[A Passion For Any Novel, And Any Character, Can Crystallise Your Ideas When You Really Need To Be As Open As Possible As A Performer.]

Author: Romola Garai Quotes

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Francesco Guicciardini Quotes

"Pay no heed to those who tell you that they have relinquished place and power of their own accord, and from their love of quiet. For almost always they have been brought to this retirement by their insufficiency and against their will."

S Tarr Quotes

"Faith is the pathwe are treading.Love is the waywe are heading.Hope is the starwe are seeking.God is the onewe are meeting."

Angela Morrison Quotes

"Your heart .Thats all I want. Thats the best thing you can give me"You stole that that before we even met"I dont want to be a thief. I want you to give it"His arms tighten around me, and his mouth presses on mine again.Its yours Beth". His words flow into my soul and twist me into knots.You know its yours"

Eason Jordan Quotes

"Its a war zone. Terrible things happen."

Kim R Shaffer Quotes

"Kindness in your dealings with yourself and others will work wonders in your life. Much more so than rightness in your thinking."

Mac Davis Quotes

"Its pretty amazing to me that my first hit record was an Elvis Presley record."

Christine Celis Quotes

"Last night, I realized that it is possible for love to die in an instant. It felt sickening to lie with you in the same bed and have your arms wrapped tightly around me. It no longer felt right."

Anthony Kennedy Quotes

"Asking questions is an essential part of police investigation. In the ordinary sense a police officer is free to ask a person for identification without implicating the Fourth Amendment."

Kabir Bedi Quotes

"Everything has a place and time."

Gray Davis Quotes

"Well, theres no question that the law passed in 1996 was flawed. It deregulated the wholesale market, meaning the price that the utilities had to pay energy companies for power, but not the retail market."

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Quotes About Faultfinding

"Watch out for the joy-stealers: gossip, criticism, complaining, faultfinding, and a negative, judgmental attitude." - Author: Joyce Meyer

Quotes About Laying Down Your Life

"Brotherhood means laying down your life for somebody, really willing to sacrifice yourself for somebody else." - Author: Tim Hetherington

Quotes About Wasting Time On Love

"No I did not call in sick to work todayNo Im not out hanging with my friendsTheres no more wasting timeOn what I think Im supposed to doMy clock is standing still soI can have my dream life lifeWith the ones I lovePlaying all day longLaying back by the water sideWith nowhere to goAnd the music onIm working hard for my dream lifeTo be my real lifeAnd that cant be wrongAll I have is this lifeSo Im making it what I want" - Author: Colbie Caillat

Quotes About Ostracismo

"Emperolado pelo ostracismo me presenteio a ti." - Author: Filipe Russo

Quotes About Destiny And Free Will

"But destiny will be accomplished, and the best man will hold his ground while the undeserving one will vanish into his back-alley for ever - his filthy back-alley, his beloved back-alley, where he is at home and where he will sink in filth and stench at his own free will with enjoyment." - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Quotes About Distorting Reality

"The world is mans experience as it appears to, and is moulded by, his ego. It is that less abundant life, which is lived according to the dictates of the insulated self. It is nature denatured by the distorting spectacles of our appetites and revulsions. It is the finite divorced from the Eternal. It is multiplicity in isolation from its non-dual Ground. It is time apprehended as one damned thing after another. It is a system of verbal categories taking the place of the fathomlessly beautiful and mysterious particulars which constitute reality. It is a notion labelled God. It is the Universe equated with the words of our utilitarian vocabulary." - Author: Aldous Huxley

Quotes About Calendars

"But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day." - Author: Benjamin Disraeli

Quotes About Being Nice To Everyone

"Ri, heres a question for you," Stella started. She opened it up to everyone else, as well. "When do your kids stop being pets and start being people?" The room went silent, except for Gloria trying to stifle her giggles. Stella looked around and felt pleased that shed gotten the desired reaction. "What are you talking about? How could you call children pets?" Shannon demanded before Bernadette had the chance to. "No, this is an honest question." Stella insisted. "You have them, you name them. Theyre helpless, and you teach, or train, them. Feed them, water them, whatever. And as they grow up, you just hope that they grow up well and dont spend their time clawing your nice sofa or humping your leg."Stella, "Sugar and Spies: Spy Sisters Book 1" - Author: Rebekah Martin

Quotes About Systems And Processes

"When you live strictly by communal terms and conditions, your sense of self worth is intimately tied to its systems and processes, always tied to its terms which in turn can never return you worth but rather value (something negotiable and strictly communal-dependent). And thats because you believe things wrongly, in relation to both yourself and the communal." - Author: Dew Platt

Quotes About Destroying History

"Many of you would like to take evil and step on it, destroying it like you would a bug. Squish, smash! Begone into another reality! This practice of eliminating human life because it is perceived as evil does you no good. In the end your history and experience are filled with war of one kind or another; humans fighting one another for the right to speak their truth and share their perception.And one human or another is always wanting to suppress someone elses ideas, someone elses thinking." - Author: Barbara Marciniak