[A Lot Of Writers, Especially Crime Writers, Have An Image That We Think We're Trying To Keep Up With. You've Got To Be Seen As Dark And Slightly Dangerous. But I'm Not Like That And I've Realised That I Don't Need To Put That On. People Will Buy The Books Whether They See A Photo Of You Dressed In Black Or Not.]

Author: Ian Rankin Quotes

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Thomas Babington Macaulay Quotes

"Pour, varlet, pour the waterThe water steaming hot!A spoonful for each man of usAnother for the pot!"

Meredith Willson Quotes

"There were birds in the sky, but I never saw them winging, No I never saw them at all, Until there was you."

Jeremy Irons Quotes

"Actors often behave like children, and so were taken for children. I want to be grown up."

Martine McCutcheon Quotes

"Im a Taurean, so Im very passionate and determined and materialistic. Down the years, Ive spent a lot of money and saved a bit of money and had a lot of fun."

Abayasinha Quotes

"Leave a person alone who had a unpleasant past if you cant make his future a pleasant, you would do worse"

Henry Spencer Quotes

"Indeed, "brute force" solutions are often characteristic of advanced cultures, not primitive ones. The Romans and their predecessors spent a long time figuring out how to build arches... and virtually all our buildings today use post-and-lintel construction, precisely what the arch was devised to replace. We have better materials and more money, and given that, arches are usually not worth the extra complexity."

Peta Wilson Quotes

"I was scared of the dark. Ohhhh, Id do anything not to have to sleep on my own. Id get in bed and cover myself with dolls and teddy bears."

Lissa Bryan Quotes

"Courage isnt the absence of fear; its forging ahead despite that fear."

Bill Luther Quotes

"Its almost inevitable theres going to be an escalation on both sides."

Frederick Charles Copleston Quotes

"[O]ther thinkers have philosophised since the time of Plato, but that does not destroy the interest and beauty of his philosophy"

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Quotes About Drilling

"Ive often argued that oil and gas exploration is a states rights issue. It is abundantly clear that the State of Florida does not want drilling to negatively affect its beaches and shores." - Author: Jeff Miller

Quotes About Andrus

"Andrus turned the engine and gave her a suspicious look. "You smell like..." He shifted into drive. "What?" "Nothing, but—did something happen inside?" Could he really smell…that? He crinkled his nose. "Your face is red and your scent is…" Oh, God. He can! Kill me now! Giant bomb, falling tree, spontaneous combustion…anything!" - Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Quotes About Aleck

"[Janco] paused. His eyes held a distant gleam as if seeing into his past. My first practice was a shock. I was a cocky smart aleck--[Opal] Was?[J] Be quiet. Im telling a story here." - Author: Maria V. Snyder

Quotes About Combat

"All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle." - Author: Nikola Tesla

Quotes About Young Republicans

"Hmmph. Young Republicans have weird senses of humor." - Author: Katie Alender

Quotes About Having To Grow Up Fast

"You hope in this life that you grow and dont always repeat your mistakes." - Author: Tony Dorsett

Quotes About Life And Where It Takes You

"How do you get the happy ending? John Irving ought to know. One of my favorite authors, Irving writes these multigenerational epics of fiction that somehow work out in the end. How does he do it? He says, I always begin with the last sentence ; then I work my way backwards, through the plot, to where the story should begin. Thst sounds like a lot of work, especially compared to the fantasy that great writers sit down and just go where the story takes them. Irving lets us know that good stories and happy endings are more intentional than that. Most 20 somethings cant write the last sentence of their lives. But when pressed, they usually can identify things they want in their 30s or 40s or 60s -or things they dont want- and work backward from there. This is how you have your own multigenerational epic with a happy ending. This is how you live your life in real time." - Author: Meg Jay

Quotes About Oklahoma State University

"For my undergraduate work, I went to Oklahoma State University and graduated from there in 1977." - Author: Anita Hill

Quotes About Become Successful

"Our ambitions were, nonetheless, what those of any sensible group of women at that time, perhaps at any modern time, ought to have been: to become safe and successful; to marry someone safe and successful; to have for our children some sort of worldly safety and success. From time to time, however, there is something, I dont know, wistful, about how it has turned out. Not just Brechts great ship of eight sales and the fifty cannon. The other ships. Perhaps the tall ships, the fleet, the craft, the other ships that dont come in." - Author: Renata Adler

Quotes About Culture And Diversity

"How easily we accept the fact that this is a varied world, with many races, cultures, and mores. In America we rejoice in this diversity, this pluralism, which makes up the rich pattern of our national being. We should learn to accept this pluralism in ourselves, to rejoice in the truth that we human being consist of a variety of moods, impulses, traits, and emotions … If we become pluralistic in thinking about ourselves, we shall learn to take the depressed mood or the cruel mood or the uncooperative mood for what is, one of many, fleeting, not permanent. As pluralists we take ourselves for worse as well as for better, cease demanding a brittle perfection which can lead only to inner despair. There are facets of failure in every persons makeup and there are elements of success. Both must be accepted while we try to emphasize the latter through self-knowledge." - Author: Joshua Loth Liebman