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1. "Too many multi-vitamins are packaged as one size fits all, but you should be more specific about what you need. When I was competing as a dancer, I took zinc for healthy skin and immune system."
Author: Anton Du Beke
2. "Before you let your doctor give you testosterone shots or pills, try to boost it naturally by dramatically decreasing or even eliminating sugar, wheat, and processed foods from your diet. A sugar burst has been found to lower testosterone levels by up to 25 percent. If you and your sweetheart share the cheesecake at the restaurant, no one is likely to get "dessert" when you get home! Another way to naturally boost your testosterone level is to start a weight-training program. Building muscle helps your body increase its testosterone levels. The supplements DHEA and zinc can also help. Zinc is necessary to maintain"
Author: Daniel G. Amen
3. "Get your testosterone level checked and start with natural ways to normalize it when it is low. What Steals Your Testosterone Levels     • Abdominal fat     • Stress     • Excess sugar, processed foods, and insulin     • Zinc deficiency     • Alcohol"
Author: Daniel G. Amen
4. "Politicians wanted to mine the Grand Canyon for zinc and copper, and Theodore Roosevelt said, 'No.'"
Author: Douglas Brinkley
5. "I think that zinc white has a property of scaling and cracking."
Author: Edward Hopper
6. "Yoksa ben sigaraya kendi yeteneksizligimin ayibini yükleyebilmek için mi öylesine tutkundum? acaba sigara aliskanligimdan vazgeçsem o umdugum güçlü, üstün adam olur muydum? belki beni tiryakiligime zincirleyen de o kusku olmustur, çünkü insanin kendisini gizli kalmis bir büyük adam sanmasi rahat bir yasam biçimidir."
Author: Italo Svevo
7. "There was no water at my grandfather'swhen I was a kid and would go for itwith two zinc buckets. Down the path,past the cow by the foundation wherethe fine people's house was beforethey arranged to have it burned down.To the neighbor's cool well. Wouldcome back with pails too heavy,so my mouth pulled out of shape.I see myself, but from the outside.I keep trying to feel who I was,and cannot. Hear clearly the soundthe bucket made hitting the sidesof the stone well going down,but never the sound of me."
Author: Jack Gilbert
8. "She felt woozy, as if she'd been running around on a full stomach in the August heat. A big man in a white undershirt stood behind the cash register. His shoulders were hairy and crimson with sunburn, and there was a line of zinc painted on his nose. A white plastic tag on his shirt said PETE."
Author: Joe Hill
9. "Konu bu degil ki. Her zaman bir isim vardir. Lincoln. Hitler. Gandhi. Isim, dehsete sebep olabilir, hayrete...Bazen de harika seylere, isim yapmaya çalisan milyonlarca insan var. Hayal dahi edemeyecegi seylerle karsilasan insanlar. En kritik anda, kendi isimlerimiz bile insanlarin bizi ayirmak için kullandigi seslere dönüsür. Savasabildim mi? Faydam oldu mu? Kiz kardeslerime destek oldum mu? Yoldaslarima, çocuklarima, sümüklü böcek kabilesine...Her birimizin içinde zincirin bir halkasi var. Adamin dedigi gibi, ya varligini hissedersin, ya da bilmezden gelirsin. Hissetmeye çalistim. Bir kadin gibi karanlikla yüzlesmeye çalistim. Bundan fazlasina ihtiyacim yok. Beni hatirlamak zorunda degilsiniz. Kim oldugumu bile bilmiyorsunuz. Ben biliyorum."
Author: Joss Whedon
10. "I take a multivitamin, vitamin D, and omega-3 oils every day, and if I'm stressed or run- down, I bulk up on vitamin C and zinc."
Author: L'Wren Scott
11. "Nothing that had ever happened to him, not the shooting of Oyster, or the piteous muttering expiration of John Wesley Shannenhouse, or the death of his father, or internment of his mother and grandfather, not even the drowning of his beloved brother, had ever broken his heart quite as terribly as the realization, when he was halfway to the rimed zinc hatch of the German station, that he was hauling a corpse behind him"
Author: Michael Chabon
12. "Söylemek istedigim su ki, medeniyet ihraci fikrine alisamiyorum ben. Çok degil, daha on sekizinci yüzyilla rayina giren endüstriyel dönemin baslangicina kadar, sehirlerinin sokaklarindan açik lagimlar akan ve tuvalet aliskanligi bulunmayan bu insanlardan simdi medeniyet dilemek zorunda kalmak bana zür geliyor."
Author: Okay Tiryakioğlu
13. "Sami sebe sme všetci cudzincami, a ak vôbec máme ponatie o tom, kto sme, je to iba preto, že žijeme v ociach druhých."
Author: Paul Auster
14. "...that thing that's taken refuge there in that zinc bucket, without a wife, a career, a conapt, or money or the possibility of encountering any of these, still persists. For reasons unknown to me its stake in existence is greater than mine."
Author: Philip K. Dick
15. "It's a business. If I could make more money down in the zinc mines I'd be mining zinc."
Author: Roger Maris
16. "Her books on alchemy were marvellous objects, every page a work of the engraver's art, but they nowhere contained instructions like "Be sure to open a window". They did have instructions like "Adde Aqua Quirmis to the Zinc untile Rising Gas Yse Vigorousky Evolved", but never added "Don't Doe Thys Atte Home" or even "And Say Fare-Thee-Welle to Thy Eyebrows."
Author: Terry Pratchett
17. "She had dispersed. She was the garden at Prem Nivas (soon to be entered into the annual Flower Show), she was Veena's love of music, Pran's asthma, Maan's generosity, the survival of some refugees four years ago, the neem leaves that would preserve quilts stored in the great zinc trunks of Prem Nivas, the moulting feather of some pond-heron, a small unrung brass bell, the memory of decency in an indecent time, the temperament of Bhaskar's great-grandchildren. Indeed, for all the Minsisster of Revenue's impatience with her, she was his regret.And it was right that she should continue to be so, for he should have treated her better while she lived, the poor, ignorant, grieving fool."
Author: Vikram Seth
18. "Degil mi ki lanetlenmis bir soyuz ve batan bir gemiye zincirlenmisiz, demek bütün olanlar kötü bir sakadir; öyleyse biz de hiç degilse kendi payimiza düseni yapalim, öbür tutsaklarin acisini hafifletelim, hücremizi çiçeklerle, minderlerle döseyelim, elimizden geldigince dürüst olalim. Bu alçak Tanrilar hep kendi bildiklerini okuyamayacaklardir - ah o firsatini buldukça incitmekten, kirmaktan, bozmaktan kaçinmayan Tanrilar ancak bir leydi gibi davrandiginiz zaman bozguna ugruyorlardi."
Author: Virginia Woolf
19. "The woman who undergoes this operation can sense the morphogenetic field at work in her face. She can feel the lines of force as they guide the embryonic cells into the patterns they must form. Why should a woman let her life be determined by tired collagens or by a shortage of zinc which weakens her electromagnetic field, the matrix of life? The goal of life is living. Life is a field of opportunity, guiding the individual forward along paths created by the meshed forces or objective possibilities as they interweave with a person's own potentialities. And this philosophy of life is now bodied forth in the faces of beautiful women. ("Motherhood"
Author: William S. Wilson
20. "Ne tas kuleler, ne tunç duvarlar,Ne havasiz zindanlar, ne zincirlerBaglayabilir insan kafasindaki gücü."
Author: William Shakespeare

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