[A Good Writer Cannot Avoid Having Social Consciousness. I Don't Mean This About Small Pieces Of Writing, But About A Big Book. If It's A Big Book, There Has To Be More Than One Undertow.]

Author: Marguerite Young Quotes

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Galinda Glinda Quotes

"Why are we learning about the past, when this is History?"

Pete Wentz Quotes

"The silence is the worst part of any fight, because its made up of all the things we wish we could say, if only we had the guts."

Ramona Ausubel Quotes

"A person who wants to believe lives in a world full of proof."

Kohei Uchimura Quotes

"Ive realized the extraordinary power of sports to heal, unite and inspire. I believe the Olympics will serve as the ultimate platform to provide positive changes and I hope to inspire all of Japan through my strong showing there."

Vigen Guroian Quotes

"My son Rafi is enchanted with cyberspace. But we are not disembodied mind or spirit, we are our bodies - cruising the Internet wont teach us that. It may even trick us into thinking that having a body and a place is not important. Gardening teaches us differently. I do not mean industrial mechanized farming, I mean the kind of gardening that any one of us can do with his hands and feet and the simplest tools."

George Canning Quotes

"A steady patriot of the world alone, The friend of every country but his own."

Rick Barry Quotes

"The fishing is a great relief for me. When Im out theres no cell phone ringing. Im out there fishing with bears. Im in the middle of Gods country catching tons of fish. I just absolutely love it."

India Knight Quotes

"Happy Christmas, Clara. Xx.Yes, I know. I know that text doesnt look like much. But... actually. First note the comma. I feel proud of his comma, and of being his commas recipient."

Amandine Roche Quotes

"Le livre refermé, cest le sac quil faut boucler"

Wilhelm Grimm Quotes

"Mirror, mirror, here I stand. Who is the fairest in the land?"

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Quotes About Personal Legends

"Those who dont understand their personal legends will fail to comprehend its teachings." - Author: Paulo Coelho

Quotes About Nice Clothes

"Its nice when you work with someone who has an eye for clothes and will show what youve given them." - Author: Julie Harris

Quotes About Vollrath

"If wearing this rag will in any way speed the process of gathering my furture soldiers, then I will waer it. But if it doesnt..."Vollrath bowed. "I will subject myself to your temper."Youll have no choice." - Author: Frank Beddor

Quotes About Christopher Wren

"My maternal grandmother had what might be described in a school report as a lively imagination. She told us that she was a direct descendant of Sir Christopher Wren." - Author: Jeremy Hardy

Quotes About Assignment

"When God gives an assignment, he also gives the skill. Study your skills, then, to reveal your assignment." - Author: Max Lucado

Quotes About Wellington

"The soldier—that is, the great soldier—of to-day is not a romantic animal, dashing at forlorn hopes, animated by frantic sentiment, full of fancies as to a love-lady or a sovereign; but a quiet, grave man, busied in charts, exact in sums, master of the art of tactics, occupied in trivial detail; thinking, as the Duke of Wellington was said to do, most of the shoes of his soldiers; despising all manner of èclat and eloquence; perhaps, like Count Moltke, ‘silent in seven languages." - Author: Walter Bagehot

Quotes About Independence And Self Reliance

"Over the years, Americans in particular have been all too willing to squander their hard-earned independence and freedom for the illusion of feeling safe under someone elses authority. The concept of self-sufficiency has been undermined in value over a scant few generations. The vast majority of the population seems to look down their noses upon self-reliance as some quaint dusty relic, entertained only by the hyperparanoid or those hopelessly incapable of fitting into mainstream society." - Author: Cody Lundin

Quotes About Deciding For Yourself

"Friendship is less simple. It is long and hard to obtain but when one has it theres no getting rid of it; one simply has to cope with it. Dont think for a minute that your friends will telephone you every evening, as they ought to, in order to find out if this doesnt happen to be the evening when you are deciding to commit suicide, or simply whether you dont need company, whether you are not in the mood to go out. No, dont worry, theyll ring up the evening you are not alone, when life is beautiful. As for suicide, they would be more likely to push you to it, by virtue of what you owe to yourself, according to them. May heaven protect us, cher Monsieur, from being set upon a pedestal by our friends!" - Author: Albert Camus

Quotes About Dolphin Intelligence

"They [dolphins] are my least favorite member of the animal kingdom. Everyone seems to think dolphins are cute and "intelligent," but theyre best described as ugly and impractical. I dont want to come across as insensitive, but show me a person whose intelligence equates to that of a dolphin and I will show you a fucking retard." - Author: Chuck Klosterman

Quotes About Solitude Thoreau

"There is no companion so companionable as Solitude," Thoreau reminds me as I carry a hot cup of tea back to bed." - Author: Sarah Ban Breathnach