[A Man Who's Never Seen War Is Like A Woman Who's Never Given Birth - Soft In The Head.]

Author: Andrei Platonov Quotes

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Michael Hayden Quotes

"I told them that free people always had to decide where to draw the line between their liberty and their security. I noted that the attacks would almost certainly push us as a nation more toward security."

Gertrude Stein Quotes

"Silent gratitude isnt very much to anyone."

Douglas Fairbanks Jr Quotes

"The Joan Crawford that Ive heard about in Mommie Dearest is not the Joan Crawford I knew back when."

Akash Lal Karotia Quotes

"Always share ur own words not ur feelings, becoz feeling wo share krty hain jinky seene me dard ho."

Douglas Jackson Quotes

"Foot by agonizing foot Valerius allowed the line to be pushed back. The pressure on his shield was growing unbearable, the scything blows of the British swords threatening to smash even the scutums sturdy structure. Beside him, Lunaris snarled and sweated, cursing his inability to fight back.Every step they retreated allowed more of Boudiccas warriors to pour over the wall. The soldiers of any other army would have broken. But these were Romans. Roman legionaries. They knew how to fight like no other. And they knew how to die."

Ezra Stiles Quotes

"But after the spirit of conquest had changed the first governments, all the succeeding ones have, in general, proved one continued series of injustice, which has reigned in all countries for almost four thousand years."

Tommy Douglas Quotes

"Setting people to spy on one another is not the way to protect freedom."

Rip Torn Quotes

"Let the other guys do the crybaby stuff. Go for the laughs."

Keiko Nobumoto Quotes

"Why? Why do humans always look to the sky? Why do you try so hard to fly when you dont have any wings? Well run on our own legs."

John James Audubon Quotes

"On landing at New York I caught the yellow fever. The kind man who commanded the ship that brought me from France took charge of me and placed me under the care of two Quaker ladies. To their skillful and untiring care I may safely say I owe my life."

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"The Taj, the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Cracao Basilica and Polish church are some monuments that hold a special place in my memory." - Author: Shaan

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"A poem is never a put-up job, so to speak. It begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It is never a thought to begin with." - Author: Robert Frost

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"From the movie "Everything is Illuminated" based on a book by Jonathan Safran Foer:I have reflected many times upon our rigid search. It has shown me that everything is illuminated in the light of the past. It is always along the side of us, on the inside, looking out. Like you say, inside out. Jonathan, in this way, I will always be along the side of your life. And you will always be along the side of mine." - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

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"As a novelist, I have a somewhat higher soapbox to stand on than most people do when it comes to talking back to the merchants of fear." - Author: L. Neil Smith

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"It agitates me that the skyline there is forever our limit, I long for the power of unlimited vision...If I could behold all I imagine." - Author: Charlotte Brontë

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"Viajar nos faz reagir conforme a demanda do momento, que é sempre imprevisível." - Author: Martha Medeiros

Quotes About Unifying

"ts [King James Bible] subject is majesty, not tyranny, and its political purpose was unifying and enfolding, to elide the kingliness of God with the godliness of kings, to make royal power and divine glory into one invisible garment which could be wrapped around the nation as a whole." - Author: Adam Nicolson

Quotes About Maternal Mortality

"For millions of girls around the world, motherhood comes too early. Those who bear children as adolescents suffer higher maternal mortality and morbidity rates, and their children are more likely to die in infancy." - Author: Esther Duflo

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"I love my work. Ive had three successful series, and I want to find out if I can make a fourth." - Author: Michael Landon

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"When the Grateful Dead needed a quality sound system to deliver our sonic payload, I learned electronics and speaker design." - Author: Mickey Hart