot of time with people you can't really trust. They may be traitors and liars. We call them assets or informants. But mostly, in those days, I called him Zach."
Author: Ally Carter
2. "What was so important that I had to risk my friends' safety to sneak out here?" I demanded. "Huh? What was so -""I had to see you." He closed the space between us. His hands were warm from his pockets as they closed around my fingers. "I had to know that you were okay. I had to see you and touch you and... know."He brushed my hair away from my face, his fingers light against my skin. "In London..." He trailed off. "After D.C. ...""I'm fine," I said, easing away. "CAT scans and X-rays were normal. No lasting damage."Most people believe me when I lie. I've learned how to say the words just right.I have a trusting kind of face. But the boy in front of me was a trained operative, so Zach knew better. And besides, Zach knew me. "Really?" He touched my face again. "Cause I'm not."
Author: Ally Carter
3. "Excuse me, but aren't boys forbidden on this floor?' Macey said on our way to the suite.'That's the advantage of being the only boy,' he (Zach) said. 'No one actually comes right out and makes rules like that."
Author: Ally Carter
4. "Oh, and Cammie," At the sounds of his voice, I spun around, expecting to hear him crack a joke or call me Gallagher Girl. The last thing I expected was to feel his arms sliding arounds me, to sense the whole world turning upside down as Zach dipped me in the middle of the foyer and pressed his lips to mine. Then he smiled that smile I'd come to know. "I always finish what I start."
Author: Ally Carter
5. "When Zach said, "Im going to kill Dr. Steve." It wasn't the angered threat of a worried boy; it was the calm, cool statement of an operative trained to do exactly that. And that, I think, is why it scared me.But it wasn't as terrifying as the look in Bex's eyes when she said, "Not if I find him first."
Author: Ally Carter
6. "So you just...left?'Zach huffed. 'All the cool kids are doing it."
Author: Ally Carter
7. "So you're Zach." Townsend didn't even try to hide the judgement in his voice as he looked Zach up and down in some sort of silent but dangerous examination.Zach huffed but smiled. "so you're Townsend."The two of them stared for a long time, wordless. It felt like I was watching a documentary on the Nature Channel, something about alpha males in the wild."
Author: Ally Carter
8. "Sometime years before, I had dragged an old bean bag chair to that place. I watched Zach sink onto it, and then he pulled me down to lean against him. I felt his arms go around me, holding me tight.I was safe.I was warm.I was home."
Author: Ally Carter
9. "Right now, do you want to come up and... uhm... I´ve got movies! Or, uhm, a soda. Or... coffee. I´ve got coffee and biscotti! Or...." "Sex, Zach," Sean said soberly. "I think we can skip the preliminaries. We need to have sex."
Author: Amy Lane
10. "My dad was a fairy," said Zach. "And by that I don't mean he dressed well and enjoyed musical theatre."
Author: Ben Aaronovitch
11. "I chociaz o milosci mojej nic powiedziec nie moge - chociaz nic nie mówie o twych wlosach, ustach, oczach -jednak twarz twoja, której strzege w duszy,brzmienie twego glosu, które trwa w moim mózgu,dni wrzesnia, switajace w mych snach,nadaja ksztalt i barwe moim slowom, zdaniom,o czymkolwiek mówie, cokolwiek wypowiadam."
Author: C.P. Cavafy
12. "Because the purpose of feminism isn't to make a particular type of woman. The idea that there are inherently wrong and inherently right "types" of women is what's screwed feminism for so long?—?this belief that "we" wouldn't accept slaggy birds, dim birds, birds that bitch, birds that hire cleaners, birds that stay at home with their kids, birds that have pink Mini Metros with POWERED BY FAIRY DUST! bumper stickers, birds in burkas or birds that like to pretend, in their heads, that they're married to Zach Braff from Scrubs and that you sometimes have sex in an ambulance while the rest of the cast watch and, latterly, clap. You know what? Feminism will have all of you.What is feminism? Simply the belief that women should be as free as men, however nuts, dim, deluded, badly dressed, fat, receding, lazy and smug they might be.Are you a feminist? Hahaha. Of course you are."
Author: Caitlin Moran
13. "A parabatai. Like he was. And Jace knew, too, what that faded rune meant: a parabatai whose other half was dead. He felt his sympathy leap toward Brother Zachariah, as he imagined himself without Alec, with only that faded rune to remind him where once he had been bonded to someone who knew all the best and worst parts of his soul."
