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1. "Hello, Gallagher Girl--Zack"
Author: Ally Carter
2. "Playing Chelsea on 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody' really helped with my over-the-top comedy."
Author: Brittany Curran
3. "Zackary Connor's office building was made of glass, endless windows giving the impression of being outside. It was exactly how I liked nature--air conditioned and bug free."
Author: Caroline Hanson
4. "ThinkWhen did it go wrong?The break-in?No, before that.The party?That was part of it, but that wasn't when it started.Zack?Of course, yeah, it would be easy to say it was Zack. But that's not it, is it?Before Zack.Before Ryan. Before Max and Derrick or that whole thing with the wallet.Before Ashley.Before tenth grade even began.And you're thinking, this can't be it."
Author: Charles Benoit
5. "Ellen walks past the lobby in her high heels, stops in her tracks, and turns back around to face Zack.She points at Marvin. "Is that a goat?"Zack nods once. "Yes, ma'am.""In my lobby?""Yes, ma'am. But he's a friendly goat."Ellen plasters on a polite smile. "I don't care if he's a tap-dancing goat. I want him out of here."
Author: Chelsea Fine
6. "Zack looks at Jenna and slowly pulls off his sunglasses. "Why, hello, beautiful," he says. "I'm Zack." He shows off his dimples. "And you are...?""Not going to sleep with you," Jenna quips, grinning right back at him.His smile widens. "Well played."
Author: Chelsea Fine
7. "Zack was so hard it hurt."
Author: Christopher Farnsworth
8. "He holds his hands up to keep the Reapers from advancing. I forgot Zack's flair for the melodramatic. ~Exposing ELE"
Author: Courtney Nuckels
9. "The water never stops, never gives up, and denies no faults in the path it takes," he explained, my eyes still focused down the ravine, "It moves silently, only a mere trickle to entertain itself as it causes a massive gash in the world. This, Zack, is true power."
Author: Daniel Z Hastings
10. "You can't hurt him. He's an endangered species!" "Vampires are not endangered." Van's tone made it clear that it was his life's work to rectify this regrettable situation. "No, not that," Zack said dismissively. "He's a Victorian!" "Brainwashed," Van muttered. "Crazy," Sarah proclaimed. "Steampunk," I corrected with a sigh."
Author: Helen Keeble
11. "Dad got me a ... guinea pig?""For breakfast," Zack said. "That's why I named her Toast. You aren't going to eat her, are you?""No!""Woot!" Zack hugged the cage to his chest, carrying it off in the direction of his bedroom. "I hope you don't want to eat Marmalade or Sugar Puff either!""Marma-- oh, never mid."
Author: Helen Keeble
12. "Maybe they were born of karma, their own or their parents', Zack thought; maybe the universe had a purpose for them, and they were what they were because the world needed them to be that way."
Author: Jackie Trippier Holt
13. "He paused, gazing down at her in amusement, "Do you know when I first fell in love with you?" "No, when?" she asked, intrigued. "When you got out of your SUV looking hotter than a firecracker and madder than hell, and you said, 'Don't they stop at red lights where you're from, Forest Gump"'"--Zack to Cori after their first "I love you's"
Author: Jo Davis
14. "Do I have to ask what you're smiling about?" From the driver;s seat if the Mustang, Zack cut a glance at her, grinning like a fool. "Same thing you are, Mighty Phallus."--Zack to Cori after a morning of good lovin'."
Author: Jo Davis
15. "Tommy to Zack- "Aw, come on. Just a little slow torture, then? Can't I make him scream like a girl, just once?""I can make the worm disappear for you," Joaquin offered with a dangerous smile. "Permanently."Zack rolled his eyes. "Ignore Al Capone. Murdering the competition is never a good plan."
Author: Jo Davis
16. "Toys "R" Us. Zack put on a wool cap and sunglasses. "You look like a bank robber," I observed."No toy is safe."
Author: Joan Bauer
17. "If she's really psychic," Zack said when he saw Tanisha's photo at school, "why does she need a doorbell?"
Author: Joan Bauer
18. "Fairytales are bullshit," I snapped, using the same line as he'd used on me, but I meant it. After an imperfect summer with Zack, with highs and lows and everything in between, I no longer wanted the fairytale. It wasn't real."
Author: Monica Alexander
19. "If you want me to get closer, there are other ways to do it," I said, leaving my statement open-ended. I gave him a pointed look, dropped my hand and turned away, leaving him staring after me. I started to walk toward the ice cream parlor, smiling to myself.Zack caught up with me, his arms catching me around the waist as he pulled me back against his chest. His lips met the hollow of my neck, just above my collarbone. "I'd be careful about saying things like, princess," he said, his voice rough and urgent. "I don't think you know what you're insinuating."
Author: Monica Alexander
20. "I like you too, Zack," I said, leaning my head against his shoulder, so I could look up at him. "You've sort of had me . . . enamored, I guess is the right word . . . since we met."He laughed. "You were enamored with me?"I nodded. "Yeah, I was. It's sad, but I was completely enamored with you. I blame your eyes, and your stupid guitar playing. I'm a sucker for a guy with a guitar.""Don't forget my kissable lips," he said, as he kissed my neck, trailing his lips down to my collarbone. I sighed, a long, deep, satisfied sigh."
Author: Monica Alexander
21. "If you knew this, why did you wait to bring it before the Omegrion? (Savitar)Because I was afraid to come forward...(Zack)And now you're all better? (Savitar)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
22. "The world is simple in a complex way." -Zack Merrick"
Author: Zack Merrick

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