[A Mind Perpetually Open, Will Be A Mind Perpetually Vacant.]

Author: Bertrand Russell Quotes

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Grant Hill Quotes

"Yelling doesnt get your point across, it only makes it louder."

Hg47 Quotes

"Prayers should be for preventing war, not fighting it."

Jane Davitt Quotes

"Tell me you spotted a condom tree over to the right by the stream of lube."

Tori Spelling Quotes

"Love is pure and true; love knows no gender."

Douglas Jerrold Quotes

"A coquette is like a recruiting sergeant, always on the lookout for fresh victims."

Baharuddin Zainal Quotes

"Kita diminta menjadi budayawan patriotik yang jujur; berani mengkritik persekitaran dan negara tanpa berasa khuatir dituduh tidak setia atau berkhianat kerana sebagai pencinta tanah air, kita sedang berperang dengan kejahatan bangsa kita. Pihak yang berkhianat ialah budayawan yang memuji dan mendewakan pemimpin dengan niat mengambil hati (salah atau benar) bagi kepentingan dirinya. Salah atau benar ini adalah tanah air kita. Lantaran itu kita berani mengkritiknya dan berani mempertahankannya."

John Lyly Quotes

"To give reason for fancy were to weigh the fire, and measure the wind."

KT Bryan Quotes

"Love was more than a choice, more than a feeling, it was a commitment."

Nancy Pearcey Quotes

"Americans have grown impatient with the relentless politicizing of every area of life."

Van T Hoff Quotes

"A Dr van t Hoff of the veterinary college at Utrecht... finds it a less arduous task to mount Pegasus (evidently borrowed from the veterinary school) and to proclaim in his La Chemie dans l espace how, during his bold fight to the top of the chemical Parnassus, the atoms appeared to him to have grouped themselves together throughout universal space. ... I should have taken no notice of this matter had not Wislicenus oddly enough written a preface to the pamphlet, and not by way of a joke but in all seriousness recommended it a worthwhile performance."

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"The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary." - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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"Biju knew he probably wouldnt see him again. This was what happened, he had learned by now. You lived intensely with others, only to have them disappear overnight, since the shadow class was condemned to movement. The men left for other jobs, towns, got deported, returned home, changed names. Sometimes someone came popping around a corner again, or on the subway, then they vanished again. Adresses, phone numbers did not hold. The emptiness Biju felt returned to him over and over, until eventually he made sure not to let friendships sink deep anymore./The Inheritance of Loss" - Author: Kiran Desai

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"In honor of October, really just hours away now.....Brew me a cup for a winters night.For the wind howls loud and the furies fight;Spice it with love and stir it with care,And Ill toast our bright eyes,my sweetheart fair." - Author: Minna Thomas Antrim

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"Please welcome Professor Varen Nethers, famous depressed dead poets historian and author of the bestselling books Unlocking your Poe-tential: A writers Guide, and Mo Poe Fo Yo: When You Just Cant Get Enough." - Author: Kelly Creagh

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"Well, I was born in El Paso, Texas, it was in the nearest hospital to the family farm." - Author: Sam Donaldson

Quotes About Commerce Students

"My first job is to write a book that I believe is compelling and deserves the long sustained attention that any novel requires, and to worry about the commerce only late in the game." - Author: Joshua Ferris

Quotes About Getting Ready For A Baby

"As the baby boomers like me are retiring and getting ready to retire, they will spend whatever it takes - and theyre the wealthiest generation in our country - to make themselves live an enjoyable life in their retirement years." - Author: David Rubenstein

Quotes About Paleo Diet

"Im kind of like a middle mix between a warrior diet and a Paleo diet, so I only eat once a day and its at night - so kind of like interval fasting. But I eat until Im full, I eat as much as I want, and I really dont eat anything that you couldnt find, you know, 10,000 years ago." - Author: Ronda Rousey

Quotes About Abandoning Pets

"You cant help noticing that since abandoning its faith in the unseen world Europe seems also to have lost its faith in the seen one. Consider this poll taken in 2002 for the first anniversary of September 11: 61 percent of Americans said they were optimistic about the future, as opposed to 43 percent of Canadians, 42 percent of Britons, 29 percent of the French, 23 percent of Russians, and 15 percent of Germans. I wouldnt reckon those numbers will get any cheerier over the years." - Author: Mark Steyn

Quotes About Ovation

"If the mystery can be reduced to one solution, it lies in a simple coincidence: Rimbauds interest in his own work had survived the realization that the world would not be changed by verbal innovation. It did not survive the failure of all his adult relationships. He had always treated poems as a form of private communication. He gave his songs to chansonniers, his satires to satirists. Without a constant companion, he was writing in a void." - Author: Graham Robb