Author: Cassandra Clare
14. "Cade seemed a little too sure of his conclusion from too little evidence. "Cade. If you knew something I didn't, you'd tell me, right?" "I know a lot of things you don't, Zach. We don't have that kind of time."
Author: Christopher Farnsworth
15. "And when the man who commanded a nuclear arsenal and the greatest military in history was frightened, it meant that something other than human intervention was required. That, unfortunately, was part of Zach's job every day now. That was where Nathaniel Cade came in"
Author: Christopher Farnsworth
16. "Zach had been on the receiving end of a few of Lanning's ass-chewings back in the day. They were epic sagas of righteous fury and perfectly applied touches of profanity. It was like being verbally disemboweled."
Author: Christopher Farnsworth
17. "Bridget adds, "Did Anyone bring a weapon?" "Confiscated," Zach admits for both of us. Vesper holds up her metal fingernail file. "They didn't take this." We're dealing with the forces of evil," I point out. "Not the TSA."
Author: Cynthia Leitich Smith
18. "She'n'her bros at the school'ry'd made a new game, Zachry'n'Meronym on Mauna Kia, but Abbess say-soed 'em not to 'cos times are pretendin' can bend bein'. A whoah game it was, said Catkin, but I din't want to know its rules nor endin'.david"
Author: David Mitchell
19. "With a single refusal, Zachary plucked the apathy off of me like a petal from a flower."
Author: Edan Lepucki
20. "Sienna, meet Zacharel. He's a warrior angel for the One, True Deity. Zacharel, meet Sienna. She's mine."
Author: Gena Showalter
21. "La fe es medible. Se basa en lo que piensas y consideras sobre una verdad espiritual. (...) Hay leyes naturales, como la gravedad, y hay leyes espirituales, como ésta. Puedes tener lo que dices si crees que lo tienes antes de que tú en realidad veas que lo tienes. Eso es fe.-Zacharel"
Author: Gena Showalter
22. "But you will trust me again, Annabelle. You will want me again, and we will be together. I will behave. You'll see. - Zacharel"
Author: Gena Showalter
23. "To a man who has spent centuries seeing to only his own needs, you are indeed high maintenance, but I'm finding I do not mind maintaining you. -Zacharel"
Author: Gena Showalter
24. "Look, Winged Wonder. Get me out of here, then we'll hammer out the details about where I'm staying. Okay?""Winged Wonder," he said, nodding. "I find that I do not mind that one. It fits.""Captain Modesty fits better," she muttered."I disagree. Winged Wonder is clearly the better choice for a man such as me."-Annabelle and Zacharel"
Author: Gena Showalter
25. "Once, Lila Zacharov was in love with a boy with hair as black as spilled ink and eyes as dark as coffee. She would trace his name on her skin, over and over, write it in the condensation of her breath on panes of glass, scrawl it on the bottoms of her feet with the tip of her nail, like she was casting a spell."
Author: Holly Black
26. "Are you trying to weasel out of showing us any of this stuff?" said Zacharias Smith. "Here's an idea," said Ron loudly, "why don't you shut your mouth?" "Well, we've all turned up to learn from him, and now he's telling us he can't really do any of it," he said. "That's not what he said," said Fred Weasley. "Would you like us to clean out your ears for you?" inquired George, pulling a long and lethal-looking metal instrument from inside one of the Zonko's bags. "Or any part of your body, really, we're not fussy where we stick this," said Fred."
Author: J.K. Rowling
27. "I was thinking the first thing we should do is Expelliarmus, you know, the Disarming Charm. I know it's pretty basic but I've found it really useful -""Oh please," said Zacharias Smith, rolling his eyes and folding his arms. "I don't think Expelliarmus is exactly going to help us against You-Know-Who, do you?""I've used it against him," said Harry quietly. "It saved my life last June."Smith opened his mouth stupidly. The rest of the room was very quiet."But if you think it's beneath you, you can leave."
