[A Man With A Briefcase Can Steal Millions More Than Any Man With A Gun.]

Author: Don Henley Quotes

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Donny Deutsch Quotes

"I appear wild on the outside, but Im a conservative businessman."

Paul Feig Quotes

"I always feel in improv that nothing is ever as good once its repeated."

Bharati Mukherjee Quotes

"I thought of America as Natalie Wood and Bob Wagner sprawled on the edge of a Hollywood swimming pool biting into the same red apple."

Mimi Rogers Quotes

"He was seriously thinking of becoming a monk. He thought he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument, but my instrument needed tuning, and we had to split."

Brad Grey Quotes

"I dont lack confidence. I dont sweat. I dont want to get too Zen on you, but I have to run my own race."

Peter Roebuck Quotes

"Indian cricket, and the youngsters themselves, are dealing with issues inconceivable a few summers ago. Riches and all the attendant temptations are thrown at them before they have started shaving regularly. Its not their fault. Its no ones fault. That is the marketplace. Inevitably, though, it can distract attention from the long struggle towards mastery. Cricket does not give itself away; it expects players to apply themselves, to think and study and seek. It plays tricks, too, pretends that sixes and slower balls and the other shortcuts matter. Cricket sets traps, flatters players and calls them kings when they are barely princes."

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero Quotes

"The more equality women have, the fairer, more civilized and tolerant society will be. Sexual equality is a lot more effective against terrorism than military strength."

Tim Armstrong Quotes

"Im a person who likes to tackle challenges. Google was a challenge when I got there. I think AOLs a challenge. The way we run the company is a very team-focused environment."

Steven Ivy Quotes

"A title from the1966 movie"The Russians Are Coming,The Russians Are Coming," gives a new meaning toa phrase: "wait a minute, weve seen this movie before"

Brendan Coyle Quotes

"Id seen a play of Richard III in Coventry when I was 15, which sowed the seeds that you could act for a living."

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"Sweet or bitter, I am now convinced that all experience is enriching and rewarding. Above all, instructive." - Author: Henry Miller

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"Porque de pronto, quiero escuchar sus huesos crujir. Quiero sentir la suavidad que ofrece su carne, escuchar su grito de asombro mientras el hueso de mi cadera se estrella contra ella. Quiero tirar su cabeza hacia atrás hasta que su cuello está expuesto. Quiero rasgar mis manos por su cabello hasta que su respiración sea entrecortada. Quiero hacerla llorar y lamer sus lágrimas. Y luego quiero llevar mi boca a la de ella, devorarla en vida...." - Author: Gayle Forman

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"It was like the baseball gods were showing off just for him, in honor of his first day of big league baseball. And surely the baseball gods were smiling that day, because the next batter was Larry Brown, and he was a scrawny, scrappy 23-year-old kid whod never hit a big league home run. And yet he stepped to the plate and became just the second player in baseball history to connect and give his team four consecutive home runs." - Author: Tucker Elliot

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"I want to write a short story where the protagonist is a globe, and all the secondary, or "flat" characters, are all maps. Itll be a story about boundaries." - Author: Jarod Kintz

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"Once the process of falsification is set in motion, it wont stop. Were in a country where everything that can be falsified has been falsified: paintings in museums, gold ingots, bus tickets. The counterrevolution and the revolution fight with salvos of falsification: the result is that nobody can be sure what is true and what is false, the political police simulate revolutionary actions and the revolutionaries disguise themselves as policemen."And who gains by it, in the end?"Its too soon to say. We have to see who can best exploit the falsifications, their own and those of the others: whether its the police or our organization."The taxi driver is pricking up his ears. You motion Corinna to restrain herself from making unwise remarks.But she says, "Dont be afraid. This is a fake taxi. What really alarms me, though, is that there is another taxi following us."Fake or real?"Fake, certainly, but I dont know whether it belongs to the police or to us." - Author: Italo Calvino

Quotes About Superheroes Superman

"Hes this amazing ambassador for all superheroes. What weve made as a film not only examines that but is also an amazing adventure story. Its been an honor to work on. As a comic book fan, Superman is like the Rosetta Stone of all superheroes." - Author: Zack Snyder

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"Scraps and shreds of thoughts were simply swarming in his brain, but he could not catch at one, he could not rest on one, in spite of all his efforts…" - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Quotes About Approaching Death

"When we fully understand the brevity of life, its fleeting joys and unavoidable pains; when we accept the fact that all men and women are approaching an inevitable doom; the consciousness of it should make us more kindly and considerate of each other. This feeling should make men and women use their best efforts to help their fellow travelers on the road, to make the path brighter and easier ... for the wayfarers who must live a common life and die a common death." - Author: Clarence Darrow

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"Im very concerned with whats going on the news, but I would not call myself a political animal, per se. I pay more attention during election years, or if I see some topic or issue that I care about. But I would never call myself a political animal or political junkie." - Author: Keegan Michael Key

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"In the country neighbor­hood thereabouts, along the dusty roads, one found at intervals the prettiest little cottage homes, snug and cozy, and so cobwebbed with vines snowed thick with roses that the doors and windows were wholly hidden from sight-sign that these were deserted homes, forsaken years ago by defeated and disap­pointed families who could neither sell them nor give them away." - Author: Mark Twain