[...a Trained Occultist, Especially If Of High Grade, Has An Exceedingly Magnetic Personality, And This Is Apt To Prove Disturbing To Those Who Are Unaccustomed To High- Tension Psychic Forces. For Whereas The Person Who Is Ripe For Development Will Unfold The Higher Consciousness Rapidly In The Atmosphere Of A High-grade Initiate, The Person Who Is Not Ready May Find These Influences Profoundly Disturbing.]

Author: Dion Fortune Quotes

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"I have a better idea, said she. Know that under a mortal name am I mistress of the Palace of Kama in Khaipur.The Fornicatorium, madam?She frowned. As such is it often known to the vulgar, and do not call me madam in the same breath-- it smacks of ancient jest. It is a place of rest, pleasure, holiness and much of my revenue."

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"Historys best thinkers eventually concluded that our flaws were too powerful to trust with freedom. Thus weve been groomed as hamsters in a wheel that benefits a laughing few. No more great works will be accomplished under the regime, because beauty is not democratic or profitable."

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"His gaze ran over her body again, resting on the deepest of the fracture lines in her shields. Come here.Purple feathers fanned around Rianas sides. Sudden tears moistened her eyes at the unexpectedness of what Sier was offering. She sank against him, and his arms folded around her back. Her weight supported, Riana let herself float on the night and tucked her face into his neck. Siers power closed around her in a violet wave, running into her halo, slipping though her opened shields." - Author: Joanna Fay

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