Author: J.K. Rowling
28. "Bruiser stared in the mirror hanging in his locker and ran a comb through his blond hair, wishing he had dark hair like Harris, or a mean look like Zach, or even a guy-next-door like Derek. Hell no, he looked like a f***ing movie star and he f***ing hated it. –-Backfield in Motion"
Author: Jami Davenport
29. "Milosc ma wpisane w siebie cierpienie. Nieuniknione, chociazby przy rozstaniach. Przyjazn – nie. Milosc moze istniec i trwac nieodwzajemniona. Przyjazn – nigdy. Milosc jest pelna pychy, egoizmu, zachlannosci i niewdziecznosci. Nie uznaje zaslug i nie rozdaje dyplomów. Przyjazn poza tym jest niezwykle rzadko koncem milosci."
Author: Janusz Leon Wisniewski
30. "You will never score a home run until you swing the bat"Zach JensenChild of Aquarius"
Author: Joseph Henry Gaines
31. "I've told you all the important moments between me and Zach. All the memories I go over again and again and again.I fear I will wear them out. Break them by thinking of them to long and too often."
Author: Justine Larbalestier
32. "Do whatever you must, Karigan," he told her, his voice so quiet it would not carry, "to come back. You must come back. To me." ~King Zachary"
Author: Kristen Britain
33. "W malej jadalni, tuz obok, ujrzalem ojca, który chodzil od jednej sciany do drugiej. Widac bylo, ze jeszcze nie wypracowal sobie odpowiedniej postawy, ze nie byl do konca gotów na te okolicznosc. Byc moze czekal, az wydarzenia same sie wyklaruja, i ze latwiej mu bedzie wtedy cos postanowic. Trwal tak, i stal jak nad przepascia, niezdecydowany. Ludzie przechodza od jednej sztuki do drugiej. W miedzyczasie sztuka nie jest jeszcze gotowa, a ludzie nie potrafia dobrze jeszcze odróznic jej zarysów, nie znaja ról, jakie maja w niej odegrac, wiec stoja tak, z opuszczonymi rekami, przed tym, co sie dzieje na ich oczach, z instynktem zlozonym jak parasol, poruszajac sie niezbornie, zredukowani do samych siebie, to znaczy, ze zredukowani do nicosci."
Author: Louis Ferdinand Céline
34. "„Jestli už jsi skoncila, mel bych na tebe otázku."„Ano?"Tiše se zachechtal. „Kde jsi k certu nechala kalhoty?"„Hned vedle tvého smyslu pro humor, Drew. Hned vedle."
Author: Lucie Adamová
35. "On 'Stranger Than Fiction,' the script was so good that I stuck to every line because it was just such brilliant writing from Zach Helm that I felt like I really just want to shoot the page."
Author: Marc Forster
36. "Kobieta musi miec w sobie to cos, mówil, swoja tajemnice, wtedy dopiero jest warta zachodu."
Author: Maria Nurowska
37. "Twoja niezwykla meska uroda zawsze dzialala na mnie w ten sam sposób. Byl to rodzaj podziwu. Gdybym mogla, patrzylabym na Ciebie, caly czas bym na Ciebie patrzyla. Ogladalabym Twoja twarz we fragmentach. Zachwyt nad Toba byl jednoczesnie zachwytem nad moim uczuciem do Ciebie. Istnialo dla mnie cos takiego jak fenomen zycia, fenomen muzyki i fenomen milosci, a wiec Ty tez stawales sie kims wyjatkowym, zadziwiajacym, bo przeciez byles moja miloscia..."
Author: Maria Nurowska
38. "His arms went around my waist. "I been meanin' to tell you, Zach-I want a raid. And that's not a sexual innuendo.""I'll see what I can do."His lips brushed min, and he smiled. "I lied.""You don't want a raise?""It was a sexual innuendo.""I think I love you." The words were out of m mouth before I knew I was going to say them. I wanted to take them back immidiately. If talking about moving in together sent him into a full blown panic attack, there was no telling what the L-word was going to do to him. He froze, just for a second, and I braced for the worst, but he just smiled and simply said, "I know."
Author: Marie Sexton
39. "You are the know place to which the unknown is always leading me back.""I possess nothing worthy to give you." "There's only me." ~ quotes from poetry that Angelo feels match him and Zach"
Author: Marie Sexton
40. "I zaczal klaskac, ale klaskal w zupelnym osamotnieniu, jego smiech wyrazal pewnosc siebie, ale w oczach nie mial te pewnosci za grosz, patrzyly one raczej blagalnie."
