[A Gun Show Is About Like-minded People Who Feel As If Everything Has Been Taken Away From Them - Jobs, Money, Pride.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Yellow Tanabe Quotes

"Stupidity isnt the only thing humans carry inside of them. Ill show you that we also have the power to purify."

James Cash Penney Quotes

"I am grateful for all of my problems. After each one was overcome, I became stronger and more able to meet those that were still to come. I grew in all my difficulties."

Petra Nemcova Quotes

"We cannot stop natural disasters but we can arm ourselves with knowledge: so many lives wouldnt have to be lost if there was enough disaster preparedness."

Roland Merullo Quotes

"We see our troubles through the filter of our own imperfection..."

Hiroshi Ishizaki Quotes

"Anyway, what does "wrong" mean? Who decides whats wrong and whats right?"

Karl Marlantes Matterhorn Quotes

"How could you get mad at someone who neither needed to attack nor was at all worried about being able to defend? It was like getting mad at Switzerland."

Sister Souljah Quotes

"No one can remain married today because they are not married to the one they love, they are married to their sacrifice, and pretending to love is too damned painful. Love and build, love and work, love and fight. Always love first. Anything placed before love will fail."

Ellen Emerson White Quotes

"It really wasnt fair. Why did guys have to be such jerks?"

Francis Young Quotes

"In strict medical terms marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume. For example, eating 10 raw potatoes can result in a toxic response. By comparison, it is physically impossible to eat enough marijuana to induce death. Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely used within the supervised routine of medical care.[DEA Administrative Law Judge - 1988]"

Sherri Gaillard Quotes

"But you want a placid pond, a glassy surface to reflect your own casual desires and nothing more. You will never fathom the depths of my savage ocean."

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Quotes About Soldier Love

"I have ever hated all nations, professions, and communities, and all my love is toward individuals: for instance, I hate the tribe of lawyers, but I love Counsellor Such-a-one, and Judge Such-a-one: so with physicians—I will not speak of my own trade—soldiers, English, Scotch, French, and the rest. But principally I hate and detest that animal called man, although I heartily love John, Peter, Thomas, and so forth. This is the system upon which I have governed myself many years, but do not tell..." - Author: Jonathan Swift

Quotes About Going Up The Mountain

"Mind you, physical training doesnt necessarily mean going to an expert for advice. One doesnt have to make a mountain out of a molehill. Get out in the fresh air and walk briskly - and dont forget to wear a smile while youre at it. Dont over-do. Take it easy at first and build on your effort day by day." - Author: Douglas Fairbanks

Quotes About Sprained Ankle

"If he had any compassion for me cried her husband impatiently he would not have danced half so much! For Gods sake, say no more of his partners. Oh! that he sprained his ankle in the first dance!" - Author: Jane Austen

Quotes About Times Up

"He who could write so easily, who could spend a thousand words down along his plunging fingers on the green-rubber keyboard of his machine, had stumbled like a first-grader over this single paragraph. A dozen times he had begun it and written into it a naked desperation; a dozen times he had begun it and written into it the frosted mathematics of logic. Finally hed written out quickly the sentences that kept cropping up in all the versions. Those must be, to whatever censor there was in him, the most acceptable ones. He sealed it without rereading it and went out to mail it. An hour later he despised himself for having sent it." - Author: Laura Z. Hobson

Quotes About Crushing On Him

"I usually make it a point not to cry in front of people, especially hot boys that Id been totally crushing on before theyd tried to choke me.But for some reason, hearing that there was yet another thing I didnt know just sent me right on over the edge.Archer,to his credit, didnt look exactly horrified by my sobbing, and he even reached out like he might grab hold of my shoulders.Or possibly smack me.But before he could either comfort me or commit further acts of violence upon my person,I spun away from him and made my drama queen moment complete by running away.It wasnt pretty." - Author: Rachel Hawkins

Quotes About Family Reunions

"Talk to me about the truth of religion and Ill listen gladly. Talk to me about the duty of religion and Ill listen submissively. But dont come talking to me about the consolations of religion or I shall suspect that you dont understand. Unless, of course, you can literally believe all that stuff about family reunions on the further shore, pictured in entirely earthly terms. But that is all unscriptural, all out of bad hymns and lithographs. Theres not a word of it in the Bible. And it rings false. We know it couldnt be like that. Reality never repeats. The exact same thing is never taken away and given back. How well the Spiritualists bait their hook! Things on this side are not so different after all. There are cigars in Heaven. For that is what we should all like. The happy past restored." - Author: C.S. Lewis

Quotes About Energizing

"Rock stars are incredibly energizing to me." - Author: James Daly

Quotes About Dale Earnhardt Sr

"Dale, a Plutonian Dreg Bug, the kind with seventeen eyes and a bad temper, got nailed in one of his eyes by a wild dart. Fight broke out when he punched Earl in the nose. Earls nose is very sensitive, hell its how he sees, sort of. Earl plopped down on the floor crying when a Flying Mugwhap flew over and ate Dales eye. Dale grabbed the Mugwhap and squeezed a good deal of the life out of it before the bouncer stopped him. Karen, the bouncer, is a reticulated Hive Mother, and a mean mother when shes pissed off. She walked over and flicked Dale upside his head. That flick knocked Dale out cold, and cost him two more eyes when he hit the wall. She helped Earl up and bought him a drink. A nasty drink by all the comments Ive heard. Something between varnish and the stuff people get in the corners of their mouths with a nice aftertaste of silver polish. Earl seemed to like it though." - Author: Neil Leckman

Quotes About Mindless Chatter

"Σε έναν κόσμο αδιάκοπης και ανοητης φλυαρίας, ο ευφυής σιωπά, γνωρίζοντας πως τα διαμάντια χάνουν τη λάμψη τους στο βούρκο.In a world of continuous and mindless chatter, the intelligent silent, knowing that diamonds lose their luster in the mire" - Author: Georgia Kakalopoulou

Quotes About Being Unfairly Judged

"There is an old question, rarely voiced these days, but nevertheless running as an undercurrent beneath the squabbles and misunderstandings that occur in households, workplaces and universities on a daily basis. ‘What do women want? has been asked in a bewildered, almost exasperated, tone since women first began to say they wanted more. Yet the answer seems to us to be simple and entirely self-evident. Women want what all sentient human beings want. They want to develop their own talents and put them to good use, to earn and control their own money so they can be truly independent and make free choices. They want to gain status and respect as they prove to be worth of it. To love and to be loved as free and equal adults, to be allowed their human flaws and foibles and not to be unfairly judged for them, and to be forgiven when they fail, behave badly or have trouble coping. To be the subject and not the object. They want, in short, what men want. – pg. 237" - Author: Jane Caro Catherine Fox