[A Battle Lost Or Won Is Easily Described, Understood, And Appreciated, But The Moral Growth Of A Great Nation Requires Reflection, As Well As Observation, To Appreciate It.]

Author: Frederick Douglass Quotes

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John Goodman Quotes

"But Im not as bad as Al Pacino - he doesnt even know what month it is half the time when hes working."

Ronald Knox Quotes

"A good sermon should be like a womans skirt: short enough to arouse interest but long enough to cover the essentials."

Edward Klein Quotes

"Obama and his associates are fantastic campaigners but have little ability or skill to govern."

Mae Jemison Quotes

"Some of the most fun people I know are scientists."

David Henry Hwang Quotes

"Sometimes I hate you, sometimes I hate myself, but always I miss you"

Carolyn Baker Quotes

"None of us really has any idea how many lives we touch or what impact we have on those lives. In most cases, we will never get to see whatdifference we made, but living out loud isnt about noticing the results. It is about doing what we came here to do, for no reason other than that it is our life purpose."

Sam Sheppard Quotes

"Our family, from day one, has only sought the simple truth in this matter."

A Thaselia Quotes

"word is like a sword; you should be wise when to use it or itll kill and ruin everything you did in your past, youre doing at this time, and youre gonna do in the future"

Hall Caine Quotes

"That cry of the soul to be lifted out of the bondage of the narrow circle of life, which carries up to God the protest and yearning of suffering man, never finds a more sublime expression than where humanity is oppressed and religion is corrupt."

Katie Robinson Quotes

"Fear holds us back from living the lives we want. Use your 20s to make bold decisions, follow different paths, learn from heartbreak, and figure out who you are. When youre 30, do you want to look back at the same boring job, the stale relationship that isnt working, and no stamps in your passport? If you want something different, if you want a life that is filled with experiences, if you want to learn and grow, if you want to make a difference…conquer the fears, believe in yourself, and just do it. You may be questioning something right now. You may be battling thoughts in your mind about taking a leap. Ask yourself what you have to lose if you leap. Ask yourself what kind of stories you want to have. Ask yourself if youre worth it, if you deserve it."

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"When a thing is not worth overdoing, leave it alone!" - Author: Henry S. Haskins

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"Theres a fierce practicality and empiricism which the whole imaginative, lyrical aspect of poetry comes from." - Author: David Whyte

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"This divergence of experience was not a stumbling block to conversation; indeed, it was what made the conversation interesting." - Author: Michael David Lukas

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"Over the years it has been my privilege to lead performances with Saint Louis, the National Symphony, Cleveland Orchestra and so many other wonderful organizations." - Author: Leonard Slatkin

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"She was home, among the mayors books of every color and description, with their silver and gold lettering. She could smell the pages. She could almost taste the words as they stacked up around her." - Author: Markus Zusak

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"Heath will be down here in just a minute," she said as Damon settled into a chair across from hers."As soon as hes finished washing up and dressing.."her voice trailed off into silence as she noticed that his dark eyes had flickered to the bodice of her dress.Looking down at herself, Lucy realized that one of Heaths wet handprints was still clearly visible, right underneath her breast.She could feel her cheeks turning crimson. "He required a little assistance with his bath,"she said lamely."Of course,"Damon replied, unfailingly polite, though she saw a dark twinkle in his eyes." - Author: Lisa Kleypas

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"Bolivias majority Indian population was always excluded, politically oppressed and culturally alienated. Our national wealth, our raw materials, was plundered. Indios were once treated like animals here. In the 1930s and 40s, they were sprayed with DDT to kill the vermin on their skin and in their hair whenever they came into the city." - Author: Evo Morales

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"When I pointed to him his palms slipped slightly, leaving greasy sweat streaks on the wall, and he hooked his thumbs in his belt. A strange spasm shook him, as if he heard fingernails scrape slate, but as I gazed at him in wonder the tension slowly drained from his face. His lips parted into a timid smile, and our neighbors image blurred with my sudden tears."Hey, Boo," I said."Mr. Arthur, honey," said Atticus, gently correcting me. "Jean Louise, this is Mr. Arthur Radley. I believe he already knows you." - Author: Harper Lee

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"And the pathetic part of it is that frequently those who have the least justification for a feeling of achievement bolster up their egos by a show of tumult and conceit which is truly nauseating. As Shakespeare put it: " … man, proud man, / Drest in a little brief authority, / … Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven / As make the angels weep." - Author: Dale Carnegie