[A Cell In Our Body May Recognize That It Is Part Of A Greater Whole, But It May Never Be Able To Define All That Is Beyond It Simply Because Of Its Limited Perceptive Capacity. Likewise, All That Makes Up The Universal Consciousness Will Always Lie Just Outside Of Our Capacity To Define It.]

Author: Rajeev Kurapati Quotes

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"We went to Denmark twice and Germany and also to the Canary Isles one year. I remember once when we were playing Dresden in Germany."

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"Kadang pola pemikiran bisa berubah 180 derajat karena keadaan, kondisi dan situasi. Bahkan hati yang semula sangat tenang bisa mejadi gelisah karena pikiran seperti kata Deff Leppard "you could only change your heart if you only change your mind". Menjadi diri sendiri adalah pilihan yang tepat, keep smiling."

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"Working with Bernardo Bertolucci was one of the greatest highlights of my whole life. It was such an incredible opportunity for me."

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"The best way to walk into a nightmare is with a smile."

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"Oh God, let me not be cured of love, but let my passion grow! Let me love for loves sake!"

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"My body lies within the strings and myths of reality with a purpose of evolution and adapted by gravity but for my consciouss matrix is without any doubt has adapted to others consciousness and that is how we all adapt to survival."

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"Feel it, deal with it, then throw it away"

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"My aim is to touch infinity, My desires are many, And i can not be contacted."

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"We dont grow unless we take risks. Any successful company is riddled with failures."

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"If a person who is content with his life meets someone who makes everything just a little bit more challenging, who both fits and doesnt fit into his life and his routine, to quote Guy Fieri, it is On Like Donkey Kong: swing the rope, jump the barrel, and save the princess."

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"Found one of my old journals. from right around the time we were heading out on tour with NFG in the UK early 2008. i started reading it and couldnt help but cry a little bit. cause that person was really confused. and very lost. and as it went on, the person behind the pen seemed to get a little bit stronger.. that part felt good. it was the reminder that i needed that right now im as strong as ever. there really isnt a point to telling you all of this. except maybe i want to thank you. cause you are a constant reminder. that im not as lost as i once was." - Author: Hayley Williams

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"Always wake up with a smile knowing that today you are going to have fun accomplishing what others are too afraid to do." - Author: Mark Cuban

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