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Author: Y.S. Lee Quotes

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George V Higgins Quotes

"If you do not seek to publish what you have written, then you are not a writer and you never will be."

TaraShea Nesbit Quotes

"We were a group of people connecting both honestly and dishonestly, appearing composed at dusk and bedraggled at day break, committed, whether we wanted it or not, to share conditions of need, agitation, and sometimes joy, which is to say: we were a community."

Pietro Aretino Quotes

"I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies."

HB Bolton Quotes

"I hate when I look in my closet and find clothes instead of Narnia."

Freddie Mercury Quotes

"Get on your bikes and ride!"

Berglind Icey Quotes

"I like exotic guys who have a lot of sexual energy. I drive army tanks and I snowboard, so he has to keep up."

Reid A Ashbaucher Quotes

"To understand an issue or someones argument about anything,one needs to understand the very nature of the issue, which is thefoundational question concerning anything."

Lindsey Shaw Quotes

"The thing about sports movies is, they cant help but feel epic - putting music to images, etc."

Nancy Willard Quotes

"Answers are closed rooms; and questions are open doors that invite us in."

Felicity Kendal Quotes

"Im sure people in the business have said: Shes too old for that part. I dont hear about it because your agent protects you from those negative things."

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Quotes About Call Center Life

"Remaining" is an essential part… What the Church Fathers call perseverantia–patient steadfastness in communion with the Lord amid all the vicissitudes of life–is placed center stage here. Initial enthusiasm is easy. Afterward, though, it is time to stand firm, even along the monotonous desert paths that we are called upon to traverse in this life–with the patience it takes to tread evenly, a patience in which the romanticism of the initial awakening subsides, so that only the deep, pure Yes of faith remains. This is the way to produce good wine." - Author: Pope Benedict XVI

Quotes About Wordsworth Romanticism

"In moments of peace such as I experienced that day with Edal there exists some unritual reunion with the rest of creation without which the lives of many are trivial. Extinct applies as much to an essential mental attitude as to the vanished creatures of the earth such as the Dodo. We can no longer await some scientific revelation to avoid the destruction of our species in this context; the evidence is all there, the writing on the wall. The way back cannot be the same for all of us, but for those like myself it means a descent of the rungs until we stand again amid the other creatures of the earth and share to some small extent their vision of it, even though this may be labelled Wordsworthian romanticism." - Author: Gavin Maxwell

Quotes About Lyrics In A Song

"I was so burned and emaciated and ill that I staggered through the streets like a drunk. Some of the locals turned their backs on this terrible procession but others jeered and spat at us. I was past caring. There must have been at least a hundred of us, and then came an incredible and inspiring episode. As we stumbled along in the pouring rain someone started singing. It was ‘Singin in the Rain, and slowly we all took up the song and joined in, singing a very rude version of the hit – complete with altered lyrics crudely deriding our Japanese captors. Even in this terrible condition and after all we had been through, my comrades, ravaged by exposure, naked and in slavery, were defiant, their spirits unbroken." - Author: Alistair Urquhart

Quotes About Annoy

"When thought is in bondage the truth is hidden, for everything is murky and unclear, and the burdensome practice of judging brings annoyance and weariness. What benefit can be derived from distinctions and separations?" - Author: Sengcan

Quotes About Fairy Tales

"Sick people should look sick, like in fairy tales or on television. They shouldn t be wearing sexy dresses and shaving their legs. How was I supposed to know she was about to disappear?" - Author: Victor Lodato

Quotes About Hamsa

"The Stone of Guilt in the River of the Mind, the block in the flow of intelligence.~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda" - Author: Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Quotes About Asmodeus

"I think theyre having trouble adjusting to the emotions they have outside of their dreams. At any rate, they keep acting like demented teenagers from a porno version of a John Hughes film. (Asmodeus)" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Quotes About Confidently

"...I can confidently pass up opportunities that dont make sense because therell be better ones on the horizon, even if I have to wait." - Author: Julie Klausner

Quotes About Eating With Friends And Family

"We love to be with our family and friends and I can tell you that lots of eating will be involved." - Author: Julia Barr

Quotes About Delusional Thinking

"With mania, is it dangerous to ride that euphoric feeling. You feel very animated and creative; I would fill journals with drawings. It feels good and you want it to last, but it can lead to being delusional. The delusions can be as real as you thinking you can fly." - Author: David LaChapelle