[A Man Is Never Completely Alone In This World. At The Worst, He Has The Company Of A Boy, A Youth, And By And By A Grown Man - The One He Used To Be.]

Author: Cesare Pavese Quotes

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Gerald R Stanek Quotes

"Ascension to successive echelons in the pyramid of awareness is an act of inclusion requiring unconditional acceptance of all that lies below."

Chord Overstreet Quotes

"I love John Stamos. Johns a really friendly, cool dude."

Waking Life Quotes

"most people are either sleep walking through their waking life or wake walking through their sleeping life. either way theyre not getting much out of it."

Shahzad Ashraf Quotes

"No matter how long you behest, to the fruit draped tree. It will do you no best, until a shingle you free."

Eliot Spitzer Quotes

"Delay is the enemy of progress."

Jo Ana Starr Quotes

"Your beliefs create your world."

David Berman Quotes

"I believe the stars are the headlights of angels driving from heaven to save usto save us...Wont you look at the sky?Theyre driving from heaven into our eyes. And though final words are so hard to devise, I promise that Ill always remember your pretty eyes."

Barrie Kerper Quotes

"The great correspondent of the seventeenth century Madame de Sevigne counseled, "Take chocolate in order that even the most tireome company seem acceptable to you," which is also sound advice today!"

Robert Wells Quotes

"I had forgotten. Disgust shadows desire.Another life is never safely envied."

Rauwolfia Quotes

"Anger is the only antidote strong enough to counter grief."

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Quotes About Interfering Parents

"As adults we choose our own reading material. Depending on our moods and needs we might read the newspaper, a blockbuster novel, an academic article, a womens magazine, a comic, a childrens book, or the latest book that just about everyone is reading. No one chastises us for our choice. No one says, Thats too short for you to read. No one says, Thats too easy for you, put it back. No one says You couldnt read that if you tried -- its much too difficult.Yet if we take a peek into classrooms, libraries, and bookshops we will notice that childrens choices are often mocked, censured, and denied as valid by idiotic, interfering teachers, librarians, and parents. Choice is a personal matter that changes with experience, changes with mood, and changes with need. We should let it be." - Author: Mem Fox

Quotes About Pinch

"For a moment, or a second, the pinched expressions of the cynical, world-weary, throat-cutting, miserable bastards weve all had to become disappears, when were confronted with something as simple as a plate of food." - Author: Anthony Bourdain

Quotes About Behind Your Back

"A few seconds after he stepped out into the hallway and closed the door behind him, there was a fleshly smack and then Andrew yelling, "Ouch. What in the hell was that for?" "Your timing sucks on an epic level," Daemon shot back." - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Quotes About Continue

"Further conceive, I beg, that a stone, while continuing in motion, should be capable of thinking and knowing, that it is endeavoring, as far as it can, to continue to move. Such a stone, being conscious merely of its own endeavor and not at all indifferent, would believe itself to be completely free, and would think that it continued in motion solely because of its own wish. This is that human freedom, which all boast that they possess, and which consists solely in the fact, that men are conscious of their own desire, but are ignorant of the causes whereby that desire has been determined." - Author: Baruch Spinoza

Quotes About Battles

"Being a writer means expressing with passion your imagination, nightmares, dreams, experiences and reality through words on paper. You are a successful writer when readers criticize, get emotionally affected by, and praise your written work. As a writer, rejections are paths to success. Being prepared for it is like wearing a powerful armor in battles unknown. Continue to write. It is a writers mighty shield and weapon." - Author: Sonnia Kemmer

Quotes About Relying On Others

"I would tell young journalists to be brave and go against the tide. When everyone else is relying on the internet, you should not; when nobodys walking, you should walk; when few people are reading profound books, you should read. ... rather than seeking a plusher life you should pursue some hardship. Eat simple food. When everyones going for quick results, pursue things of lasting value. Dont follow the crowd; go in the opposite direction. If others are fast, be slow. -- Jin Yongquan" - Author: Judy Polumbaum

Quotes About Flowerpot

"We may know that the work we continue to put off doing will be bad. Worse, however, is the work we never do. A work thats finished is at least finished. It may be poor, but it exists, like the miserable plant in the lone flowerpot of my neighbour whos crippled. That plant is her happiness, and sometimes its even mine. What I write, bad as it is, may provide some hurt or sad soul a few moments of distraction from something worse. Thats enough for me, or it isnt enough, but it serves some purpose, and so it is with all of life." - Author: Fernando Pessoa

Quotes About Being Small

"If humans did not manufacture some of their own to appear like better people, people would not aspire to be someone else. They would stop dreaming. And if people didnt dream, they would be awake to discover the wonderful misery of being. There are no singular great people. There is only a small percentage of people manufactured to look significant, for the purpose of creating the feeling of mass insignificance." - Author: Craig Stone

Quotes About Chilenas

"Y allí estaba yo. Y ellas me vieron y yo las vi. ¿Y qué fue lo que vi? Ojeras. Labios partidos. Pómulos brillantes. Una paciencia que no me pareció resignación cristiana. Una paciencia como venida de otras latitudes. Una paciencia que no era chilena aunque aquellas mujeres fueran chilenas. Una paciencia que no se había gestado en nuestro país ni en América y que ni siquiera era una paciencia europea, ni asiática ni africana (aunque estas dos últimas culturas me son prácticamente desconocidas). Una paciencia como venida del espacio exterior. Y esa paciencia a punto estuvo de colmar mi paciencia." - Author: Roberto Bolaño

Quotes About Wandering In Nature

"...nothing is more blissful than to occupy the heights effectively fortified by the teaching of the wise, tranquil sanctuaries from which you can look down upon others and see them wandering everywhere in their random search for the way of life, competing for intellectual eminence, disputing about rank, and striving night and day with prodigious effort to scale the summit of wealth and to secure power. O minds of mortals, blighted by your blindness! Amid what deep darkness and daunting dangers lifes little day is passed! To think that you should fail to see that nature importantly demands only that the body may be rid of pain, and that the mind, divorced from anxiety and fear, may enjoy a feeling of contentment!" - Author: Lucretius