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1. "When Hitler marched across the RhineTo take the land of France,La dame de fer decided,‘Let's make the tyrant dance.'Let him take the land and city,The hills and every flower,One thing he will never have,The elegant Eiffel Tower.The French cut the cables,The elevators stood still,‘If he wants to reach the top,Let him walk it, if he will.'The invaders hung a swastikaThe largest ever seen.But a fresh breeze blewAnd away it flew,Never more to be seen.They hung up a second mark,Smaller than the first,But a patriot climbedWith a thought in mind:‘Never your duty shirk.'Up the iron ladyHe stealthily made his way,Hanging the bright tricolour,He heroically saved the day.Then, for some strange reason,A mystery to this day,Hitler never climbed the tower,On the ground he had to stay.At last he ordered she be razedDown to a twisted pile.A futile attack, for still she standsBeaming her metallic smile."
Author: E.A. Bucchianeri
2. "Mi értelme Shakespeare-nek? Tudom, hogy zseni meg minden, de állandóan csak károg. - De csitt, mi fény nyilall az ablakon? A rohadt Hold, az isten szerelmére. Szedd össze magad, Vili!"
Author: Louise Rennison
3. "Richard started to walk away. Zedd called his name. He stopped and turned.Just be glad she cares for you as much as she does. If she didn't, she might have touched you."Richard stared back at him a long moment. "I'm afraid, in a way, she already has."
Author: Terry Goodkind
4. "Zedd used to tell me that if the road is easy, you're likely going the wrong way." - Richard"
Author: Terry Goodkind
5. "Boundary wardens, Zedd thought, were tougher than they had a right to be."
Author: Terry Goodkind

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Find somebody else to entertain you," I said."There is no one else."I turned a page in my notebook and started writing again. "There's always someone else.You've been Feeding off Forfeits for hundreds of years. Get a new one.""You don't give my job enough credit. It's really hard to convince a girl to follow me. The average pickup lines don't work so well. 'Hey,wanna get coffee? And then spend an eternity getting the life force sucked out of you?' They don't go for it."
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