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
41. "Pannica, grasejujac, odspiewala slodko, aczkolwiek z chrypka w glosie, cos niezupelnie zrozumialego, ale sadzac po twarzach kobiet na widowni, musialo to byc cos nader necacego:-Guerlain, Mitsuko, Narcisse Noir, Chanel numer piec, suknie wieczorowe, suknie koktajlowe..."
Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
42. "SCARBOROUGH FAIR, or, THE LOVER'S PROMISE(Lucy:)Are you going to Scarborough Fair?Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thymeRemember me to one who lives thereAlways he'll be a true love of mineTell him I've made him a magical shirtParsley, sage, rosemary, and thymeWithout any seam or needlework Always he'll be a true love of mine(Zach:)Tell her she's found me an acre of landParsley, sage, rosemary, and thymeBetween the salt water and the sea strandThat makes her a true love of mineTell her she's plowed it with just a goat's hornParsley, sage, rosemary, and thymeShe's sowed it all over with one grain of cornYes, she is a true love of mineAnd her daughter forever a daughter of mine(Together:)Are you going to Scarborough Fair?Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thymeRemember us to all who live thereOurs will be true love for all time"
Author: Nancy Werlin
43. "Zach found himself remembering something he'd heard Soledad and Leo saying the previous night, about healing. That it was mysterious. That it took time. And that Lucy was just at the beginning. That a terrible thing had happened - two terrible things, really - but they were now over.And that Lucy would be okay, in the end."
Author: Nancy Werlin
44. "Wulfe leaned in. "Where did you send Ms. Benoit?""Disneyland.""Who knows my connection to the Zetas?" "The US Marshall Service, SWAT, my dentist, Oprah---""How did you know we were coming? Clearly, someone tipped you off.""That guy." Zach points with a jerk of his head toward of of Wulfe's minions. The man looked uncertainly at Wulfe, taking a step backward. "He text me just before you stepped in the elevator."
Author: Pamela Clare
45. "Toen hij de kluizenaar in de zachte aarde naast het beekje begroef, besefte hij dat alles mogelijk zou zijn voor hem op deze plek. Hij had voedsel en water; hij had een huis; hij had een nieuwe identiteit voor zichzelf gevonden, een nieuw en totaal onverwacht leven. Hij kon de ommekeer bijna niet vatten. Nog geen uur geleden had hij willen sterven. Nu beefde hij van geluk, niet in staat te stoppen met lachen toen hij de ene schop na de andere op het gezicht van de dode man wierp."
Author: Paul Auster
46. "Do you and Zach have trouble living together?''No. Must be a chick thing.' 'And you're sexist.''I'm sexy."
Author: Rachel Hawthorne
47. "It wasn't until someone kicked his legs that Nik woke up. Alek, snoring beside him, his head resting on his shoulder. Ban snoring on the other couch, the noise rivaled only by the dog. He looked into the impossibly cranky face of Zach Sheridan. "Y'all get food?" "We had a full refrigerator before you three got here." "Where I come from, we don't let the refrigerator get empty." "Where you come from, you marry your sister."
Author: Shelly Laurenston
48. "Czy ty w ogóle masz pojecie, jak trudno jest byc normalna? O ilu rzeczach trzeba pamietac? Jak klasc sie spac, do czego sluza klamki, jak zapominac..."
Author: Terry Pratchett
49. "With trembling hands, Zach opened the front cover and flipped to the dedication page. "To Zachary Easton, my editor. Fuck you."
Author: Tiffany Reisz
50. "I met Zach's wife today.""Ah, the once and future Mrs. Easton. What did you think of her?""I think he'll go back to her."Søren nodded. "That was inevitable."Nora swallowed. "And last night meant nothing.""I'm sure your night together meant a great deal to him. More than you may ever know. The same wind that blows us off course can turn and carry us home.""She is his home. I could see that in her eyes. She's perfect, Søren.""Perfect for him perhaps. To me, Eleanor, it is you who is flawless."Nora's heart beat heavy in her chest. Søren's love never ceased to humble her."I'm as flawed as it gets.""You are human. And that is the better part of your beauty. But you always knew your editor longed for his wife more than anything. This can't be a surprise to you. What else?"
Author: Tiffany Reisz

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