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Author: Y.S. Lee Quotes

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Elizabeth Kolbert Quotes

"Such is the economy of nature," Thomas Jefferson wrote, "that no instance can be produced, of her having permitted any one race of her animals to become extinct; of her having formed any link in her great work so weak as to be broken." When, as President, he dispatched Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to the Northwest, Jefferson hoped that they would come upon live mastodons roaming the region."

Elliott Abrams Quotes

"I grew up in Queens, in New York City, in a middle class Jewish family. My mother was a public school teacher, my father was a lawyer. They were Democrats - kind of middle-of-the-road democrats."

David Lodge Quotes

"Perhaps thats what were all looking for - desire undiluted by habit."

Stephen Beresford Quotes

"I feel wonderful and sad. Its the gin."

Joo Lian Carter Quotes

"When you are setting yourself up for success, above all put on love, because love never fails and with one-size-fits-all solution to every situation you will ever encounter."

Elias Zapple Quotes

"Allegedly, allegedly I say, the R.G.A. were extremely miffed of portrait painted of their monarch, King Tingaling XX, by Master. Portrait apparently, as its yet tbe unveiled, depicts King Tingaling XX in rather compromisin position with a pineapple, a wad of cash and his favourite pig, Buttercup."

James Monroe Quotes

"To impose taxes when the public exigencies require them is an obligation of the most sacred character, especially with a free people."

Charles Messier Quotes

"What caused me to undertake the catalog was the nebula I discovered above the southern horn of Taurus on September 12, 1758, while observing the comet of that year. ... This nebula had such a resemblance to a comet in its form and brightness that I endeavored to find others, so that astronomers would not confuse these same nebulae with comets just beginning to shine. I observed further with suitable refractors for the discovery of comets, and this is the purpose I had in mind in compiling the catalog.After me, the celebrated Herschel published a catalog of 2000 which he has observed. This unveiling the sky, made with instruments of great aperture, does not help in the perusal of the sky for faint comets. Thus my object is different from his, and I need only nebulae visible in a telescope of two feet [focal length]."

Amitav Ghosh Quotes

"It was a single poppy seed...she rolled it between her fingers and raised her eyes past the straining sails, to the star-filled vault above. On any other night she would have scanned the sky for the planet she had always thought to be the arbiter of her fate - but tonight her eyes dropped instead to the tiny sphere she was holding between her thumb and forefinger. She looked at the seed as if she had never seen one before, and suddenly she knew that it was not the planet above that governed her life: it was this minuscule orb - at once bountiful and all-devouring, merciful and destructive, sustaining and vengeful. This was her Shani, her Saturn."

Al Alvarez Quotes

"I mean being a writer is like being a psychoanalyst, but you dont get any patients."

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Quotes About Speaking Life

"Again, speaking for the sisterhood, if you gave all that devotion and loyalty to a woman and she was a good woman, I swear, honey, you will live every day for the rest of your life until your dying breath never regretting it." - Author: Kristen Ashley

Quotes About Effie

"We love you Effie!" - Author: Suzanne Collins

Quotes About Ethnic Identity

"Southerners are also like ethnic groups in that they have a sense of group identity." - Author: John Shelton Reed

Quotes About Thinking Only Of Yourself

"If you ask a living teacher a question, he will probably answer you. If you are puzzled by what he says, you can save yourself the trouble of thinking by asking him what he means. If, however, you ask a book a question, you must answer it yourself. In this respect a book is like nature or the world. When you question it, it answers you only to the extent that you do the work of thinking an analysis yourself." - Author: Mortimer J. Adler

Quotes About Changeless

"Ironically, youll find that as you care less about what others think of you, you will care more about what others think of themselves and their worlds, including their relationship with you. Youll no longer build your emotional life on other peoples weaknesses. In addition, youll find it easier and more desirable to change because there is something—some core deep within—that is essentially changeless." - Author: Stephen R. Covey

Quotes About Money And Richness

"I pretty much ignored politics all through my 20s and 30s... I had other things on my mind... the band, finding a meaningful relationship, getting enough money to eat and pay the rent." - Author: Mark Edwards

Quotes About Successful Companies

"the breakthrough researcher first discovers the fundamental causal mechanism behind the phenomena of success. This allows those who are looking for "an answer" to get beyond the wings-and-feathers mind-set of copying the attributes of successful companies." - Author: Clayton M. Christensen

Quotes About Giving Up On Friends

"Sea and fisherman are not good friends because fisherman takes the good treasures of the sea without giving something good in return!" - Author: Mehmet Murat ildan

Quotes About Someone Lying

"Males--theyve all trained against each other. They expect attacks to certain zones on their bodies and from someone whos used to relying on upper-body strength. And they always, always underestimate women." - Author: Susan Ee

Quotes About Ahab

"Dalam pesona persahabatan, orang yang biasanya tidak menonjolkan diri bisa menjadi berani, yang pemalu menjadi percaya diri, yang pemalas menjadi giat, yang tidak sabar dan banyak gerak menjadi hati-hati dan tenang." - Author: William Makepeace Thackeray