[A Super-Integral Spirituality Has All The Features Of An Integral Spirituality, Plus, Among Other Things, An Inherent Conjunction Of Each Stage With A Given State, Giving All Of Its Stages A Transpersonal Or Spiritual Flavor (at Least The Possibility Of Either Gross Nature Mysticism, Subtle Deity Mysticism, Causal Formless Mysticism, Or Nondual Unity Mysticism). These Mystical States Are, Of Course, Available To Virtually All The Lower 1st- And 2nd-tier Stages, Although There Are Likely Some Significant Differences In 3rd Tier, Given Its Inherent Conjunction Of Structures And States.]

Author: Ken Wilber Quotes

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"Mine is not a traditional music, but it comes from a tradition."

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"হিমু ভাই!বলযাবার আগে আপনি কি বলে যাবেন আপনি কে?আমি বললাম, মারিয়া, আমি কেউ না. I am nobody.আমি আমার এক জীবনে অনেককে এই কথা বলেছি - কখনো আমার গলা ধরে যায়নি, বা চোখ ভিজে অঠেনি। দুটা ব্যাপারী এই প্রথম ঘটল."

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"My heart fluttered on Kaylees behalf. Being called lovely in an Irish accent…well thats swoonworthy stuff, take my word for it."

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"Pray that you are in the right place, at the right time, to meet the right person, that together you may help one another."

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"We generally describe the most repulsive examples of mans cruelty as brutal or bestial, implying that such behavior is characteristic of less highly developed animals than ourselves. In fact, however, the extremes of brutal behavior are confined to us: there exists no parallel in nature to our savage treatment of each other. The unmistakable truth is that man is the most vicious and cruel species that ever walked the earth."

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"aku telah belajar jatuh sejak bertemu cintamu"

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"Its sad how people change from the best to the beast."

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"I want you out in the hallway, against the far wall in single file, ready to move, in fifteen. Drop your fartsack, Ratliff."

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"He surprised me by his familiarity with details of movements and battles which I did not suppose had come to his knowledge. As he kept me talking for over half an hour, I flattered myself that what I had to say interested him."

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"I save her marked-up manuscripts as an unluckier husband might save love letters."

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"Stacy smiled proudly and he filed the image of her sweet face in the section of his heart he shared with no one else ~ Brian, Song of the Snowman"Mom said if you put ears on your snowman, hell hear the music of the angels and sing songs to you." ~ Stacy, Song of the SnowmanThe sweet promise of her embrace cured the loneliness in him. In her arms, he was whole. ~ Brian, Song of the Snowman He composed music, dreamed of the future, and kept the situations he couldnt change at bay to the rhythm of his feet drumming on the concrete. Brian, Song of the SnowmanThis was as simple as his life got  rhythm, rhyme, and fingertips on cool keys. ~ Brian, Song of the Snowman" - Author: Rhonda Tibbs

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"Im the star of stage, screen, and television now, but Im also available for childrens parties and bar mitzvahs." - Author: Chris Isaak