[A Battle Lost Or Won Is Easily Described, Understood, And Appreciated, But The Moral Growth Of A Great Nation Requires Reflection, As Well As Observation, To Appreciate It.]

Author: Frederick Douglass Quotes

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"Im not going to miss wearing the braces very much."

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"Food, like your money, should be working for you!"

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"Her eyes lit up with wicked glee. "You know whats easier than trying to sneak in?"I shook my head, her Cheshire grin worrying me."Getting caught on purpose."

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"Believe it or not, my best meal is to go to the store and buy a DiGiorno pizza, come home, add some fresh Parmesan cheese, and just hang with my family!"

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"There is no necessity to live by the clock."

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"Our natural state is trustin ourselvesin othersuntil we learn differentlythen we hurt as we try to unlearn ituntil it dawns on our hearts that if we live and act with pure intentwe do not need trust."

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"There is no question that knowing someone in the business will get you in the door. But it is your skill that will keep you in the room."

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"A stitch in time saves uncontrollable blood loss"

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"The Angel said, Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong, and the one who is filthy still be filthy; and let the one who is righteous, still practice righteousness."

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"Are you imperfect, romantically irrational, ridiculously fearless, and utterly illogical? Youre my ideal reader, friend, partner. Im your fan."

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"But its like riding a bike. A hell-bike, made out of hell." - Author: Colson Whitehead

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"Why should I have to hide the fact that I dont believe theres a supreme being? Theres no proof of it. Theres no harm in saying youre an atheist. It doesnt mean you treat people any differently. I live by the Golden Rule to do unto others, as youd want to be treated.I just simply dont believe in religion, and I dont believe necessarily that theres a supreme being that watches over all of us. I follow the teachings of George Carlin. George said he worshipped the sun. He was a fellow atheist. Im in good company … Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Charles Darwin. Its not like Im not with good company and intelligent people. There have been some good, intelligent atheists who have lived in the world." - Author: George Carlin

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"Routine and predictable days are the breeding grounds for complacency." - Author: Wayde Goodall

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"Theres a very generous donation in the parishs future if you make this fast. Ten minutes, at the most."Frowning, the man fumbled open his liturgy. "Theres an established rite, Your Grace. Marriage must be entered into with solemnity and consideration. I dont know that I can rush--""Ten minutes. One thousand guineas."The liturgy snapped closed. "Then again, what do a few extra minutes signify to an eternal God?" He beckoned Amelia with a fluttering, papery hand. "Make haste, child. Youre about to be married." - Author: Tessa Dare

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"—Mi mejor arma está en el cerebro. Mi hermano tiene su espada, el rey Robert tiene su maza, y yo tengo mi mente... Pero una mente necesita de los libros igual que una espada de una piedra de amolar, para conservar el filo. Por eso leo tanto, Jon Nieve." - Author: George R.R. Martin

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"You know how the Eclipse of the sun shows it? Christs strength eclipses your powerlessness in Gods likeness, and there is total darkness on your weakness." - Author: Israelmore Ayivor

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"The life we led was a proof of mans capacity for adaptation.I think that even the condemned souls in purgatory after time develop a sort of homely routine.That is ,by the way, why most prison memoirs are unreadable.The difficulty of conveying to the reader an idea of a nightmare world from which he has emerged makes the author depict the prisoners state of mind as an uninterruped continuity of despair.He fears to appear frivolous or to spoil his effect by admitting that even in the depths of misery cheerfulness keeps breaking in." - Author: Arthur Koestler