[A Novel Captures Essence That Is Not Possible In Any Other Form.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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MR Weston Quotes

"Life in all its brevity deserved to be lived, for the right reasons. Belonging Places."

Steven Gerrard Quotes

"I think weve got a lot players in the squad who are more suited to European football at the moment."

Richard Yates Quotes

"He couldnt even tell whether he was angry or contrite, whether it was forgiveness he wanted or the power to forgive."

Randy Schekman Quotes

"When I was a postdoc, I jotted every fresh thought on a three-by-five card and kept them in a card catalogue."

Martin Walser Quotes

"Love is the fall in the genus (Liebe ist der Sturz in die Gattung)"

Lynn Povich Quotes

"Newsweek never hired women as writers and only one or two female staffers were promoted to that rank no matter how talented they were...Any aspiring journalist who was interviewed for a job was told, "If you want to be a writer, go somewhere else--women dont write at Newsweek."

Ann Coulter Quotes

"The actual history of interracial rape - according to FBI statistics - is that, since the 70s, approximately 15,000 to 36,000 white women have been raped by black men every year, while, on average, zero black women are raped by black men." (The Department of Justice uses "0" to denote fewer than ten victims."

John Breaux Quotes

"I put myself and all the members of Congress in the same boat of things that could have been done better."

Ludwig Feuerbach Quotes

"As we expand our knowledge of good books, we shrink the circle of men whose company we appreciate."

Johnny Mathis Quotes

"I also met, early on Ella Fitzgerald. Her songbooks are some of the most amazing bodies of work."

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Quotes About Diversity In The World

"Whence all this passion towards conformity anyway? Diversity is the word. Let man keep his many parts and you will have no tyrant states. Why, if they follow this conformity business, theyll end up by forcing me, an invisible man, to become white, which is not a color but the lack of one. Must I strive towards colorlessness? But seriously and without snobbery, think of what the world would lose if that should happen. America is woven of many strands. I would recognize them and let it so remain." - Author: Ralph Ellison

Quotes About Iron Sharpens Iron

"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend." - Author: King Solomon

Quotes About Winter Coats

"Spring comes to the Australian Alps like an invisible spirit. There is not the tremendous surge of upthrust life that there is in the lowland valleys, and no wild flowers bloom in the snow mountains till the early summer, but there is an immense stirring of excitement. A bright red and blue lowrie flits through the trees; snow thaws, and the streams become full of foaming water; the grey, flattened grass grows upwards again and becomes greener; wild horses start to lose their winter coats and find new energy; wombats sit, round and fat, blinking in the evening sunshine; at night there is the cry of a dingo to its mate." - Author: Elyne Mitchell

Quotes About Aspiraciones

"Es más fácil asumir la muerte cuando uno ha podido llevar a cabo las propias aspiraciones." - Author: Guillaume Musso

Quotes About Friendship Through God

"Good Christian liturgy is friendship in action, love taking thought, the covenant relationship between God and his people not simply discovered and celebrated like the sudden meeting of friends, exciting and worthwhile though that is, but thought through and relished, planned and prepared -- an ultimately better way for the relationship to grow and at the same time a way of demonstrating what the relationship is all about." - Author: N. T. Wright

Quotes About Sixes


Quotes About Larks

"In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place, and in the sky, The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard among the guns below." - Author: John McCrae

Quotes About Positive Traits

"Nevertheless, let no one boast. Just as every man, though he be thegreatest genius, has very definite limitations in some one sphere ofknowledge, and thus attests his common origin with the essentiallyperverse and stupid mass of mankind, so also has every man somethingin his nature which is positively evil. Even the best, nay thenoblest, character will sometimes surprise us by isolated traits ofdepravity; as though it were to acknowledge his kinship with the humanrace, in which villainy--nay, cruelty--is to be found in that degree." - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer

Quotes About Traveling Around The World

"I do a lot of cultural material thats based on my traveling around the world. I basically just report what Ive seen and where Ive been." - Author: Russell Peters

Quotes About Memphis

"When working abroad you work pretty hard, but with time off, this is the greatest job in the world. You drive. You explore Memphis, or wherever youve landed, or go and see Dr John, or the Californian landscape. And, yes, Ive had a few good meals." - Author: Toby Jones