[A Woman Once Of Some Height, She Is Bent Small, And The Lingering Strands Of Black Look Dirty In Her White Hair. She Carries A Cane, But In Forgetfulness, Perhaps, Hangs It Over Her Forearm And Totters Along With It Dangling Loose Like An Outlandish Bracelet. Her Method Of Gripping Her Gardener Is This: He Crooks His Right Arm, Pointing His Elbow Toward Her Shoulder, And She Shakily Brings Her Left Forearm Up Within His And Bears Down Heavily On His Wrist With Her Lumpish Freckled Fingers. Her Hold Is Like That Of A Vine To A Wall; One Good Pull Will Destroy It, But Otherwise It Will Survive All Weathers.]

Author: John Updike Quotes

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Maria N Quotes

"Never envy someone! Envy is bad karma and karma is a bitch ;)"

Susan Kay Quotes

"He saw the Queen and saw her for the first time with the mask of friendship removed, a figure suddenly as ruthless and terrible as ever her father had been... All their dazzling intimacy was an illusion, a mere straw in the wind, for in the last resort he was but a subject, as her mother had been."

Reggie Oliver Quotes

"Despite their displays of bravado, young boys can be peculiarly susceptible to atmosphere("Between Four Yews")"

Angus Young Quotes

"With AC/DC, weve always started with rock, and weve just kept it going. The critics view is always , They just made an album and its the same as the last one. Ill have fifteen of them, anytime."

Samuel Chadwick Quotes

"There is no power like that of prevailing prayer - of Abraham pleading for Sodom, Jacob wrestling in the stillness of the night, Moses standing in the breach, Hannah intoxicated with sorrow, David heartbroken with remorse and grief, Jesus in sweat and blood. Add to this list from the records of the church your personal observation and experience, and always there is cost of passion unto blood. Such prayer prevails. It turns ordinary mortals into men of power. It brings power. It brings fire. It brings rain. It brings life. It brings God."

Mick Farren Quotes

"Just because it makes no sense doesnt mean its not good advice."

Darion Bentley Quotes

"True love isnt temporary. It is always and forever; No matter what."

Natasha McNeely Quotes

"For one… If you shoot me and your boss realizes it was without good reason, youll have fucked up your trial period. And trust me; I know youre still in it." Ian pulled open a drawer in a small brown cabinet."Secondly, it could end very badly for me and Id rather prevent that. Getting shot is not on my list of things to do today." He wrapped his hand around the steel grip of his own weapon and removed it from the drawer."And last but not least, if you plan to shoot me… Well, itll be a matter of which of us is quicker and has better aim." A pleasant smile crossed his features and he casually waved the gun from side to side. "Do you want to risk it?"

Honore De Balzac Quotes

"Of necessity she went further in aversion than she had gone in love, for her hatred was not in proportion to her love but to her disappointed hopes."

Traditional Folktale Ending Quotes

"The Dreamer awakesThe shadow goes byThe tale I have told you,That tale is a lie.But listen to me,Bright maiden, proud youthThe tale is a lie;What it tells is the truth."

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"Its not humanly possible for anyone not to go through changes. Change is a constant in everyones life, even in mine. I have enjoyed the change at every stage of my life." - Author: Rani Mukerji

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"For us, Marxism is always open because there are always new xperiences, there are always new facts, including facts about the past, which have to be incorporated in the corpus of scientific socialism." - Author: Ernest Mandel

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"I wasnt going to play by her rules. I was going to change them myself." -Avalin Marsh"Sometimes you have to look through someone elses eyes to see the best things about yourself." -Albert Huntington"Its worth a shot, its always worth a shot. Even if its your very last bullet." -Lyle McCormick"I was always the invisible one, Avalin. It was you who made sure I was seen." -Prajna Sarasvati"Lets hope we can subdue her before it comes to methods that involve injecting people with pointy things, yes?" -Madeline Gray" - Author: A.L. Collins

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"Despite the negativity coming from the Presidents opponents, the United States remains fully committed to assisting the Iraqis in restoring security and rebuilding their nation." - Author: Craig L. Thomas

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"Time is a corrosive fluid, dissolving motivation, destroying novelty, and leaching the joy from life." - Author: Charles Stross

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"Iran will now be able to build nuclear weapons very soon with the expressed purpose of using them against Israel." - Author: Tim LaHaye

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"Then it occurred to me: You either waited for someone else to do the right thing, or you stood up and did it yourself." - Author: Eileen Cook

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"Just this morning, out of a large memory for songs, and having been obsessed by them since childhood, suddenly, at the age of 84, I thought of a song I hadnt thought of in over 50 years. It came into my head unbidden." - Author: Tom Glazer

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"Home schooled children frequently combine for many purposes - and they interact well. The growth of the home schooling movement means that more and more children are learning together, just not in a traditional classroom." - Author: Ernest Istook

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"Such was the number of the barbarians, that when they shot forth their arrows the sun would be darkened by their multitude." Dieneces, not at all frightened at these words, but making light of the Median numbers, answered "Our Trachinian friend brings us excellent tidings. If the Medes darken the sun, we shall have our fight in the shade." - Author: Herodotus