[A Woman Should Be Like A Single Flower, Not A Whole Bouquet.]

Author: Anna Held Quotes

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Walter De La Mare Quotes

"Hi! handsome hunting manFire your little gun.Bang! Now the animalis dead and dumb and done.Nevermore to peep again, creep again, leap again,Eat or sleep or drink again. Oh, what fun!"

Shawn Ashmore Quotes

"As a teenager at high school, I felt like an outsider."

Candace Watters Quotes

"This is not another book about seeking fulfillment in your singleness. As beings created in Gods image, we were designed for relationship—thats why extended singleness leaves so many women discontent. Its also why we should be intentional about finding fulfillment in marriage. Getting married isnt just something thats ‘nice if it happens. Marriage is what most of us are called to pursue."

Mary Calmes Quotes

"Dont do that? This is your sage advice?""Yeah." He burped and blew it out the side of his mouth. "Sorry, the burritos we had for lunch are kinda comin back on me."

Kiki Theo Quotes

"People become wealthy when they become specific... when they know what that means to them, not only in terms of the objects and amounts involved - ... but also in terms of how they want this wealth to make them feel."

Tim Bishop Quotes

"We need to get serious about combating gang violence on Long Island, and the entire nation."

John Metcalf Quotes

"Writers dont have to keep themselves honest. They have to keep themselves accurate."

Alfred Whitehead Quotes

"The "silly" question is the first intimation of some totally new development"

Shreya Gupta Quotes

"A writers job is done once the lines touch readers forbidden chords."

TA Webb Quotes

"I like you, Mark, and I hope youll come see me again. Youre a nice guy and you have an old soul. I hope we can be friends."

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Quotes About Cute Animals

"I regularly comment on my desire to exploit my admirers or to kill babies and cute animals, and I dont even need to laugh or smile for people to think I am joking." - Author: M.E. Thomas

Quotes About Filipino Time

"Tono Phul used to entertain his guests by having the Filipino break two by fours in half with his karate chops. I saw him break a desk apart that way. Once, Tono Phul put him in a cage with an orangutan. The Filipino broke the apes neck and then kicked it to death. He was the worst thing that ever came down the pike, and when Tono Phul had him tie me to a pool table and work me over, I was sure my time had come." - Author: Walter Kaylin

Quotes About Funny Graduates

"Nothing becomes funny by being labelled so." - Author: William Strunk Jr.

Quotes About Smoky Mountains

"Away acrost his valley he sees Black Mountain rising jagged to the sky...and if he looks to the left on past it, he sees all the furtherest ranges, line on line. Purple and blue and blue again and smoky until you cant tell the mountains apart from the sky. Lord, itll make a man think something, seeing that. Itll make a man think deep." - Author: Lee Smith

Quotes About Honorable Soldiers

"Another time he felt himself reenacting a conversation with father, a long talk about duty and honor and all the reasons why enlisting was the right thing to do. It was a talk theyd had several months ago, and Frank had agreed with everything his father had said, only this time Frank found himself taking a contrary opinion. What the hells so honorable about it? Duty to whom? To myself, or the guys who would be fighting without me, or to the people here at home afraid of the Hun? Or duty to President Wilson, or to Carnegie, or to God, or to all the fallen soldiers before me, to Great-grandad Emmett and his bleached bones down at Antietam?" - Author: Thomas Mullen

Quotes About Blown Away

"I was 15 or 16 when I first saw Once Upon A Time In America, so I was quite young, but I was completely blown away." - Author: Nikolaj Coster Waldau

Quotes About Degeneracy

"He had no longer free energy enough for spontaneous research and speculative thinking, but by the bedside of patients the direct external calls on his judgment and sympathies brought the added impulse needed to draw him out of himself. It was not simply that beneficent harness of routine which enables silly men to live respectably and unhappy men to live calmly - it was a perpetual claim on the immediate fresh application of thought, and on the consideration of anothers need and trial. Many of us looking back through life would say that the kindest man we have ever known has been a medical man, or perhaps that surgeon whose fine tact, directed by deeply-informed perception, has come to us in our need with a more sublime beneficence than that of miracle-workers. Some of that twice-blessed mercy was always with Lydgate in his work at the Hospital or in private houses, serving better than any opiate to quiet and sustain him under anxieties and his sense of mental degeneracy." - Author: George Eliot

Quotes About Being The Only Single Friend

"I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself." - Author: Aldous Huxley

Quotes About My Clique

"You know, I was a nerdy kid going through high school, and then I got to college and that all vanished. I mean, a lot of my good friends - when we were in high school, we would never have been able to hang out together because we were in such different cliques or whatever. Now, who cares?" - Author: Brandon Sanderson

Quotes About Conservation Of Energy

"I baptize you in the name of the conservation of energy. What comes around goes around." - Author: Maile Meloy